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The Mind Chronicles – Population Decrease

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Population Decrease













The Mind and his Crew arrive in a small outpost, and approach the Entry Gates.

A beaten up soldier approaches the vehicle, and The Mind Pops out of the top.

“Afternoon Sir… May we enter your Outpost, we just need a day or so’s rest, we won’t trouble you none” says The Mind.

“Alright… Move in” the soldier waves em on as the Gate Opens.

The Mind parks the Vehicle, and all get out and go their own way within the meager Outpost.

Save Farahi and Jarod who go to get some food and a resting spot together.

Meanwhile The Mind, who barely ever sleeps, meanders his way over to the “Saloon” Area so to speak… To see what kind of “Half Grade” Alcoholic Muck he can get his mitts on.

As he approaches the make shift bar, he holds two fingers up to the Bartender.

“Two of Your Worst Kind Sir…” The Mind states.

He then takes one of the drinks and holds it up to the Bartender “Salud”, then turns and faces the rather scarce and glum looking group.

As he downs his two drinks very quickly, his mind starts to relax its otherwise many filters, and thus he starts to pick up on some bits and pieces of thoughts from the surrounding folk.

“We’re Doomed… We’re Doomed I say” says one.

“We Might as well Bury Ourselves in the Sand and Wait for it to all end now” says another.

The Mind doesn’t really give it much “Mind”, so to speak, as he’s been exposed towards much reoccurring, and frequent despair and misery since he first arrived in “This Time”.

One might say it’s kind of “The Theme” of the Land and World at hand.

But then he heard something, that did not sit well…

“Poor High Senator Richard’s… He was a Fool, but he was “Our Fool”” an Old Lady Muttered in her mind as she walked by The Mind”

Without Thinking, The Mind suddenly grabbed her collar with both hands, his eyes crazed and wide.

“WHAT!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN??!!” he frantically yelled in her face.

With this The Bartender was up over the Bar, and pinned The Mind on the Ground.

“I Don’t Know Who You Are Buddy! But At Outpost 124, We Respect The Elderly!” he snapped at him.

“OFF HIM! NOW!!” suddenly Nick and Sprig had appeared, and fully armed the stand at the entrance of the “Saloon”.

With this the Bartender stands, and puts his hands behind his head.

“Your Friend Started it Friends… He done jump this poor old Lady”.

The Mind then jumped to his feet “Is it True??!! Is High Senator Richards Really Dead??!!” The Mind asked frantically.

“Haven’t you heard the Reports Buddy… N One is Gone… Toast… Some 15,000 Non-Mutants slayed by an 80,000 Mutant Onslaught… They never saw it coming” The Bartender explains.

With this The Mind motions for Nick and Sprig to lower their weapons.

The Mind then steps up to the Bar “In that case…” and turns to face the room “DRINKS FOR EVERYONE!! WE MAY NOT HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT!!” he announces, as he tosses some credits on the bar, and the Bartender hops over the Bar, and starts pouring drinks for everyone.



The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume One – Feed Thy Enemies

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Two – The 4th Breed

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Three – Exile (Part 1)

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Four – Exile (Part 2)

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Five – Mutant Siege

Season 1



DarkX – Tangerine

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Thought I’d Share My Latest DarkX, from My “Rest My Brain From Writing” Blog, Dark Xperience



Originally posted on Dark Xperience:

DarkX – Tangerine

Know Your Limitations

But Don’t Let Fear Rule you…

Unlock The Inner… You

And When You Do

All Shall Be Revealed

And When It Is…

You Will Never Look Back

Never Close Your Eyes


View original

Winter, Lust, And Wonder – In Store… The New Colors Have Arrived

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So as any of you who have been Following My Self Publishing Adventures Know, I’ve been Waiting for 7 New Colors to Arrive From CreateSpace, who is now My Primary Winter, Lust, And Wonder Printer.

If You Need to Catch Up Check These Out;

Self Publishing

Winter, Lust, And Wonder

Now in Blue! Self Publishing Update

Self Publishing… Printer Woes

Self Publishing Update… Beware Bright Colors

Self Publishing – Printer Woes: Part Deux “Bob Marley Strikes Back!”

