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The Votan… Hunters In The Sky – Meet Thine Enemy

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The Votan… Hunters In The Sky

by DarkJade


Chapter One – Destination

CHAPTER TWO – Meet Thine Enemy


AUGUST 15TH, 2115




Jack stands before the Bridge main window, and looks in the distance at the Mars Colony below…

Taren is at the Helm. Taren is about a 24 year old girl, who has short black hair, and dark blue eyes. She’s very serious about her Pilot position… And very good at it.

“That thing is huge… I wonder why they’re only sending 80 colonists every 8 years up here… They have 850 plus civilians living in a facility that could hold 20 to 30 thousand easy…” Jack thinks to himself.

Just then Siri enters the bridge… Siri is a very attractive 27 year old Russian girl, whose body is 42.7% Cyborg… She has spiky white hair, and doesn’t try to hide the fact that her left arm is 100% cybortronics…

Siri nods at Taren as she approaches Jack… Taren nods in return.

“I’m not sure how you got them to allow me to come Captain… I usually consult much larger operations…” Siri says as she stands slightly behind him, also casting her gaze at the colony below.

Jack looks at her with his sad brown eyes “Yeah, well… They also only assigned 50 Robo Marines to this mission, which I insisted they raised to 85… Which still isn’t enough” he explains, then makes his way to his Captain’s Chair.

“Soldier Botts Sir…” Siri replies.

Jack looks at Siri “Yeah… Well… Whatever… They’re not Human”.

The Zorin Ordoff then enters the bridge “Greetings! Greetings! I am most excited” he speaks.

Siri looks at the Zorin, then Jack “Sir…” she speaks as she pardons herself, and leaves the bridge.

“Good morning Ordoff… I hope your 6 month rest left you feeling alright…” speaks Jack as he looks over some figures on his screen.

“Oh, quite sir…” Ordoff speaks as he approaches the main window “And there’s your colony… Brilliant… Brilliant I say” he turns back towards Jack.

“35% of the technology in that structure is Zolan conceived… Well… Not Zolan conceived, we did borrow a bit from the Neendro-Dun…” he speaks at Jack, who isn’t really paying attention, yet murmurs out a courteous reply.

“Eh, heh…” well, not so courteous really.

Ordoff steps right next to Jack… His four green scaly arms twitter their fingers, which catches Jack’s attention… He looks up into Ordoff’s large black eyes.

“You don’t care for us Zolan all that much, do you Sir” speaks Ordoff.

Jack closes his screen… “You’re alright… Caused a lot of death on my planet trying to figure out diseases… But your intentions always seemed to be good… At least from what I’ve heard… And like I told Colonel Richards, you’ve really helped us out in the Space Travel department…”

“I see… I see” responds Ordoff as he looks for somewhere to sit.

Jack pushes a button, and a chair comes out some 10 feet away from the Captain’s Chair.

“Oh thank you Sir” Ordoff replies graciously as he sits.

“The Votan ship is coming into view Sir…” speaks Taren.

With this Jack and Ordoff stare wide eyed at the enormity of the Votan Ship.

“And you’ve never seen, or heard of the Votan Race, right?” Jack speaks at Ordoff more than asking.

“No indeed we have not… But their ship technology is most impressive… Interesting that they allow their shield to be seen like that” speaks Ordoff.

With this Jack walks up to the main window “You mean that green glow around it?” he asks Ordoff.

Ordoff is quickly at his side “Yes… Very odd… With that kind of technology, they really shouldn’t need to reveal their shield” he explains to Jack.

Jack looks at Ordoff impressed with him already “Really…”



The Votan… Hunters In The Sky Chapter One

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The Votan… Hunters In The Sky

by DarkJade


CHAPTER ONE – Destination





“I had assembled a crew, though I still don’t know what for exactly…” Jack thought to himself.

Jack Barret, Captain of the ‘Alnos Expedition’, or so he’s been told that that’s what it’s called, sits alone in his standard all white, semi militant/mercenary uniform, with his blond spiky hair, and doubting dark brown eyes.

As he sits pondering the possibilities, he plays with the silver band around his finger, marked with the scripture “blood tough” on it.

Norr will be my head of security… With Broomstick on the ground bossing the Robo Marines around…

They say I’ll need about 50 of them…

I figure it’s some sort of Lunar Prison break… The third one in 18 months… Ever since we moved 1/3 of what remains of Earth’s Population to live in underground cities on the moon, there’ s been nothing but security issues.

