This is Dedicated to Ard, Anna and The Man Who thought he Knew Too Much…


From out of the Wreckage of a World Gone Wrong….

The Man Stumbled Forth

His Eyes Closed Tightly…

He Felt the Heat of the Torn and Worn Sky

Pressed Heavily Against His Once Thoughtful Brow

The Protective Blue Light of his Endless Soul…

Baring The Brunt of this Dystopia

As he Approached the Dark Rickety House on the Hill…

…He Knew He’d Never Return

And His Deep Black Boots Stomped all the Harder In The Knowing

AWAKEN!! The Voice Spoke, as His Eye’s Opened…

...Their Bright White Lights Gleamed Forth

And The Door Did Open Before Him

As He Entered The Empty Shell of a Home…

…His Now Future

He Thought He Heard The Last Robin Sing…

But Hope Was Not Enough… Not Now

The Door Quickly Shut Behind Him

As He Both Bowed and Kneeled

Suddenly the Greatest Thoughts And Pains of all

Shot Briskly Through His Minds Eye…

…And Enveloped Him

The House… Oh Indeed It Shook

And The World Too Around Him

He Stood Suddenly And Spoke The Words…

His Eyes Oh So Clear Blue Now

No More War… No More Pain

No Cruelty… No Distain…

His Words Like Smoke Seethed Outward

Until They Came, and Rose All Too Quickly

Filling The Home.. Conjuring The Light

And when he Finally Halted…

…The Walls Around Him Were No More

And All That Remained…

Were Green Fields… And Skies… And Waters… And Love… And Life


“I Only Wish I Could Have Stayed for a While…”

Were His Last Words…

And He Was Gone…

And All Was Good

Inspired By Ard’s #1 Song On HisΒ  Top 10 Songs Ludovico Einaudi – “Divenire”

Anna’s Something Wrong with Heart

And The Ramblings of a Man That Thought He Knew Too Much

Crafted by – DarkJade~

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9 Responses to “Utopia”

  1. That was like an orgasm for my eyes πŸ˜€

  2. lol, your Music really hit me last night, I appreciate it


  3. I’m very honoured to have had something dedicated to me πŸ™‚ This is also my first ever pingback, so thank you DarkJade!

    • You are very welcome Anna, like Ard’s List of Music, your Piece also Got to me Yesterday, and Inspiration does not come cheaply… So In that regard, as well the enjoyment, I appreciate your Efforts


  4. midaevalmaiden Says:

    This is Fantastic! I loved the anger which seethed with a force of will. and so is that song which Pete posted. Thank you Pete! For introducing me to a kick-but composer.

    @Jade weve got to get you more readers, man! Im starting to feel like a stalker. LoL πŸ˜›

    • Thanks Mid, isn’t he a Great Composer? I think I may have heard that song before, but like I told Pete on his Post, I intend to do more Research in regards to his music.

      I’m Glad you liked the Post. Aye, it cost him his life didn’t it. But it was worth it to him.

      Yah know, I get a lot more Views than I do Comments, not sure why, but oh well, I do not feel stalked, your insights, as well as Anna’s, have served me well. And when others do Comment, I truly love it. But I also Appreciate all the Views I’m getting, it’s very Motivating and Inspiring.


    • Hah well I’m definitely a reader of Jade’s, he’s an amazing composer, I can recommend songs you need to listen to as well. He certainly keeps me sane.

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