Self Publishing – Printer Woes: Part III “Revenge of The New Guy!”

The Goal Being to Choose 3 of the 7 New Colors, as Stock for The Local Bookstore that I’ve gotten My Poetry Book Into.

Well, sadly, 4 out of the 7 Had Creases on the Back Covers (Don’t Worry, CreateSpace Credited Me For Them), and that’s Not The Kind of Quality I plan to Supply This Store… That said, Pretty Much All 7 Came Out Great, but being only 3 of them are in Good Shape, those are the 3 that I’m going to Give to the Store for their Stock.




Now Keep In Mind, The Store Manager is the one that Suggested Bright Colors, because it’s a Fairly Small Thin Book, and she was Afraid that the Dark Colors Might not be seen, if the Book ended up being Turned Sideways, as opposed to Cover Forward.

And she mentioned Orange and Yellow, lol… Colors I would have never considered… So, that being said, I would have never Chosen Yellow, lol. But, I’m going to Show her this, and make sure this was the type of Yellow she was talking about.

And Thus, These 3 Colors are the One’s I’m giving her as a Starting Stock.

The First 2 Came out Great, and The Yellow, well, like I say, we’ll see if this was what she was thinking.

I can always Change it, or Drop it all together for one of the other 4 Colors that are now available, which I really like.

That Makes 10 Total Colors Available now, Including My Original Maroon, Dark Blue, and Dark Green.

The Books Can All Be Picked Up on My Winter, Lust, And Wonder Page Here Winter, Lust, And Wonder… I’ve had to Raise The Price a Little, so that They’re Not A Lot Cheaper than The Store Price, Which They Were, but For My Readers and Comrades In Ink I’ve Also Increased The Discount Code to 30% Off.

Wish Me Luck, I’m dropping them off at the Store Today

Thanks For Listening/Reading


Chess With Agatha (Chapter XII) – The Curse

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Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade




Within The Throne Room sits The Dark King Eterr, as his Queen Sorceress Olamna paces slowly around the Great Green Orb of Da-tok…

The Great Glowing Green Sphere is some twenty inches in diameter, and looks as though Green Smoke leaks from it.

“Tell Me My Queen… What does the Great Orb of Da-tok tell you…” questions King Eterr with Mocking Authority.

“They are within the Yokade Labyrinth…” she replies as she waves her hands around the orb.

“And what of the Minotaur Orft…” he demands.

“He has Struck Down one of their Guards… Leaving The Blue Wizard behind to care for him” she responds.

“Tell me about… Agatha” he says, which gets The Queens attention.

Suddenly she flies across the room, and places her long dark claw like fingernails against her King’s Throat.

“Worry you not about the Young Girl My King…” she says in a threatening tone “Her Power, shall be mine”.


The Party moves slowly forward, having left Hemmingbyrd and two of The Dark Fortress of Doom’s Guards behind. Including the one that has been wounded.

Suddenly Jodan raises his right hand in the air, indicating the Party to stop.

“I smell him…” suddenly Jodan’s eyes turn a deep red, and he begins to transform horridly into The Great Dark Wolf Beast, standing some eight feet tall, his fur almost black.

Jodan turns and faces the Party, his face that of a Great Wolf “Wait Here” he says in a growl.

He then bounds in great unnatural leaps forward, rounding the many curves and twists in the Labyrinth.

With this Agatha takes two steps forward “Where is he going??” before being stopped by Morr, who reaches over and places his left hand firmly against her chest.

“Don’t worry about Jodan…” he plainly states.

“You mustn’t let them harm The Minotaur Orft” Agamemnon’s voice suddenly returns in Agatha’s head.

“What?? What do you mean… He Holds My Knight?? Sir Elm of Tardenwhal” she thinks back to him.

Suddenly Jodan in Wolf Beast Form comes flying through the air, as if being thrown… And when he hits the ground, he comes out of Wolf Form… “RUN!!” he yells.