Taren will pilot the ship, she’s top notch.

Unfortunately I mentioned this meeting to Jordan out of habit…

So if there’s a need for a Science Officer/Medic, now I gotta bring her along.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, she’s the best at what she does…

But since the two of us stopped being all kissy like…

I find it a tad bit uncomfortable being around her… Nature I guess… What can yah do.

And she’ll bring that Loralie, her assistant, who basically drives me mad with all her chatty like over thoroughness…

Jack lights a flare stick, or what used to be called a cigarette, back when there was still tobacco.

I really doubt I’ll need Specs or Siri for this mission…

But I’ve put them on stand bye just in case.

Siri is a bad ass, half Russian, half Cyborg Heavy Artillery Unit Adviser…

But she’s more for situations with at least 150 Robo Marines, and they said I’d only need 50.

And Specs is a ‘Deep Space’ Ship Engineer, and I doubt we’re going very far, so I doubt we’ll need him.

Colonel Medly Richards enters the room, and snatches the flare stick right out of Jack’s hand.

“You can’t smoke that in here Jack…” he says.

Behind the Colonel enters 6 other military looking blokes, and to Jack’s utter shock, a Zolan… One of the Alien Species that used to inhabit the Earth some 90 or so years ago… Before we asked them to leave.

The Zolan are an interesting looking race, with huge black eyes, greenish yellowish scaly skin, and four arms.

“It’s not polite to stare Jack” speaks the Colonel at Jack, seeing that he has not been able to take his eyes off the Zolan.

Jack straightens himself up in his seat and starts to play with his ring again “I’m sorry Sir… It’s just–” he starts to say, but the Colonel interrupts him.

“You thought the Zolan had vacated our planet close to 100 years ago… Well that’s what you were supposed to think… And for the most part they did… Save some six advisers that we asked to stay with us” explained the Colonel.

“Oh I have no problem with the Zolans Sir… I was just surprised that’s all… What they meant to our space travel division is invaluable…” Jack tries to cover his tracks.

The Colonel smiles “Right… Well… Lets get to it…”

The Colonel clicks a small hand held device and the lights go out, and a direct link picture of our Mars Colony comes up on the screen.

Back on December 14th, 2114, our Colonists contacted us to let us know that a large, dark spacecraft had come into their skies…” he says, then clicks to another image, which is a large dark spacecraft in the orbit overlooking the Mars Colonists.

“Now we advised them to hold tight, but on January 6th, three lights were seen leaving the craft, and it ended up being three of what we are calling the ‘Votan’ ” with this he clicks the device again, and a picture comes up of a greyish, purplish sleek looking Alien creature, about 7’8′ tall, with bright glowing blue eyes…

“Now one of these Votan attacked and killed three of our colonist scientists who tried to approach them” he continued to explain.

“Great” speaks Jack under his breath.

“You have something to say Jack??” asks the Colonel who obviously heard him.

“Uh… No Sir” Jack replies.

“Alright then… The colonists then locked them up, as they did not put up a fight, and have been imprisoned and under careful watch since” with this he turns on the lights, and the screen fades.

“Now we ordered the colonists to hold tight… But instead, two weeks later, they sent a crew of 25 men, which included 8 scientists, in a small cruiser to go try and make contact with the Votan.” he continued.

“All men Sir?” asks Jack.

“Yes, it seems that woman appear to be a bit… How should I say this… Enamored of the Votan… And so for the sake of clearer judgment, they sent all men…” he explains.

“It’s now been over three weeks since the colonists crew were allowed to board the Votan’s ship, and the colonists have lost contact with them…” the Colonel looks at Jack.

“That’s where you, your crew, and 50 of our–” the Colonel starts to say, but is interrupted by Jack

“Robo Marines??” Jack interjects.

“Soldier Botts come in…” the Colonel continues.

“Uh oh…” Jack says to himself.

“And our Zolan friend here–” the Colonel starts to say, and the Zolan interrupts.

“Ordoff Sir” the Zolan says in an odd little voice.

“…right… Ordoff… Is going with you” the Colonel pauses.

“You’re going to Mars Jack…” he finishes.




