5 Favorite Foods

Umm... Wow

Now that I have your attention. I love food. Eating, seeing it, the smell, and especially cooking it… Ok maybe eating it and cooking it are tied. I’m hungry so I thought I’d do my best to make you hungry too. Lets get this thing going, 5 of my favorite foods, in no particular order, because that’s just too hard.



The Nachos set the stage. I love Mexican food. Love it. I pretty much could eat Mexican food three times a week, easy. In fact I wish weeks were longer so I could eat more of it. Picture if you will, a warm basket of chips brought to your table, with fresh salsa, and in some cases warm re fried beans covered in cheese, all for the dipping

Wow.. How yah like these captions so far

Did I mention guacamole, love that too. And that’s just the beginning, the food hasn’t even got there yet!! Here we go, are you ready

Nothing like Fresh Ingrediants

And lets not forget my favorites

                  My Favorites

Add some Beans and Rice and I'm good to go


Taco Bell??

Nah, I’m just kidding, but Taco Bell is my favorite fast food. Bring forth the actual Burrito please…

The Actual Burrito

Ahh, now that’s more like it. Wow, this could be a long blog, lets continue

Manjia Manjia?

I love Italian Food. Yes I use that love word loosely in regards to food. From a dark, candle lit restaurant, to a pizza shack on the end of a pier overlooking the ocean. You can’t go wrong with Italian.

Spaghetti and dare I say meatballs

Ok, now when I cook spaghetti, I don’t always use meatballs, but this photo was the closest I found to what mine looks like. Spaghetti is my favorite Italian food. Quickly now, my recipe;

  1. Ground Beef or Turkey, whichever you prefer (As much as you prefer, maybe close to a pound) – Cook it by itself, breaking it up
  2. A can of Tomato Sauce (I think it’s 15oz) – Add it once the meat is browned
  3. A can of Stewed Tomatoes (I believe it’s 28oz. You can add fresh tomatoes instead if you’d like, it tends to make the sauce a bit sweeter) – Add at same time
  4. Fresh Garlic (Around 4 to 6 little cloves cut in fairly small pieces. Or powdered or jarred if you don’t like to cut the garlic) – Add same time
  5.  Dry Oregano (A few sprinkles will do yah, this will also sweeten the sauce a bit, but it is so good) – Add same time
  6. Olive Oil (A tablespoon is fine, don’t over do it with Olive Oil) – Add same time
  7. Red Wine (This is totally optional, the sauce is good either way. If you go with it, a couple swigs of it then.) – Add same time
Wola, enjoy, manjia manjia… Cook the meat on medium or just below, and cook the sauce lower then that, don’t want to burn the sauce. Also, allow time for the garlic to get soft if you use fresh garlic. Enjoy!
p.s don’t forget to cook the pasta whilst cooking the sauce

Best served reheated at midnight, with a cold rootbeer

Love Chinese food <—That Love word again. A couple examples

Fried Rice?

I’m not sure exactly what that is, but I think it’s some sort of Fried Rice, be it Pork, Chicken, Vegetable or other. Whatever it is, I want it, and throw in some Sweet and Sour sauce to pour over it, mmm.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Love Sweet and Sour Pork, and Chicken for that matter. But lately my favorite has been Cashew Chicken.


The Classic Cheese Burger

Gotta throw in the Classic Cheese Burger for my fellow American Patron’s, as well as my Internationally Enlightened… Take a moment. Just look at that thing. Throw in a nice Cold Coke, some Fries and maybe some Blue Cheese Dressing for the dipping, and I’m good to go.

Five; Drum Roll Please… Is it

Indian Food

I love love love Indian Food… Or is it

Greek Food

Love it. And… Wow. But in all honesty I have to give it to


Cheese is hands down my favorite food. I leave you with a few final images to accompany you to the fridge as you try to find anything remotely as tasty as some of the previous foods

Come on man, that's one hell of a Grilled Cheese

Didn't think I forgot Pizza did yah? Technically under both Cheese and Italian





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15 Responses to “5 Favorite Foods”

  1. Because of you I will now have mexican food for dinner tonight……..and I couldn’t be happier about it! 🙂

  2. Ugh, I absolutely loathe Chinese food! To me, it’s just slime covered in some more slime, with a side of slime. I went to a Chinese Restaurant for my boyfriend’s sister’s Hen Party/meal and I thought I’d be polite and order something. I ended up with a bowl of some kind of beef with slime, and some noodles and slime, and ended up throwing up at home. NEVER AGAIN! Not even out of the courtesy of politeness 😀

    But, on another note, I totally love the other foods you posted! Cheese is just epic. And that picture of the cheese toastie you posted has made me ridiculously hungry. Win.

