The Writer

Inside of all of us is The Writer… I’ve been writing since I was young, but I have never truly given my Writer a home… It is my intention to finally and truly embrace my Writer, I intend to do this by Writing, Writing, Writing…

But to do this, I must first create the space for it… Where will I write… What music will I listen to… Who will I share my writing with while I develop it… Time will tell



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6 Responses to “The Writer”

  1. Hi there, welcome to the blogging side of writing!
    I would encourage you to not base IF you write on whether or not you have a writing space. A writing space is helpful, but I wasn’t able to truly construct one until I knew what things helped me to write.
    May I suggest a blog post of mine that discusses this topic? I think you’ll find “The Writing Mindset helpful.
    Good luck! Don’t let circumstances determine dream, but dream in spite of them šŸ˜‰

  2. On further reflection, It’s time that I truly need to create, which I am at the moment, but I need to do it constantly, everyday… Actual physical space/environment is important to me when writing, but it’s something I’m able to do…

    I read your suggested post, and it is very insightful… Music, space/environment are optimum for me right now, the discipline comes in the making the time and just doing it… This will be something new for me… I’ve written some during my life, but it’s been extremely erratic

    Thanks for your time and insight

  3. Keep us posted on your endeavors. Every author has his/her quirks, especially when it comes to environment. I’m no exception.

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