PICTURE CREDIT – Anime Picture

The Votan… Hunters In The Sky

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The Votan… Hunters In The Sky

by DarkJade


December 14th, 2114


It Wasn’t Until Close To Christmas Of 2114, Some 75 Years After The First Mar’s Colonists Had Settled, That The Large Dark “Alien” Ship Arrived In The Sky.

By Then There Were 850 Plus Colonists Total, Including The Babies Some Of Them Have Had.

The Head Scientist, Francois Billard, Must Have Had A Thing For The Number 8, As Every 8 Years, Starting in 2039, 80 More Colonists Would Be Sent Out To Mars From Earth’s Large Space Station, The Moria…

It Was Named After His Wife Moria… The Two Of Them Lead The First Exhibition To Mars, But She Only Lived For Maybe 30 Years After That, Leaving Him Without Her For The Following 45 Years Of His Life Up There… Kinda Sad Actually.

Yes He Lived To The Ripe Old Age Of 103… Which Isn’t Completely Unusual These Days, But Still Pretty Good.

In Fact He Died Only Four Months Before The Alien Craft Arrived… In August, Of 2114.

August 8th Actually… There’s That Number 8 Again… Twice.

At First The Colonists Contacted Us, Now Lead By A Man Named Eric Wiles… He Was The Right Hand Man Of Francois, And Fairly Well Liked Up There…

At First Earth Military, Which There Weren’t All That Many Left Of, Since Earth Centralized, And/Or Unified After The Meteor Strike Of 2084… Wiping Out Pretty Much 2/3 Of Our Planet’s Population… Got Together With The Scientists Of The Moria, And Decided To Tell The Colonists To Hold Tight.

It’s Not Like It Was The First Contact That We’d Had With Aliens… No… Though It Had Been Since Way Back in 1953 That We Had… Not That The General Public Knew Anything About That… A Cool Race At That… We Called Them The Zolans… Boy Did They Advance Our Technologies In Space Travel… Not So Much In Medicine… Though We Tried To Let Them Help Us, It Only Resulted In Several Devastating Viruses, That Killed A Lot Of People Between The Years Of 1983, And 2024… When We Finally Said Enough Was Enough, And Suggested That They Go Their Own Way.

We Haven’t Seen Them Since… Or So I Hear.

But Then On January 6th, 2115, Three Flashes Of Light Were Noted Leaving The Large Dark Craft…

And Almost Immediately, Three Of What We Call “The Votan”, Made Themselves Known To Our People.

I Have To Say, They Weren’t All That Friendly… When Approached, Without Thought, One Of Them Killed Three Of Our Colonist Scientists… And So They Locked Them Up. Now That They Let The Colonists Do Without A Fight… Very Strange.

Apparently The Voltan Are Somewhere Around 7′ 8″ Tall… Fairly Lean… And A Greyish, Purplish In Color… With Bright Glowing Blue Eyes… Kinda Creepy If You Ask Me.

But The Scientists Say That They Are Actually Quite A Beautiful Species To Behold… Our Female Scientists In Particular Seem Quite Dazzled By Them. So For That Reason, They’ve Assigned Only Male Scientists, And Guards To Them.

The Three Votan All Appear To Be Male… And One Of Them Appears To Kinda Be The Leader Of The Three… We Call Him Jarot.

He’s Not Quite As Tall As The Other Two, Maybe 7’4″, And His Eyes Have A bit Of Yellow In Them.

Two Weeks After The Three Votan Landed On The Mars Surface, The Colonists, Unauthorized By Moria, Or The Earth’s Military I Might Add, Sent Up A Cruiser Ship Carrying Maybe 25 Men, Including 8 Scientists, To Try To Make Contact With The Voltan’s Large Dark Mother Ship.

The Voltan’s Ship, Which Has A Visible Green Shield Of Light Around It, Finally Let It Down After The Cruiser Sat Out There Trying To Communicate To It For 3 Days.

Once The Cruiser Docked, The Shield Went Back Up Immediately.

None Of The Cruiser Crew Has Been Seen Since… It’s Been 26 Days.

That’s When The Colonists Contacted The Moria, And Let Them Know What Had Occurred.

