Jack True – An Interview with a Phantom Rocker

I sit in the room waiting for the ever enigmatic, yet illusive, Jack True to arrive. It had been over 9 years since anyone had heard neither hide nor hair of him. As I fiddle with the matches from my pocket, noting the name “Chili’s” on the tab, yes I live a pretty illustrious life my self, I think of his final concert in London. Who knew it would be his farewell concert, some 30 to 40 thousand fans holding up their cell phone’s in the night, illuminating the way for him to make his arrival/landing on stage. He stepped forward with that off white Fender he liked so well, and broke into one of his first album hits “Wymtyde”. The crowd went wild as he began the night in Rock and Luster. He never disappointed. Just outside the two story building where I waited in a room on the second floor, I heard/saw a black limo arrive outside. Jack stepped out and it was like not a year had pasted since that night in London, 2002. His hair still spiky black, his short black boots, and his ever famous long black trench coat, with his own name spray painted across the back of it. A gift from his first and only wife. Other than that he appeared to be wearing not too tight blue jeans, and a new white buttoned up dress shirt. Silver chain underneath could be seen, the top two buttons were not fastened. He entered the room left hand extended, head down, with a cigarette that he never smoked in his right hand. He always shook peoples hand with his left, even though he was a righty.

Jack – “Right, this needs to be quick… I’ve got an avenue to stomp…” He sputtered out in his thick English accent as he sat in my simple chair. So I in turn took the soft couch for two.

Interviewer – “No problem…”

Jack – “Alright than… Shoot.”

Interviewer – “After that concert in October of 2002, where did you go?”

Jack – “Well lets see, I left my wife… No just jesting, she left me…”

“It seems she had, had enough of the “Rock N Roll” life, and so moved on.”

“I offered to walk away from my career so we might travel and perhaps have some tikes… But she simply touched my face and said no… She said… Then you wouldn’t be you.”

“So she left, and I walked away from my career anyway…”

Interviewer – “Wow… I mean… You had just completed your second album with “Bloom”, and three of your songs reached the Top 5… That just baffles me…”

Jack – “You should get that checked, anything else, I really should be on my way…”

Interviewer – “Did you write anymore songs?” This seems to set him into thought.

Jack – “Not like “Girl”… Not like “Wymtyde” or “All”… I’d lost my heart in it yah know… Nothing note worthy, or worth hollering at the masses yah know…” He seems figety so I try to rush through the last few questions.

Interviewer – “Any more wives?”

Jack – “Ha… Funny… No… Not as of yet… They’re not that easy to find.” With this he stands.

“I really must get on my way…” I try to muster up just one more question.

Interviewer – “Just one more than…”

Jack – “Aye… One more.” He sits once more.

Interviewer – “Musically speaking… Will you be back?” With this he definitely takes quite a moment before answering. Then turns and answers me with clear eyes.

Jack – “I never really left yah know… I’ve been skulking around the old boulevards for years.”

“Alright mate, I really must be on my way…” He reaches out with his left hand and shakes mine. With this, he takes note of the matches I was holding.

Jack – “May I?”

Interviewer – “Sure…” I hand him the whole pack of matches.

“Take the whole thing.”

Jack – “Thanks mate…”

He then jaunts down the stairs where his limo driver is waiting with the door open. Before he gets in he actually lights the cigarette, and takes a hit. Something I’ve never seen him do before.

Jack – “Tastes like shit doesn’t it…” With this he drops the cigarette, stomps it out with the heel of his boot, tosses the matches to the driver, and the car drives away.


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