Out of the dark suddenly comes Orft, his massive Minotaur Form charging straight at the Dark Fortress Guards, as they try their best to throw up their shields.

Morr brings Jodan to his feet in one quick movement, and with his other arm tucks Agatha behind him.

Meanwhile the Guards are scattered everywhere when Orft strikes!

“Oommmfff!! Ummpphh!!” they exclaim as they strike the Labyrinth walls surrounding them.

“The Curse Agatha! The Curse!!” Agamemnon’s voice rings through Agatha’s head.

Orft is now at the back of the party, his Great Spear in his hand, he readies to charge again.

“What Curse??” Agatha questions Agamemnon.

“Stay here!” Morr says as he moves like light at the Minotaur, but is knocked aside by Orft’s Great Spear.

“Argahhh!! Morr yells as he strikes the nearby wall.

Orft then eyes Agatha, his black eyes gleaming.

“Orft… Is Sir Elm of Tardenwhal!!” Agamemnon’s voice echoes in Agatha’s head.

“Oh no” Agatha suddenly says out loud… As Orft begins his charge.




Chapter One – The Protector

Chapter Two – Another Life

Chapter 2.5 - Hemmingbyrd’s Dream

Chapter Three – Check

Chapter Four – Hunting for Unicorns

Chapter Five – The Coming of Agatha

Chapter 5.5  – A Fool’s Heart

Chapter Six – Table Manners

Chapter Seven – Elias

Chapter Eight – West Bound

Chapter Nine – Red And Blue Forest

Chapter X – Yokade Labyrinth

Chapter XI – Vanishing Sky

Chapter XIII – The Minotaur Orft

Chapter XIV – Queen Sorceress Olamna

Chapter XV – The Final Piece

Chapter XVI – Agatha Rising

Chapter XVII – The Dragon Truth

Chapter XVIII – The Grey Dragon Tu Masa

Chapter XIX - The Stand In King

Chapter XX – The Game

Chapter XXI - Infiltrate

Chapter XXII – Into The Belly of The Beast



Dark Haired Girl

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Dark Haired Girl

I Saw You in My Dreams…

I shouldn’t be surprised

The Way You Changed my life

I Dare Not Question Why…

When we were alone

It All Seemed okay

But Looking Back Now…

I Doubt You’d Ever Stayed

I Hope that you are well…

Your Pains…



I Try Not To Compare…

One Love to the Next

That Day Under The Stars

Photos Tell It Best…

I’m Not Sure Why You Came…

Looking at it now…

You Are Not The Same

Young Girl…

Dark Cloud


PHOTO CREDIT – Fantasy Girl

More Poems/Scibblings by DarkJade



Amazing Iceland Video

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My Friend Ana Did The Most Amazing Post on Iceland, which you can Find Here Places to Visit in Iceland… I would really recommend that you Check it Out… It has some Amazing Videos Accompanied By Music, as well as Photos from Iceland.

My Absolute Favorite Video From The Post is Below

Thanks For Sharing This Ana… It is just Tremendous

Hope you Guys Enjoyed it


Screenplay Writing – The Use Of Music

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It’s funny, I was going through some Old Writing Files I have on this Computer, that I had transferred from one of my Older Computers… The Files were Created Back When I was Focusing on Screenplay Writing back between 2003 and 2006.

I had Completed One Screenplay, Completely Edited it, and it was basically Ready To Go… However, I was always Creating New Beginnings of Screenplays, which often never made it very far… But I found that it was Important just to be Writing as Much as Possible, even if it wasn’t very good, and even if you never touched it again, lol

Today I came across such an Experimental Writing, which is Completely Not Formatted, Edited or anything more than a “Right Out of My Head”, and “On To Paper” kind of thing.

But one thing I did do, which if I recall I often did whilst Writing Potential Screenplays, was “Write Down Music” that might be played in the Scene…

Now Reading This, it seems almost more like a “Written for T.V. Movie”, lol… Which is ok, and some of the Music I chose along the way I know, and already liked… And some, frankly, I have no idea where I came up with it… Maybe I was listening to some sort of Online Radio Station or something, Though This Particular Piece looks to have been Written Back in 2005, so I’m not sure if I was aware of any Online Radio Stations at that time, as I Often Listen to “Pandora” these days, or Put My “ITunes” On Random.