And That’s When The Moria Contacted Me…

Jack Barett-

Captain Of The Alnos Expedition

DarkJade- (Ok, So I Wrote Something New, Lol)

PICTURE CREDIT – Black Themed Spaceship

Chapter One – Destination


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by DarkJade

“A Man Sits Alone In A Dark Room… Dressed In All Black, And Black Spiky Hair…”

“His Name Is Trax… He Deals With Hostile Aliens… In His Own Unique Way…”

“But In This Part Of The Universe, Where One Out Of Every Three Humanoids Comes From A Different Planet Than Your Own…”

“His Job Has Become Much… Much More Difficult”

“He Lights A Smoking Stick, And Takes A Deep Hit… Just Then Three Men Enter The Room… Their Faces Can’t Be Seen, As The Room Is Completely Dark”

“You Are Familiar With Quadrant 10 In The Stadmark Galaxy… Are You Not?” One Of The Men Asks Speaking In A Semion Language…”

“I Am…” Trax Replies, Then Takes Another Deep Hit Off His Smoking Stick

“There Is A Space Station There Known As The Cybernight–” The Man Starts To Explain, But Trax Cuts In…

“10,000 Colonists, 7,000 Of My Kind… And 3,000 Of All Assortments Of Alien Species” Speaks Trax.

“That Is Correct” The Semion Replies.

“We Have A Very… Challenging Situation Going On There… And The Individuals That I Represent–” The Semion Continues, but Trax Cuts In Again.

“I’m In…” Trax Interjects, Stands, Drops His Smoking Stick On The Ground, And Stomps It Out With His Boot”…

“Send The Intel On It To My Private Craft, And Wire Me The Money…” Trax Says, Then Leaves The Chamber.





Now The Horian Force is a special agency of Legionnaires used by the Boy Yah Government for Special Missions, where the normal military units just won’t cut it…

Whether because they’re not “delicate” enough, or simply not smart enough.

That’s where the Horian Force comes in.

The average Horian Force Battle Cruiser carries about 150 to 175 Legionnaires, and has 6 Officers Aboard, 2 Second In Commands, and The Captain their self.

Now The Captain of this Vessel goes by the name of Broda… He’s a blond haired, very fit, thirty something year old Sarant breed, which is the Primary Breed of this Galaxy. He’s Cocky… But He’s got the Ship, and Position to be so.

Now his 2nd in Commands are an Interesting duo… Twins Actually. They’re both girls by the names Ty Woon, and Sy Praeigh…

…Beautiful, dark red haired Amiant Breed, which I have to tell you… Are extremely what one might call “beasts” in bed… But they’re liable to kill you, just as easily as they are to lay with you.

So the Sarants know good and well, any “night of pleasure” in the Amiant’s company, may be their last.

But rumor has it, it’s worth it.

That leaves the 6 Officers, 4 of which are Sarants… Probably buddies of The Captain from his Training days… And they don’t seem to be worth the weight of their Cra-Tor Blasters…

But that’s politics for you.

Now The 5th Officer… He’s something completely different.

First of all he’s of a Warrior Race, known as the Atrom-eey…

Which means he’s basically somewhere over 8 feet tall… Looking at him, you might say he’s Reptilian Looking… But you’d never say that to his face… At least… Not if you wanted to live.

But unlike most Greenish, Tanish Atrom-eey’s, his scaley like skin is more of a blackish dark green.

And I swear he always seems to look my way whenever I happen to be thinking about, or looking at him… Some of them are renowned for being quite perceptive… On the verge of telepathic.

I think this one might be just that… Oh, and his name is Roxio. I’d say he pretty much carries these other 4 Officers.

And the size of his Atrom-eey Lazer Canon… Phew… I doubt any of us could lift it, let alone fire it.

But I almost forgot about the 6th Officer… Now there’s a Sight for Soar Eyes… With Roguish Good Looks… Black Spiky Hair, Deep Blue Eyes… Doesn’t seem to shave as often as he should… When he’s on duty, he’s wheres the Standard Issue White Uniform, with Red Trim…

But when he’s off duty, he pretty much dresses in all black.

He also likes those Sarant Smoking Sticks, and generally lights one up whenever he’s thinking… Which is a lot.

But I’m not quite sure if he’s exactly a Sarant…

By the way, that 6th Officer is me… Well… Undercover me… My name is Trax… But my Cover Name is Ronan… These Rich Alien Species known as the Semions, who make a lot of money in Import, Export with the Cybernight Space Station, hired me to go undercover to make sure the Horian Force are able to actually achieve this mission…

Apparently there’s a Code Red going on at this “Cybernight” Space Station… But as far as these guys know, it’s just a Code Orange.

We’re just about to drop out of Ignotsphere Drive, and take a look at this Space Station.


