Dark Rider – Dragon’s Claw Tavern

It wasn’t too long before Largoth and the Dark Rider reached the Outskirts of Bas’adia, and the Acclaimed Dragon’s Claw Tavern…

In All it’s Warm Fire, Hot Food and Large Ale Glory. “I shall venture inside, get us a room, and check out the Local Clientele as it were…” spoke Largoth. “Aye…” the Dark Rider replied. “And I shall board Tribune and find the Blacksmith”. The two parted.

All seemed as it should be… The Dragon Claw was packed with the typical Weary Road Wanders. Largoth smiled slightly. They would fit right in. After a bit, the Dark Rider would arrive, Cloaked, and Newly Armed.

“How’s it looking…” he spoke to Largoth who had begun to look a bit tired, potentially Ale Induced. “All is well… We will find work… If not tonight, then in the morrow…”

Just then an Elven Mercenary Started to bellow at a drunken fool at the bar. “KEEP YOUR HANDS NOT ABOUT ME HUMAN, OR YOU WILL FIND YOUR PITIFUL LIFE AT A QUICK END BY THE HANDS OF MIRA!!Β  “Uh oh…” The Largoth spoke under his breath. And quickly the soothing comfort of the Inn became a Glass Shattering, Sword Handle Thumping, Blood Brew Tainted Roaring Brawl…

Twas to be expected…




Part One – Dark Rider

Part Two – Dark Rider – Return To Bas’adia

Part Four – Dark Rider – Corwick’s Wish

Part Five – Dark Rider – Ambush At Fallen Wood

Part Six – Dark Rider – Shores of Evalon

Part Seven – Dark Rider – Scarlet Bandit

Part Eight – Dark Rider – Enter the Drow (Dark Elves)

Part Nine – Dark Rider – Nowynhall

Part X – Dark Rider – Breached Alliance

Part XI – Dark Rider – Hunted

Part XII – Dark Rider – Certain Death

Part XIII – Dark Rider – Rumble at the Village of Mond

Part XIIII – Dark Rider – Moving On… Rodomor

Part XV – Dark Rider – Heroes Calling

Part XVI – Dark Rider – Winter Come

Part XVII – Dark Rider – The Northern Realms

7 Responses to “Dark Rider – Dragon’s Claw Tavern”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    I liked it, though your posts could easily be longer. I feel like a little duck eating one bread crumb at a time. πŸ™‚ Is she going to cut off a head as the female in the very first Heavy Metal movie did? Flesh this out.
    Some people may like short posts or prefer short comments. But opinions vary on the matter. I say write as you please. Like attracts like after all. right?

    • In reality, I intended on it being longer, in fact I had to change the name of the Post Due to the fact that I didn’t reach the part of the Storyline I Originally Intended. However, that said, the reason that it got shortened was/is basically because of the fact that the Pictures in this particular one took up a lot of space. Keep in mind I’m not a “Novelist” so to speak… Yes, as a young child I did begin a Novel, but in the more Recent Years I’ve Written Screenplay’s, and then began to Convert One of them into Comic Book Script. Also, I was Originally Pursuing Film, which is Largely a Visual Medium, Coupled with Writing. That said, I felt anymore on this particular page would be Over Kill. That Tavern Brawl Final Picture really gave me a sense of a Finale, partially to do with it’s Size once again. And I liked it. To me it was a finished Piece. Another Element is that this is a Blog Post Series, so I am keeping them a bit Piecemeal. Similar thoughts did pass through my head when I ended it though, the One Piece at a time thing is slow. The other part of it is, I run so many different things on this Blog, that my Fantasy Stories kind of swim in and out as I go.

      I appreciate your Input, and completely know where you are coming from. You are a Reader, I’ve never been much of a Reader sadly, which might be part of why I’ve leaned towards Film and/or Comic Books.

      Thanks Mid, glad you liked it… Hopefully more of the Actual Story will fit in, in one of the Future Pieces. You are definitely one of the Reasons that I’ve continued the Storyline, or rather turned a One Piece Story into an actual Blog Post Series.


      • midaevalmaiden Says:

        ah yes, it does take extra amount of work to add pictures and then get them to sit just where you want them. The comic connection did not occur to me till you said it. Next time I will look more closely at pictures knowing they will tell a story also on purpose.

        I might add, that I DID notice your girl picture in the sci-fi series had green hair after first meeting the crew and feeling bad about her circumstances. At the time I wasn’t sure if that was intentional or not. πŸ™‚ You didnt mention she cried in that post, but it was implied by the picture.

        p.s. (uploaded graphics on wordpress, work best at 72 DPI before uploading)

        • In Part One Captain Fire 197, she had Green Hair, and she does have Green Hair in general. In Part Two Captain Fire 197 – Beginnings I couldn’t find a good picture of her being sad, except for one where the Girl had Black Hair, which is why in Part Two I wrote that her Hair Indeed Turns Black When she Cries. Part One her Pic was intended to be sad, Part Two her Pic was intended to be her Crying. It’s of course all tricky, as I have to search for Random Pictures that can either Fit the Story, or I let the Pictures Influence the Story and Write around them, simply because of my Limitations of Appropriate Media.

          Thanks Mid – And you’re right, I’m very selective about the Pictures I choose, they our some 40% of the Story. Depending.


  2. dig you story — NEW FAN…

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