Anyway, I thought it might be kind of fun to Share This Piece with you, not so much for the Writing, as like I say, it looks to have been something that popped in my head, so I Wrote it down… But more so to show you how Music can Play a Part in Writing a Screenplay, just like it plays a Major Part in The Actual Film itself.

Enjoy, I hope you get something out of this, lol

O.S. = Off Screen

V.O. = Voice Of

EXT. = Outside

INT. = Inside



(This Was a Working Title only)

A Screenplay


 James Mahoney




(Robert Palmer: Simply Irresistible) – Film Starts with a Black Screen, and This Song Playing

(Song Continues in the Background)

PETER (V.O) – “So… Tell me again what the stories about…”






JOHN (V.O.) – “Well… I haven’t gotten it exactly figured out quite yet…”




In the passenger seat JOHN, a thirty something year old male, and driving, PETER, his younger brother, make their way into the mountains of Big Bear California.


JOHN – “But I know that part of it will include this guy’s wife cheating and leaving him…”



PETER – “Wow…”


(Half Pause)


PETER – “That’s depressing man…”


(Half pause)


JOHN – “Thanks…”


PETER – “What happened to those types of stories you used to write when we we’re kids…”


(Half pause)


JOHN – “Like…”


PETER – “Oh… I Don’t know… Like the one where the kid hides away in the attic of his school…”


(Half pause)


PETER – “And reads that magical book that allows him to see into that magical world…”




JOHN – “Big dragon dog…”


PETER – “Yeah! That’s the one…”


(Half pause)


PETER – “And the kid’s like tucked up in that attic with a little paper bag lunch… And when the characters in the book stop to eat… Like… So does he…”


“And it’s like raining outside…”


(Half pause)


JOHN – “The Never Ending Story…”


PETER – “Yeah!! That’s the one… That was great!”


(Quarter pause)


JOHN – “That was a movie Peter…”




PETER – “Oh…”

That’s Enough, as I don’t like Posts To Get Too Long, but I’ll Do Part II of this Soon…

Until then, I leave you with a Couple More Robert Palmers Vids

This is Actually A Great Song

Robert Palmer – Didn’t Mean To Turn You On

And The One That Started it all

Robert Palmer – Addicted To Love

Thanks for Reading/Listening




8 Mirrors

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8 Mirrors

Standing in the Center…

Out of My Control

Your Eyes Blue…



And Gold

If I tell you I’m Sorry…

Will you let me go

If I told you I Loved you…

Would you Already Know

I’ve Love To give…

But You Don’t Want it… No

I Step Away… You Knock me down

Run For The Light…

Your Touch Ignites

A Flame Inside…

I Can’t Control

Say You Don’t Want Me…

And So I’m Alone

I Rip My Heart Out…

You Turn To Ice

I Fall To My Knees…

A Fools Device

Eyes Bleeding…

I Should Have Known

Wound’s Deep…

Love Sets Its Tone

Listen… At 4:25 On The Video, Read The Poem Again


The Daughter’s of James… Ocean Home

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It was a Beautiful Oceany Day, as the Black Range Rover drove into the half circle driveway of the 4,000 Square Foot Ocean Front Home…

Jade was the first to jump out of the back of the Vehicle, as she and Scarlett both preferred to ride in back, so that they could play and talk to one another as they journeyed in Their Father James’s SUV.

She wore a Light Purplish, Bluish colored outfit, shorts and tank top… Her Long Straight Light Blond Hair Glistening from the Peaking Sunlight… And Eyes Glimmering Green…

“COME ON SCARLETT!! HURRY” she hallered after the Quiet Scarlett, who slowly slid out of the back of the SUV as well, her head down, holding a Hand Help Video Game… Football, believe it or not… She was wearing a similar out fit, but hers was a dark blue…

“I’M COMING! HOLD ON!!” Scarlett called after as she did her utmost to beat her Personal Best on the Game.

