In my weaker moments…

I sometimes find my hands tied behind my back

My Face pressed hardly against the Wood Floor

Or was it Marble, I forget

And your Dark Breath against the back of my Neck

“Easy now boy… You’re not going anywhere…”

Ah yes, I remember you sir

The Splinters from the Wood, and the Coldness of the Marble

Do Strike my Memory

“Hush…” he’d say “Hush and just listen…”

But this was no easy task for me…

For I most disliked Pain, and the Like

“You are a clever one…” he’d whisper

But I was too wise to take this as a Compliment

And the bindings would start to loosen…

“Ahhh… Hold you now, hold you…”

As the Shroud that was his Blackened Cape

Would begin to shatter with Pins of Light


But it was no use, I’d turn on the floor and face him

My Hands pressed firmly Against his Chest

“Be Gone You…”

The Light would come from within me

My Arms Glowing Blindedly

“You have no Power over me…”

And he would Screech “Ahhhhhhhhhhh… Boyyyyy”

And he was gone

And I was fine



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8 Responses to “Despair”

  1. ‘As the Shroud that was his Blackened Cape
    Would begin to shatter with Pins of Light’
    – Beautiful. Absolutely.

  2. Thank you Anna… *slides box with Blackened Cape in it to you* Hold onto this, I’m sure he wont miss it 😀

  3. midaevalmaiden Says:

    I loved the power and humor in, “Ah yes, I remember you sir. The Splinters from the Wood, and the Coldness of the Marble Do Strike my Memory”
    The end for me morphed though, with the words, ” ahhh boyyy!” Well that phrase can only ever be The Tall Man from phantasm. (thats an old cult horror series. Ever seen it?)

  4. Wow Phantasm, maybe when I was a kid… Pretty weird scary Flick wasn’t it?

    Thanks for the Compliment and Comment Mid

    • midaevalmaiden Says:

      yup, I have watched it a few times. I love the movie even though I have no idea what the movie is actualy about. the Tall Man makes the movie pretty cool.

      • I remember something about some Silver Sphere that floats around with Blades on it?

        • midaevalmaiden Says:

          well, the tall man is an undertaker who is emptying the earth of corpses by turning them into minions and sending them to his planet. He is always chasing this one particular boy who is special for some reason and the boy fights him all the time with the aid of his friend the ice cream man. Its a 70’s movie. Theres some cool fight scenes in the marble halls of a mausoleum involvong the silver speres. Why I like this movie so much, I have no idea. I think its because I like the macabre. If you have netflix, you can watch it as a ‘play now’.

          • I’ll have to check it out again, haven’t seen it in forever, I do think I vaguely recall some man in a black suit… Ironically, I did picture “Despair” as a man in all Black, with a Black Cape and a Top Hat.

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