A Grip on the Darkness

play while reading…

~A Grip on the Darkness~

Alone… Always


These Dark Purple Lights makes Not Fair Company…

Come in… The Thought is Warm

But the Means… Are Not

These Translucent Hopes… of Glimmering Light

But Memories of some Greater Thing… Some Normal Thing

The Winds of Time Cast a Ghastly Glow

On what you Hope Will Be… These Figments… These

…untouchable Integer Components of Unknowns

The Air is full of what isn’t Really There

And You are Grasping at what you only Hope is True…

But wait… You are not Breathing

Breathe… In New Hope

Breathe Out the Strength you know you Hold

Expand Beyond what you know, and think is Possible

Do it now…

…do not wait

You Are Home




Other Poems Scriblings By DarkJade-

PHOTO CREDIT – Sad Anime Boy

8 Responses to “A Grip on the Darkness”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    WOW, where have you been hiding all this time?!! And setting these words to music which follows the words… can I swear on this blog? F*n Awesome! Often my rpg characters are named alogne.

    p.s. you might add a subscription tab to the side bar of your blog.

  2. Alogne, nice… Hmm, didn’t realize I didn’t have a Subscribe Button on the Blog, lol… Actually it crossed my mind at some point, but very briefly. Silly, thanks for that

    And thanks for the Comment

  3. A wonderful song, and your words are equally as wonderful! I don’t comment on here quite as often as I should, but while I’m at it, your comic book pages are just fantastic- the look of them and the dialouge looks amazing! 🙂

  4. Thank you Anna… I had never heard this song before the night I wrote this, a couple nights ago. But it helped me shape the ending of the Poem/Scribbling I think

    I love the way the Comic Page’s came out as well… The Artist I hired to do them is a super talent, she was going to school to be a Comic Book Artist at the time, and if/when I continue to have more of the Story made into Comic Book Page’s, I hope to use her again

    Thanks for the compliments, and comments

  5. […] Most Beautiful Piece; This One Always Comes To Mind For Me “A Grip On The Darkness“… I think perhaps the Use of Music, Combined with the Words, really worked for […]

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