Walt Disney – Through My Eyes

While growing up I had three primary Heroes, Walt Disney (The Man), Bruce Lee and Captain America. Following closely behind were George Lucas, and Gary Gygax. I touch briefly on George Lucas on this post I did Star Wars – DarkJade’s First Look. I hope to write more about each of my other four heroes at a later time… But now for Walt Disney.

Walt Disney

As a child I remember going to see The Jungle Book, it must have been the 1978 re-release (Original Release 1967). I loved it, especially Shere Khan whose voice was portrayed by an actor by the name of George Sanders (All About Eve).

Shere Khan - The Jungle Book

Perhaps I’ve always been drawn to villain’s in story’s. Or maybe just good villain’s, which he was. And then Robin Hood which was re-released in 1982 (Original Release 1973 ).

Robin Hood - Walt Disney

I liked Robin in this one, but also liked the villain’s

Mommy... (Prince John)

Prince John with the voice of Peter Ustinov

Sssssssss... (Sir Hiss)

…and Sir Hiss (Didn’t know that was his name, lol). Voice portrayed by Terry Thomas.

I guess we must have seen Bambi in it’s 1975 re-release (Originally Released in 1942),


and Fantasia in it’s 1977 or 1982 re-release (Originally Released in 1940)

Mickey - Fantasia

There was Lady and the Tramp, which we must have seen in 1980 (Originally Released in 1962)

Spaghetti Scene - Lady and the Tramp

…and the Aristocrats we must have also seen in 1980 (Originally Released in 1970)

O'malley and Duchess - The Aristocats

I actually had a huge O’malley Stuffed Animal I had gotten from Disneyland… Disneyland

Lets talk about Disneyland for a minute

Disneyland at Night

No place in the world like it (Ok Disney World in Florida is a tad similar). Likely the most Creatively Imp-active Place I’ve ever experienced. We went there a whole lot when I was a kid growing up in Southern California.

Truth is it’s hard to put into words what Walt Disney has meant to me, so I shall continue to let the images speak for themselves, with my comments close by… Enjoy

Battle to the Death - Prince Phillip & Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty

Talk about a Great Villain, Sleeping Beauty was my favorite Walt Disney Film. I saw it in 1979 (Originally Released in 1959)

Watching TV - 101 Dalmations

101 Dalmations… Most likely seen in 1979 (Originally Released 1969)

The Lion King

Amazing… Walt’s Dream lives on in The Lion King Released in 1994

Meet the Genie - Aladin

I’ve never laughed that hard in my life during a movie, then when the Genie (Voice by Robin Williams) came out of the lamp in Disney’s Aladin. That scene was hilarious. Released in 1992.

DarkJade Signing off

Let me know whatcha think, and how Disney affected your life.





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8 Responses to “Walt Disney – Through My Eyes”

  1. I used to watch Robin Hood ALL THE TIME when I went round my Nan’s house. Reading this blog brought back some fond memories πŸ™‚

  2. Nice… And that “Robin Hood and Little John” song was pretty catchy too, lol

  3. midaevalmaiden Says:

    The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Not so much the movie but, I completely love the voice and the song of the evil priest called, Hellfire. The voice is Tony Jay. Sadly Tony Jay never sang much, I couldnt find any compilations albums anywhere.

    I’m a Beauty and the beast girl all the way. Though I have to give the credit to the brothers grimm rather than disney. πŸ˜‰

    Of course, I cant see a picture of Lady and Tramp with out singing the Siamese song.

  4. We are Siamese, if you please? lol

    Really like Beauty and the Beast, Gaston was awesome, and so was Robby Benson.

    And Tom Hulce as the Hunchback did a good job.

  5. I sang ‘Under the Sea’ at karaoke on Sunday. I was awesome.

    • Ha… “Under The Sea”, that was the Song I liked. I remember this time I was at the Disneyland Restaurant at Disneyland a while back with the girl I was seeing, and her parents and sister… And at some in the middle of all them talking, her Sister just started belting Ariel “Part of Your World” song, I guess they all used to like when she sang it, and she hadn’t sung it in a while. It was pretty funny.

  6. I wouldn’t have known that we shared heroes if I hadn’t read your About page. Though I didn’t realize it earlier, Walt Disney played an important role in my life. He inspired creativity, his work has fueled my imagination and I suppose my outlook on life as well.
    I remember waking up early in the mornings specially to watch black and white Micky Mouse cartoons.
    Looking back at the earlier versions of those timeless movies you mentioned, takes me back to when I was really little and I relive the awe and excitement and joy I felt then.
    Robin Hood is one of my top favourites, followed by Lion King, 101 Dalmatians, Aladin and Hunchback of Notre Dame. I’ve never saw Lady and the Tramp nor Fantasia though, but I hope to in the future. Awesome post, DJ.
    ~ Dev

    • Walt Disney is Probably My Greatest Influence of all Time… The Man was Amazing.

      Robin Hood is Great, saw it a lot when I was a kid… I’ve only seen Lion King a Few Times, but Love it… Own 101 Dalmationa, and Aladin… I’ve never laughed harder in a Theater than I did with Aladin… Robin Williams, that scene when he let him out of the Lamp… Lol. Lady and the Tramp is a Classic… Haven’t seen it in a while, but I remember it being really cute… Fantasia is Awesome… The Music alone is worth watching it… But the Animation is Awesome too

      Thanks for your Comment Devina


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