When our ship comes out of Ignotsphere Drive, what comes up on the screen is beyond belief.

About half of the Cybernight Space Station is on fire, and there’s 4 Trojic Battle Cruisers blasting away at it.

“GREAT SCOTT!!” yells Captain Broda.

“TAKE US TO BATTLE STATIONS!!” he then yells, and that’s when I jump in.

“I wouldn’t do that Captain” I say as I try to intervene.

He gives me one of those arrogant glance down the nose looks and “And why… May I ask… Not?”

“Trust me on this Sir… If we try to engage 4 Trojic Battle Cruisers, we will all surely die.”

“YOUR ORDERS SIR!?” yells the Helmsmen.

“Switch Uniforms with me Captain, I’ve got an idea” I say to him… Which brings a wicked grin to the Captain’s face… I think this guy actually gets what I’m thinking.




PICTURE CREDIT – Norad Space Stations

Darker Times (Chapter V) – Cleo

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Darker Times…

“A Line Has Been Crossed…”

by DarkJade

Chapter V – Cleo





Cleo wakes up in an all white, almost Blinding Room… Beside her is “Ronan Sinclair”, still unconscious.

She starts to stand, but feels fairly sick.

She Places two fingers from each hand against her forehead, closes her eyes, and thinks to herself…

“Come On Cleo… Concentrate”

Suddenly there is a slight Green Glow around her body, and her Mind Travels beyond the Doors to the Room, which appear to be Sliding Doors.

She bends over slightly, feeling sick…

She than stands straight up again, and Glances at the Doors Ferociously…

“Come On!!” she speaks to herself, and then begins running at the doors.

“VOOMMP!!!” She passes right through the doors in a Flash of Green Light!


She then appears right outside the door, and tumbles onto the floor, and into the wall across the hall.


She stands and shakes herself about.

She then places two of her fingers on her forehead again, closes her eyes, and starts to walk down the hall to the right… Eyes shut, but not running into anything.

“Come on… Come on… Come on” she thinks to herself

Unbeknownst to Cleo, at every door that she passes is standing one of John Swift’s S.W.I.F.T 8000 Android Units on Guard… None of them seem to react as she passes.


John Swift sits at his Bridge Chair, his Long Black Cape running along the floor before him.

Meanwhile his Wirey Assistant Odomo Jones stands some ten feet behind him.

“The Young Girl has Escaped her Quarters My Liege…” he speaks.

John does not reply, but instead gazes out the front View Screen at the Blackened Planet of Ancient Earth.


Ronan Sinclair starts to awaken, rubbing the back of his head.

“Wow… That hurts… Where the hell are we?” he asks, and then realizes that Cleo is nowhere to be seen.

“Cleo??” he says.


Cleo walks straight at the Bridge Door and transports through it in a Flash of Green Light…

Inside Odomo Jones jumps with surprise “Oh My!!”.

Cleo pays him no mind, but instead glares at the back of John Swifts Black, Spikey Haired head.

“Ok Tall Dark and “What The Hell”… Where the hell are we??” she speaks at him

He but smiles, and rises to face her.

His Dark Blue Angry Eyes, and 6’4″ Muscular Form, terribly Foreboding.

“Why… Earth?” he says with a mockingly grin.


The doorway to the room holding Ronan Sinclair suddenly turns completely to Ice, and his body suddenly comes crashing through it, as he thunks against the wall across the way.



He stands and shakes his head about, Ice is everywhere.


Odomo is standing over a Screen Censor that is blinking a little Red Light.

“They’re destroying your ship My Lord…” he says glaring at John Swift.

John pays him no mind, and instead holds his hand out to Cleo “Come have a look”.

She doesn’t take his hand, but instead walks right past him and stares at the Blackened Planet.

“My God…” she says, and then looks at John who now stands just behind her looking at the Planet as well.

“That’s Earth??” she asks in shock.


Suddenly Ronan comes Crashing Through the Bridge Doors, Ice Shooting everywhere… He then stands in a “Heroic Stance”, his hands at his waist like some Clumsy Hero.

Meanwhile Odomo has hidden underneath a terminal… And the 6 S.W.I.F.T 8000 Android Units on the Bridge simply don’t react.

Ronan then points one of his hands at John Swift.

“YOU THERE!! UNHAND THAT GIRL!!!” Ronan Proclaims, and John and Cleo both look back at him… There is Madness in John’s eyes which shakes Ronan’s Vigor a bit.