  3. lol, yeah I knew that throwen Chinese up there might not appeal to some people. Some people just don’t like it. On that note I will say Frozen Chinese Food absolutely sucks. Steer clear, even in times of dire hunger, I’d rather eat dirt, lol. But I don’t recommend dirt either. P.S. don’t let the appealing photo on the box or bag fool you, it’s muck

    Thanks for the comment

  4. After reading it, I feel I am a little bit hungry now!
    I like spaghetti , too. But I can’t cook it well. When I read your recipe provided, I finally figure out the reason- I didn’t add the fresh garlic and dry oregano. I will try next time with your recipe.

    I also like Chinese food. I am Chinese and have lived in China since I was born. The picture you show is the fried rice. It is easy to make. We often add eggs into it. What’s more, you can add anything you like or that is left in your fridge, such as bacon, cucumber, corn, green pepper and onion. Then just add a little bit salt, gourmet power and white pepper and the fried rice is just done! Maybe you can try it next time.

    • I haven’t made fried rice in ages….because I’m not eating much rice in the past few years.

      I have tipped towards diabetes 2 (even though you wouldn’t know it because I’m small). Eating alot of rice in a meal –I don’t feel well afterwards. So I tend to prefer light dried Asian and some Italian lighter pastas, or couscous.

      How I did make fried rice at home is similar to my mother’s….it does not taste harder/firmer grains and is not as loaded with soy sauce as what one gets in restaurants. Usually there’s way too much soy sauce.

      I bought some egg white replacement yesterday. Will be making one of my comfort foods….it’s an easy savoury steamed egg dish with meat and minced onion, ginger root. It’s light, healthy, no oil and reminds me of my childhood. Takes less than 20 minutes to steam this savoury egg dish.

      As a teenager I used to help my mother make a steamed sponge cake. That was the only technique she knew…you know like steaming the incredible variety of dim sum. It made a very light cake. But we taught parents about baking muffins… 🙂

  5. Wow yeah I’ve always wanted to be able to make Fried Rice actually, I just never took the time to get a recipe. I’ll have to give it a try.

    Thanks for your comment, let me know if you try the spaghetti recipe, and what you think… I did forget to mention Parmesan Cheese sprinkled on top, but you don’t have to use it, I just like it.

  6. Oregano is an herb, they sell it dried in a little bottle at least they do here in the U.S. Not sure about Australia. No, you do not have to use it, it just makes the sauce a bit sweeter. Garlic is absolutely the main ingredient. You’re also welcome to throw in a few swigs of wine if yah like, preferably a red wine.

    By the way, how exactly do you make/cook the fried rice? I understand the adding an egg (Or eggs) along the way, and the ingredients, but how do you prepare the whole thing exactly?

  7. Thank you, I just read it, will try it and let you know

  8. I tend to like the Mexican food, the name ecapes me that are packets of beans, rice in corn husks and steamed. Their moles are great and tomatillo sauces wonderful.

    I really need to educate myself on Indian food, because…..like Chinese food there is enormous regional diversity, wide range of cooking techniques and dishes. I love the stuff and do sese there is sometimes comlexity in the spicing. So I cannot base my perception of Indian food on just less than 15 different dishes, I’ve eaten in my 52 years of existence. 🙂 I have to be crazy.

    Chinese food from restaurants tends to be heavier…in general. Restaurants use more oil and hence, to you tastes “slimy”.

    There are also cooking techniques that are used more often in home cooking compared to restaurants unless you go to Asia, someone’s home (who knows the traditional techniques) or go to a major city where there is strong regional, different Chinese restaurants (which means a place that has hundreds of Chinese restaurants ie. San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Vancouver), you are not getting an accurate and wide breadth of what Chinese cuisine is like.

    For instance I occasionally make steamed meat dishes. That is a Chinese cooking technique used more often at home. I make stir-fried butternut squash…no sugar and it cooks under 20 min. Forget about baking it! How boring. I use ginger, jot of soy sauce, onions, garlic. It’s great with rice or couscous.

    My blog cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com shows some of this stuff. There are photos, etc.

    I didn’t develop a palate for olive oil based dishes until my late 20’s, even though I was born in Canada. And I love trying the different raviolo, torellini, some of the Italian pastries and of course, handmade pasta (Italian or Asian) is always nice to have.

  9. Now I remembered the name for steamed corn husk packet: tamales. So goooooood. Actually I first had them in New Mexico.

    • Yes Tamales, I love them… I also love Mexican Food, both South Western, and the more Fried stuff… I’ve never tried Home Made Pasta, but want to… You’re right about Chinese Food, somewhere like S.F. or New York would be the place to go… I’ve never been to Toronto or Vancouver, but Toronto looks great… Don’t know much about Vancouver. And you’re also right about Indian Food, there are endless kinds of Indian Food, I like it very much… And Greek

      Thanks for all of your Comments


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