Sweet Embrace

~Sweet Embrace~

If not you… Than Who

If Not Now… Then When

I Run Across the Vacant Room, Arms Extended…

My Movement becomes slower and slower

My Eyes Wide Open, and yet… I can not see

Robbed Again of All that is Glorious

Longing… Oh so Longing

The Wall Comes forward… The Blackness

I slide and cannot stop

My Eyes Open again…

This Time My Self… My Child

Tugs at my Much Too Long Sleeves…

Calling Me… beckoning

Her Eyes Tell me… Her Eye’s Bleed

Please she says… please

As I turn to her… My head shaking…

The Rain has fallen

Black Tears from mine Eyes



watch and or just listen… and if you have someone that you love, watch/listen together

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10 Responses to “Sweet Embrace”

  1. Your words are so poetic, and I love that you keep posting Evanescence songs! If you like Amy Lee, you might want to check out Emilie Autumn… spread the plauge! šŸ˜€

  2. That’s awesome, thank you. I’ve never heard of her, that’s a cool track, she has a good voice. Yah know, I was never a Garbage fan when they were big several years back

    But a few years ago I picked up this Demo CD from them off E-Bay, don’t remember why. I listened to Stupid Girl and really liked the music. Read up on Shirley Manson a bit, and she actually seemed kind of cool. I like “Bleed Like Me” and “Milk”, though Milk sounds different on the video than on the track I had.

    Oh and thank you for the compliment

    • You’re welcome šŸ˜€ I’ve always liked Garbage ever since some of their tracks came on a free CD in a paper when I was a kid, and I thought it was the greatest thing ever, ha ha! And talking of female fronted alt. bands, my ultimate favourite is Animal Alpha, although the lead singer Agnete is now part of a metal band called Djerv (who are also worth a listen).

      Yay exchanging videos! šŸ˜€

      • Wow, she is Fierce. She surrounds herself with some pretty amazing musicians.

        Going full Circle, I believe I was listening to this next song when I began Writing “A Grip on the Darkness” I couldn’t find the Video that just showed the Lyrics, Which have you read the First Lyrics? I figure you have, they’re amazing. So I’ll settle for this footage of Amy doing the song in her cool little Black Prowling/Strutting Garb

  3. Yeah, I have read the lyrics- and again, as with most of her stuff, it’s a great song! šŸ™‚

  4. Sad about Moody and her, Musically that is. Not that it’s an uncommon tale, look at John and Paul in the Beatles, their time Writing together had a shelf life as well. But during the time they were together, wow. Though George is actually my favorite Beatle, shh, don’t tell anyone. Such is the way of Bands for the most part. U2 is probably one of the most Main Stream exceptions, Aerosmith didn’t do too bad as well. Though I think they did part for a time, but got back together. I had a couple Bands several years back, and though we never got beyond the Studio Practice Hall as it turned out, the Chemistry whilst together was quite good. But both Bands unraveled in the end.

    • I know, but it does always have to end sometime. I’m still mourning the loss of Alexisonfire: Dallas Green might be a total diva, and general bitch. but his voice is still hauntingly beautiful. If only there was some way to prise his voicebox from his throat? Hmm…

      At least there’s still Every Time I Die. Tour in December, Hellz yeah!

  5. I hadn’t heard of them, at least I don’t think I have, looked em up, and watched a bit on youtube, sounds like a real recent thing, that’s a bummer

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