Play This While Reading…


The Man Sits…

His Hands Open In Front of him

Disbelief his Only Friend

He Looks to More

“Why God… Why…”

He Pleas…

Visions of the Night Before…

Visions of his Life Before

But there is No Light

But that of the Blood Red Stain Glass

Of the Cathedral in his Head…

He Places his Hands in his Face

Tears Lace His Palms…

Tears of a Man Whose Heart

Has Done the Unkind

The Unthinkable…

When Six Images Suddenly Appear

All Wearing Dark Red Robes…

Hoods Drawn

They Come to him…

They Come For Him

When No One Else Will

“Leave Me!!” He Screams

“Leave Me” He whispers

“But We Can’t…” They Say

“And You Know Why…”

I Wake Up…

Cold Sweat

Bright Eyes

Conscious Clear

And Yet I Bleed


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3 Responses to “Bleed”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    Wow! very well done! excellent use of pictures and lyrics.

  2. Thank You Mid… Hey I got out Another Page of Dark Rider, Dark Rider – Corwick’s Wish, which is what the previous was originally called.

    Maybe you already saw it.


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