Dragon Blood – Another DarkJade Scribbling

~Dragon Blood~

Beneath the Fire Red Sky

Underneath The Star Lit Heavens

Beside a Pool of Blood and Magic…

The Baby Dragon is Born

His Egg Cracked, One of Three, But Only His Lay Open

His Mother Oh So Near, But Look to the Skies, and you shall See Her

What Now, Why This it’s first thoughts mustered

Swords have been Drawn Son, The Mother Replies

And only you will have the Strength to Break them…

The Baby Dragling Stretches forth it’s Black Reddened Wings…

It’s Teeth Sharp, His Eye’s Glistening Dark, with Bright Stars Within them

If you Insist Mother, I’ll Rise Again, and Strike them Down Before me

But Know you This, these Mortal Games of Power and Mist

Are Really Beginning to Bore Me

Suddenly His Eyes Aim Up, and to the Air He does go…

His Size Does Morph, Fifty Folds One’d Say, He Cracks The Sky Above Them

Thunder Roars, and Lightning Strikes, The Skies Fall to Pieces for him

When I Return, these Humans will have Learned, Alone and Unguided…

They’ll Pay the Price, I Won’t Be Nice, My Dragon’s Heart shall Wane Them…


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4 Responses to “Dragon Blood – Another DarkJade Scribbling”

  1. lifewith4cats Says:

    This is really good!! I love the wordplay and dialog. Teeth of stars.

  2. I agree with Sara! this is really good! a poem that creates story. Great choice of words.
    I should make one like this one day.

    Ps. love your L avatar đŸ˜‰

  3. Thanks Nov, I love Stories

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