Blade Runner – In Review

Blade Runner

Blade Runner in Review;

When I saw this as a kid, I was simply blown away. By this point, Harrison Ford was already my favorite Actor, right along side Sean Connery. Han Solo and Indiana Jones were to blame. This Film was simply Visually Stunning. Directed by Ridley Scott, The Director that brought you Alien the Original, and Gladiator, has an innate ability of creating a Captivating Atmosphere. An Atmosphere that brings you in.

The Story; Rick Deckard, a once Renowned Blade Runner (Hunter of Replicants, synthetic man made beings), is approached by the L.A. Police Department (Though the City very much has a Futuristic Tokyo Feeling to it) to kill 4 remaining Replicants who had recently escaped the planet that they worked on.

As the story slowly unwinds, it becomes apparent that the Replicants are seeking their maker to see if there is a way to extend their lives, for they only have a short time to live. As Deckard hunts these remaining Replicants, their sheer Humanness, and his own Empathy for their Plight, begins to tear him up on the inside.

And by the end he not only falls in love with a 5th Replicant (Who didn’t even know she was one), but finds himself saddened from the experience, and torment that the Leader Replicant is going through, just to hold on to this rare thing called Life.


Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) – Blade Runner. A suave, scruffy looking (To Steal from Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back), intense, warn out guy.

Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer); The Brilliant, Enigmatic Replicant Leader.

Pris (Daryl Hannah); The Athletic, Alluring Pleasure Replicant.

Rachael (Sean Young); Deckard’s Love Interest. Is She a Replicant? Watch and see.

Gaff (Edward James Olmos); Come on, you gotta see anything with him in it, right? His character is Slight, but Masterful.

Director; Ridley Scott creates such a Beautiful Tale of Woe, Suspense, and Anima in this film. He is simply one of my favorite Directors. Through Story, Cinematography, Music and Strong Actor’s, he is truly making his Mark in Movies and Film.

The Writer (‘s); Hampton Fancher (Screenplay), David Peoples (Screenplay, Writer of Ladyhawke and the Unforgiven) and Philip K. Dick (Based on his Novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?).

Overall Rating; AA+ Yes, a Double AA+. This is a Must See Sci-Fi Flick. Not to mention, the Visuals and Characters are Stunning.

4 Responses to “Blade Runner – In Review”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    Ive seen this, not only is it a good film, but I watch anything with Rutger Hauer in it. 🙂

  2. Ah yeah he was also great in Ladyhawke


    His Best Scene, Memorable Lines.

    Thanks for the Comment Mid


  3. Best director. EVER!

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