Chapter I – The Wakening

Chapter II- The Ice Man Cometh

Chapter III – Black Planet

Chapter IV – Hearing Voices



Darker Times (Chapter IV) – Hearing Voices

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Darker Times…

“A Line Has Been Crossed…”

by DarkJade

Chapter IV – Hearing Voices





Ronan and the Blond Haired Girl run out the back of the Trance Club, leaving the Two Thugs completely Frozen…

“There’s no way out of this one… I’m Sc#@$”d!” Ronan exclaims fairly hysterically.

“Quickly, I have a small car over here…” The two of them run down the Alley, until they come to the girls little white Car, and they both get in…


Police Sirens can already be heard, as she starts the car and with a…


As she quickly throws it into Second Gear…

They tear down the road, and she takes a right, as Paris Police cars are coming from in front of them, and down the road to the left… The right seems to be the only way clear.

Ronan takes note that the color of the Car is completely white, with white leather interior, and the girl is wearing all white as well.

“You have fine taste my dear” with this she quickly looks over at him, and he is gesturing towards his white hair, and white clothing.

She tries not to smile “Are you Crazy!!”.

She tears around another corner, and soon they reach her apartment building.

Quickly they dart up to the third floor where her apartment is, and they sit out on the deck watching police cars drive by.

She’s not sure how to say it, so she just says it “Uhh… How did you turn those two men to Ice?” she questions.

Ronan, unsure exactly how to answer, simply says “It’s a “Mystery”…” and smiles widely.

Meanwhile the girl just stares at him blankly.

“You know… From “Shakespeare In Love” he explains, but it is lost on her.

“Geoffrey Rush??” he says with a enthusiastic face.

Nothing… She is lost.

“Oh never mind” he says, and then stands up.

“I really should go… I need to get back to my apartment and gather up my things” he heads towards the door, but then suddenly turns around and looks at her.

She is staring at him with her faded blue eyes wide open.

“You Saved me from being arrested… And I don’t even know your name” he says.

She stands “Cleo… My name is Cleo” she replies.

“Cleo… What a lovely name… Hmph” he says, and then turns to leave.

“Don’t leave her Ronan… You’re going to need her” the woman’s voice returns in his head, and being that the alcohol has long warn off, he stops in his tracks… And is disturbed.

Cleo steps towards him “Do you hear the Voice too??” she asks to Ronan’s surprise.

He turns and faces her “Voice??”.

“Oh… Never mind” she replies and opens the door for him.

Ronan stands perfectly still for a moment, and then starts out “Thank you Cleo…” and then into the hallway.

But before she closes the door, Ronan turns back towards her “I–” he starts to say, when suddenly a Bright Purple Portal of Light suddenly appears behind him, and stepping out of it is the Foreboding 6’5″ Form of John Swift from The Year 2096, in his Long Black Sweeping Cape, with his Black Spiky Hair, and Anger Filled Blue Eyes Blaring.

He’s aiming a Large Lazer Canon at the two of them.

“You Two Best Come with me… Your Future Needs you” he says.

Ronan and Cleo are completely stunned, and only Ronan is able to mutter out “Uhh… What?”.


PICTURE CREDIT – Anime Guy With White Hair

Chapter I – The Wakening

Chapter II- The Ice Man Cometh

Chapter III – Black Planet




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by DarkJade

“My Mother’s Garden…”

“Beams of Sunlight Part the Clouds, and strike my Face as I, Eyes Closed, Gaze towards the Heavens…”

“Purple Flowers…”

“The Taste of Salt on my Lips, From this warm Spring Day…”

“A Cool Breeze Carrying The Promising Pollen From Her Deep Purple Blooms Across The Air…”

The Year 2153

Aboard The Star Craft Excelon

A Young Girl, maybe 22, stands in front of a great window, of a very luxurious Star Craft Cabin.

Her hair is short, spiky and black…

Her body, petite, but strong.

The Cabin Lights are shut down, but you can still make out her grey, silver and faded blue Excelon Star Craft Uniform…

Her eyes are dark brown, but closed, when they should be open…

In her hands is a silver, ornate serving tray…

Upon it are three perfect glass science flasks…

Each one holding a different colored liquid.

The First is a murky brown… Almost as if someone mixed oil and water.

The Second, a “Pumpkin” colored orange.

