Captain Fire 197 – Kylod 7

We had arrived at Kylod 7 and I thought I’d try something different with my hair.

Ok so maybe this wasn’t the same as being Telepathic, or knowing Ninjitsu… But I’d rather be known for having cute hair, than being the Ships Cook. Jono was quick to gather every one up to begin our search of Kylod 7. He explained that Kylod 7 Is a Merchant Provence, and is very busy, much more than it’s Location’s Size allows for. So it is congested. Just as we were about to disembark from the 197, Jenna appeared wearing a terribly cute get up.

“Your hair looks very nice Nisho…” “Thank you Jenna…” I found for the first time Jenna’s appearance, and even her gentle demeanor started to bug me. It was probably just the girl, girl competitive thing, though I really had nothing to worry about, after all, Jono was her Brother. Jono? Why am I thinking like this.

“Lets move out people…” We made our way onto Kylod 7, and boy was Jono right, it was packed. I tried to stay close to Jenna, but it wasn’t easy. But every time I lost actual site of her, her hand would take mine and I would find those gentle eyes. “Stay close…” she’d say. Yes, it’s safe to say, even though Jenna is beautiful, I like her very much. After a couple hours or so we regrouped, and then the rest of them separated and continued their search. Jenna could see that I was tired, and not quite up to continuing, and suggested I rest. After grabbing a snack, and sitting for a while, I found a restroom where I thought I’d fuss with my hair. Because, yeah, that was important, right? And that’s when I saw her, in the reflection of the restroom mirror.

A young girl with blue hair, who had looked to position herself under a broken light, and so one might say she was hanging in the shadows… Listening to her music, and moving slightly in a swaying motion. Suddenly she caught me staring, and I looked away. “Care to listen?” she offered, as she held out her head set to me. “Uh…” was all I could come up with. “Really… Here… Take it” Not being able to think of a clever way out of it, and not wanting to offend her, I took the headset. The melody was a quiet one, but there was something very pretty about it, almost a hypnotic hymm. “What do you think?” I wasn’t quite sure how to reply, so I simply nodded, and gave the headset back to her. When suddenly Jono appeared, gun flaring, with several of the other crew. Jenna stepped forward. “You found him Nisho, good job…” Him? I thought to myself, and as I turned to the blue haired girl, she was the blue haired girl no more.

It was him… Tamaron… The Storen Boy. He had been shape shifted into the image of the Blue Haired girl. “Great, home again…” Tamaron spoke as Jono escorted him out. Jono gave me a nod, and half smile as he left. “You did good Nisho…” Jenna insisted as we headed back to the ship. But I didn’t do anything? Did I…



PICTURE CREDITS – White Haired Anime Girl, Werewolf Love Story (The Boys Pack),



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