Captain Fire 197


Infinitely Dark. What Metal must one be made of to spend their Life in Space. I know I couldn’t. But I did anyway.

How did I get on to this ship. Luck. Seems the Luggage Loaders had taken an early Food Break, and that’s when I made my move. Who am I?

Nisho. But this story isn’t about me… Well… Not really.

What began as a dare from a friend, ended up saving my life. You see, shortly after I made my way on to this deep space cruiser ship, with full intention of turning myself in after lift off… They Struck… The Turens. The Planet Ona’s inhabitants never saw it coming…

…they left None Alive

So there I was. Pushed back snuggly against some 300 Passengers Luggage.

But like I say… This isn’t about me.







It’s about him… Captain Fire. And his ship which I had yet to Board.








And his Crew… Jenna, the Young Harion Telepath.




And her Brother’s Wardon. He could Fly the Ship by himself, but he’s basically the Ships Engineer. Unofficially.




And Jono. Whose basically there to Protect his Sister. He can protect me anytime “Sigh”.

He’s basically our Head of Security as it were… Talk about Over Qualified. But that’s another story. Lets just say by taking this position he ensures himself that Jenna is as safe as she could possibly be, while aboard a Star Craft.

Captain Fire’s Other Crew consist of Mino and Tyo. Mino serves under Jono as a Security Guard, as well as dabbling a bit in the Science Lab. I don’t trust her…

And Tyo, her hitched if you will, deals with the Computer System for the ship 197. Yep, the Ship’s called the 197. Lastly are

Rud and Nef… They Pilot Captain Fire’s ship.

All and all the 197 is a good ship. And the crew, well, time would tell.

As our Adventures had only just begun…



PICTURE CREDITS – Green Hair Anime Girl, Captain, Yellow Hair Anime Boy, White Haired Anime Girl



Part Two – Captain Fire 197 – Beginnings

Part Three – Captain Fire 197 – Meet The Crew

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Part Eight – Captain Fire 197 – Eltoy Kill

Part Nine – Captain Fire 197 – Operation Detonation

Part X – Captain Fire 197 – New to the Crew

Part XI – Captain Fire 197 – Busted

Part XII – Captain Fire 197 – Alone on Kalnos 9

Part XIII – Captain Fire 197 – Reflections

Part XIV – Captain Fire 197 – The Turens

Part XV – Captain Fire 197 – Trauma at Cliqo 1

Part XVI – Captain Fire 197 – Words Can’t Say

Part XVII – Captain Fire 197 – Escape

Part XVIII – Captain Fire 197 – Finding Nisho

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