Captain Fire 197 – The Mission

It was Early Morning, and Jono had thrown a Briefing for their current Mission. Now this isn’t something that I thought I would have been invited to, but Jenna showed up early in my Cabin and let me know that I was coming. Captain Fire did not attend Jono’s Briefings.

“Thanks for coming Crew…” Jono gave me a strange look when I came in, probably wondering why I was there, but Jenna followed me in close behind, and so he knew.

“Captain Fire has a friend in the Noragon System whose son apparently took off… A young man by the name of Tamaron…” Suddenly a Picture of the Boy appeared on a screen behind Jono.

“Seems easy enough, what’s the big deal…” Tyo blabbed out. “He’s a Storen…” Jenna suddenly said. Jono looked over at her. “That’s right…” “What’s a Storen?” I suddenly spoke without thought, then covered my mouth. “A Storen’s a Doppleganger… A Shape Shifter…” A voice suddenly appeared from the doorway, and a young blond boy was standing there.

“This is my Younger Brother Wardon, Nisho…” “No wonder you didn’t tell me about her Sis, she’s a cutey”. Now this embarrassed me. “Wardon is our Ships Engineer… He is young, but he is very smart”.

“Can I continue with the Briefing Please…” Jono had become agitated with the disruptions. “Our job is to locate this boy on Kylod 7…” “That’s a busy place…” Spoke Tyo. “Yeah but we got Telepathic Girl, and her Pet Cook, so we should be alright” Mino spat out. Pet Cook, was she talking about me? “Storen’s can’t be Mind Read…” Jenna snapped back. “That’s right…” Jono continued. “And we have no idea what form he will be in… So get fed and rested, we’ll be at Kylod 7 in the morning. Dismissed”.

Pet Cook… This would not do. It was time that I made my presence here a bit more viable. But how.



PICTURE CREDITS  – Anime Boys, Green Haired Beauty



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