And the Third… A Vibrant Blue, the likes of the Oceans of the Ancient Islands of Earth…

DAY DREAMING!!” suddenly the unnaturally bright Cabin Lights come on, and a partially robotic, partially synthetic voice speaks at the girl accusingly…

Her eyes, now heavy and saddened, open to the truth…

Across the room from her is the Owner of the Room…

The One she was meant to do deliver these 3 Colored Flasks to…

A SynthBot Named “Thompson Elias The Fourth“…

She turns to face these accusations…

“No… Please… I Wasn’t” she says apathetically. Almost, mockingly.

The lights on, a scar can be seen across her beautiful, almost otherwise porcelain face.

A 4 inch jagged reminder, of who is truly in control of this Space Bound World…

LIAR!!” Thomas says with a Robotic Sneer.

GUARDS!!!” he yells.

With this, two other Humans, these two both men, and also baring similar scars on their faces, enter the room.

These two are in All Black Uniforms, with Helmets which have Visors that cover their eyes.

And they each carry a long “Zapping” Stick.

“Yes My Liege” they both speak in unity.

Thomas holds up his Sparkling Partially Synthetic, Partially High End Robotics, Arm and points at the Dark Haired Girl…

SHE WAS DAYDREAMING!!” he proclaims.

TAKE HER AWAY!!” he demands.

With this she apathetically Gazes in Thomas’s Direction… Rage building inside her.

“The Name is Tara you Over Powered Food Dispenser” she plainly states, and the Rage subsides.

Quickly, the Two Human Guards grab her arms, and drag her out of the room.

She smiles knowingly at Thomas as she goes… He is not amused.

When they reach the hallway, she stands upright, and they escort her down the large Star Craft Hallway.

“Tara… For God Sake… Stop It!” one of the Guards suggests urgingly to her.

“Do you wish to be “Dismantled”??” he states more than asks.

“If you think I fear them for a minute… Then you are Greatly Mistaken” she says cockily.

“This is your Fourth Assignment in a row that you’ve rashly discarded…” the Guard explains.

“Just how long do you think it will be before they finally decide to “Deactivate” you?!” he exclaims.

With this Tara comes to a sudden halt, and looks at the Guard “Dismantle… Deactivate… Do you have any idea how “Wrong” that sounds when talking about a Human Being” the other Guard who doesn’t seem to care either way, grabs her arm and forces her forward.

“As The Second Guard Continues to Drag Me… I Hear The Subtle Sounds of Mozart Drifting Into The HallwayBefore Me…”

“All Sound and Movement seems to slow as we pass by an open door where some twenty or so of the SynthBots sit at School Like Desks, and are Forced to Listen to The Famous Composer Mozart, in hopes to Evoke some sort of a “Soul”… Something they definitely don’t have…”

“Something We Have, but They Don’t… And it Drives Them Mad… And in Their Madness, they’ve nearly Driven The Humans to Extinction… There’s only some Tens of Thousands of us left… Most of which are in Service aboard these Star Crafts, the SynthBots Call “Their Temples”… As they have as of yet, not found a place to Build Cities of their own… Being they took out Earth, whilst Taking out us…”

The door to the room closes, and we have passed it by…

“If they admire us so much, why do you think it is that they have decimated us to the remote Thousands in numbers… Down from Millions…” Tara says loudly.

“You mustn’t say these things Tara… Your Life is in Paramount Jeopardy!!” the Friendlier Guard exclaims to her, trying to quiet her.

“Paramount Jeopardy” she replies as she tries to shake off the other Guard from dragging her…

“Listen to yourself Tara… They’re doing their best to be “More Human”…” the friendly Guard implores.

“Where as you are doing your best to be “Robotic”” she replies.

With this the other Guard tosses Tara to the ground, and strikes her with the Electric Stick.


“AHH!!” she screams.

“Don’t you know only SynthBots are allowed to strike Humans…” the friendly Guard says to the other.

Tara wipes some blood from her lip.

“This one had it coming… She’s going to get us all killed” exclaims the Second Guard.

“That’s more like it” Tara says under her breath as she comes to her feet.

And with a sudden single blow, strikes the Second Guard in the jugular, causing him to crumple to the ground unconscious.

“TARA!! NO!!!” the friendlier Guard yells, as she takes off down the hallway.


PICTURE CREDIT – Columbia Spaceship




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