Star Wars (DarkJade’s First Look)

It was 1977, yes I was alive then. My mom took my brother and I to go see the original Star Wars. Neither my brother’s, nor my life, would ever be the same. I partially blame this man

Good Man on a Baddd Ship... Correction, a Fast Ship

Yes, it’s true, I wanted to be Han Solo. But don’t forget this guy

Careful Kid, you Might Hurt Yourself... I Blame his Father

My brother wanted to be Luke. So that worked out well.

Because of the enormity that is Star Wars, I’ll try to stick to just  a few things this go around. But I will say my favorite villain of all time is this next gentleman

"I am your Father..."

Darth Vadar. Need I say more.

For the next 10 years my brother and I gathered quite an action figure collection, sadly G.I. Joe tended to kick these guys asses, but oh well. The truth is, Star Wars is the reason I decided to pursue Film Making in 1999-2002, which in turn lead to pursuing writing. Oh I should mention one more guy at least in this go around

Jango gives George Directions

No that’s not Boba, he’s not even born yet. Somehow I’ve gone the route of corny. It was not intended. George Lucas, in my opinion, had a brainchild that would change everything you know about film. He is the true reason I wanted to become a film maker. Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back are two of my favorite all time films.

Why did they inspire me? Character’s, and character development for one. I love so many of his character’s, and there are so many to love. Why else? Scope; Starting on chapter IV, of VI, inventive, exciting, and alluring.

For me Star Wars, and The Empire Strikes Back have forever instilled the importance of character’s and scope in a story… And the belief in a dream, and the robustness to follow through with it.

Thank You George


Star Wars – In Review

Filmcraft (Volume 2) – The Empire Strikes Back

13 Responses to “Star Wars (DarkJade’s First Look)”

  1. Interesting… My initial inspirations were early disney characters(Musaffa, Bambi) but then it seemed to evolve every fortnight so not really sure what I have made my choices based on.

  2. Musafa was a great character. And his voice was portrayed by none other than James Earl Jones (Darth Vadar). So for the sake of 7 degrees of separation. On that note, Walt Disney (The man) is actually one of my main Heroes, and greatest inspirations creatively. Might as well get the list out there now Walt Disney, Bruce Lee and Captain America :D. George Lucas was added later with the likes of Gary Gygax, the creator of Dungeons and Dragons.

    Thanks for the Comment Sam.

  3. Star Wars was pretty important to me too, but Lord of the Rings got to me first, so I was already writing by the time I ran into Star Wars. It may, however, be responsible for my shift towards sci-fi. Either that or Farscape.

  4. Love Lord of the Rings. Aragorn is my favorite character, or was when I was first exposed to it when I was young. My sister actually named her horse Aragorn. But unlike a lot of Writer’s, I’ve never been a big reader, so the 2001, 2002 and 2003 Film Adaptation’s were my greatest exposure (I saw the 1978 animated one when I was a kid, but it was a bit sleep inducing). I thought they were quite good, especially the first and second one. I’ve never seen any Farscape, just took a peak at it on YouTube, I’ll have to check it out.

    Thanks for the comment Ael.

  5. […] Young, I wanted to be a Film Maker… Largely to do with the Seeing of Star Wars in 1977 (See Star Wars (DarkJade’s First Look). Yes, a Professional Baseball Player at 5, and a Film Maker at 8. Now I was very shy, and so I […]

  6. I know the feeling. My dad took me to see enter the dragon, and I havent shut up about movies since

  7. beautyinvoid Says:

    I would have to say star wars would be the best reason to go into film making. The best classic movie, nothing in this day in age can or will ever beat it. 🙂

  8. George Lucas is one of my all-time favorite writer/directors. Intrestingly, one of his biggest inspirations was Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom series, which was also an inspiration to James Cameron (another of my favorite writer/directors).

    • I didn’t know that… Have you read the Barsoom Series? I just started a Blog Series (That I hope to turn into a Comic Book) that takes place partly on Mars, and I also Wrote 3 45Page Teleplays (The First Three Episodes) for a Sci-Fi Series that takes place on Mars… I think I may have mentioned that to you the other night? Lol Oh well

      Lucas’s Star Wars are a “Masterpiece” of “Characters”, and “Story”… The First Two Films Inspired me enough to last a Lifetime.

      James Cameron is something special… I saw his “Aliens” Opening Night in a Theater in Westwood, used to Catch Opening Nights down there all the time… That Film was Amazing in The Theater.

      And Avatar, what can you say, Brilliant.

      Thanks for your Comment Jordan


  9. Yes, I have read some of the books in the Barsoom series. I hope to read them all. I absolutely loved the John Carter film as well – did you see it? The use of flashbacks during the battle scene at the midpoint was great storytelling, in my opinion. I don’t know why the film received poor reviews, honestly. Edgar Rice Burroughs was another fantastic writer and visionary.

    One thing I can’t stand to see is characters being powerplayed. I love the character arc that Lucas used for Luke – nice, slow progression of him discovering his powers.

    Where’s your new blog? I’m interested to read your series that takes place on Mars. I’m a major sci-fi nerd, ya know. 😀 I’m telling you, you have to turn some of this material into a novel!

    • I need to check out the Barsoom Series…

      I didn’t see “John Carter” actually, but I want to… I had heard about it a while back, I think The Writer/Creator/Director of “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” was slated to do it… Then I heard Jon Favreau was going to… That was the last I heard of it, but Favreau went on to do “Iron Man” so, he’s doing just fine, lol

      You’re right about Luke… Truth be known, I wasn’t crazy about him in the First one, not when I was a kid anyway… Now I love him in it… But I’ve always Loved him in “Empire” and especially in “Jedi”.

      I think of the First Film as “Obi-Wan” Kenobi’s Film, Empire as “Han Solo’s” Film, and “Jedi” as Luke’s Film

      Here’s The Page for My New Series, I just Threw it up today… My Writing is Very First Draft on my Blog, be yee warned, lol

      Here’s the Page

      Here’s Chapter (Post) #1

      Here’s Chapter (Post) #2

      My Brother and I just started to brainstorm it a bit recently… I’m Writing it, but I’m trying to get him to do some Art Work for me on my Comic Books…

      This Stuff is Rough, hope you Like it


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