Scarlett on the other hand had Dark, Shoulder Length, Wavy Hair… And Eyes of Dark Brown.

Now they could both get away with yelling like this at their “Now New Home” Address, as Jade was just 9, and Scarlett, only 8.

So, to a degree, High Pitch Screeches were to be Expected… And in most cases, a Welcome Sound to Nearby Neighbors, as James had always made sure to live around “Family Focused/Heavy” areas.

As Jade got onto her tiptoes Peaking over The Fence, trying to see the Sea, James exited the vehicle as well.

His Hair a Dark to Medium Brown, and Eyes of Green… James stood 6′ Tall, with a Medium Build.

“Are you two hungry?!” he asked, as he moved towards the great dark wooden doorway, and opened it up.

“I’M NOT HUNGRY DADDY!!” Jade yelled as she ran past James, and into the house.

James smiled and waited patiently as Scarlett walked methodically by looking down and holding onto the Football Video Game…

“I’m not hungry either Daddy” she spoke, and he reached down and gently took the game out of her hands…

“Run along now Scarlett, go find your Sister” and so she did.

Inside the home was fairly spacious, and yet Warm and Cozy some how. Perhaps it was the Older Paintings James lined the walls with, which came from different places all across the World… Landscapes and Portraits of Locals for the most part.

As he entered, he could see that Jade and Scarlett had made their way out onto the Deck, and we’re leaning over the railing in excitement, looking at the few people that were upon the Sands of The Sea.

“CAREFUL NOW!” he announced to the Girls “DON’T LEAN TOO FAR OVER!”, but they didn’t really pay him much mind.

“THIS IS BEAUTIFUL DADDY!! MAY SCARLETT AND I GO SWIMMING!!” Jade yelled as she ran in the house, and began to make her way about, trying to find Her and Scarlett’s Bedroom.

To the left of the Deck was The Kitchen, with its window overlooking the Ocean View… James sat down his keys on the White Counter outside the Kitchen, which had several Bar Stools for the kids to eat at… And then headed out onto the deck where Scarlett was still looking over the view, people, and homes about.

James stepped outside, and picked her up into his arms, still allowing her to face forward…

“So… What do you think Little One…” he asked

Scarlett seemed a bit sad, as she often did, but replied “It’s very lovely Daddy… I Love The Sea…”.

“As do I my sweet” he kissed her on her forehead “As do I” then sat her down.

James then headed in to the room off to the left of the Kitchen, which was a Very Nice Study, with a Desk, A Computer and some two or three hundred books lining the Walls… All of Shakespeare’s Works to be sure, as he was James Favorite Writer.

Another Beautiful, and Vast Ocean View Accompanied This Room as well, and James let out a Deep Breath when he entered… As if he had finally arrived where he had always wanted to be… When in fact, he had.

Just then Scarlett peaked in the door behind him “Is this where you will work Daddy?” she asked curiously.

With this James quickly turned around and faced her “Yes… Yes… Indeed it is” and then picked her up, and stood her up on his desk so she could see the Ocean View.

“This is where Daddy will Do All of His Writing…” he exclaimed.

Just then Jade ran in the room in her Bathing Suit, and a Large Green and White Towel Wrapped Around her, and grabbed onto Scarlett’s Arm, and dragged her out of the room “COME ON SCARLETT!! GET YOUR SUIT ON, THE SUN WILL BE GOING DOWN SOON…” she exclaimed.

“BUT I DON’T WANT TO GO SWIMMING!” Scarlett replied, an unwilling Capture to her Older Sister “I WANT TO WRITE WITH DADDY!!” she finished.

James smiled at this…

“This will be a Good Home” he spoke under his breath.

“COME ON DADDY!!” called Jade from the other room, and James could hear the Front Door Open, and then Close again, and he laughed.


PICTURE CREDIT – Vladimir Volegov Beyond the Sea

Also be sure to Read Hamlet & The Daughter’s of James



Chess With Agatha (Chapter XI) – Vanishing Sky

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Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER XI – Vanishing Sky

The further the party goes into The Labyrinth, the more the Sky appears to Disappear… 

Leaving only a blackened mist, with few hopes of light… And so the Walls have mounted torches every thirty feet or so.

Four of the Dark Fortress of Doom Guards walk in front, their hands upon their sword handles, in preparation for something… Beastly.

The other four bring up the rear, where Iliad has planted himself, and insists on telling them terrible, forgettable jokes for most of the journey… With the occasional “Song of Impending Doom” that he duth break into from time to time.

Meanwhile, Hemmingbyrd walks right behind the front guards, from where he decides on which twists and turns they should take… And Jodan and Morr behind him.

And that’s when the voice came.

“You are not ready for battle Agatha… Not… Yet” he explains.

“Who… Is This?” Agatha replies within her head.

“Agamemnon… Or… Elias” he replies.

“From my world??” she questions, meanwhile Hemmingbyrd doth peak over his shoulder as if he knows she’s thinking to someone… Which of course, he does know.

“Yes… And no” the voice replies.

“You were not born in this world Agatha… You were born where you are now… You are only now returning to your “True” Home” he explains.

Just then Hemmingbyrd issues the guards to stop.

“Halt…” he speaks, and then stands perfectly still, as if listening for something with his mind.

“He knows we’re here” Morr suddenly speaks.

Hemmingbyrd looks at Morr, and nods in agreement.

“Continue on” Hemmingbyrd orders, and so they do.

The guards look more than a tad bit… Nervous.

“Fear Not… Do Not Dismay”

Iliad suddenly breaks into song.

“We’re All Dead… I Dare Say”

Also breaking into cartwheels as he sings.

“ENOUGH FOOL!!” Hemmingbyrd orders fiercely, which stops Iliad in his tracks.

“Sorry Hemmingbyrd” Iliad replies quietly, and returns to the back of the party.

“Bring The Fool She Says!” Jodan speaks in frustration.

“If I’m not ready Father… Er… Agamemnon… Then what am I to do… I don’t wish to get these men killed” Agatha speaks in her mind.

“Stay close to Morr…he replies.

“Somehow, I always do” she replies back.

Suddenly the next closest torches go out… And the party stops.

With this, Iliad is suddenly by Agatha’s side “If anything happens, get behind me” he says as he gestures towards the protective shield ring which once again rests on his finger.

Just then a Huge Spear shoots through the air, and out of the darkness, striking one of the guards in the chest!

Ooomf Argghh!!” he yells as he falls to the ground.

HAHAHA!! laughter can be heard from ahead of them, sounding as if it’s fading off into the distance.

Just as quickly as the guard has fallen, Hemmingbyrd is kneeling at his side, cradling him from the ground.

“Hold on man… Hold on” he says as he wipes blood from his mouth, and tries to slowly remove the Giant Spear.

“The rest of you go on, there is no time to spare” Hemmingbyrd orders.

“Leave me but one guard, I shall rejoin you as soon as I can” he explains.

“Now, Go!”

With this one of the remaining guards kneels by the wounded man’s side as well, and the rest of them continue on.


PICTURE CREDIT – The Myth of Theseus


Chapter One – The Protector

Chapter Two – Another Life

Chapter 2.5 - Hemmingbyrd’s Dream

Chapter Three – Check

Chapter Four – Hunting for Unicorns

Chapter Five – The Coming of Agatha

Chapter 5.5  – A Fool’s Heart

Chapter Six – Table Manners

Chapter Seven – Elias

Chapter Eight – West Bound

Chapter Nine – Red And Blue Forest

Chapter X – Yokade Labyrinth

Chapter XII – The Curse

Chapter XIII – The Minotaur Orft

Chapter XIV – Queen Sorceress Olamna

Chapter XV – The Final Piece

Chapter XVI – Agatha Rising

Chapter XVII – The Dragon Truth

Chapter XVIII – The Grey Dragon Tu Masa

Chapter XIX - The Stand In King

Chapter XX – The Game

Chapter XXI - Infiltrate

Chapter XXII – Into The Belly of The Beast




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