Dark Rider – Corwick’s Wish

The Morning couldn’t have come soon enough… Mira was there, that meant there was more competition for Work than Largoth had forseen.

“I have lead you wrongly Dark Rider… The Work appears to be little, and the Mercenaries Plentiful…” The Dark Rider put his hand on Largoth’s shoulder “You Worry too much old friend”. Just then an Elven

Priest appeared. “You are the one they call Dark Rider?” Dark Rider looked first at Largoth, and then the Priest. “Yes?”

“I have need of your services… And your friend if you wish” “I wish…” Dark Rider replied. “You see this woman…”

“Uh… Yeah… I see her” the girl smiled at Dark Rider and Largoth. “She needs reach the Shores of Evalon as the third morning passes… It is Corwick’s Wish”.

“Corwick eh…” “The Girl’s Father” the Priest replied. “Alright… That wont be a problem” Dark Rider replied. “How much?” Largoth stepped forward. The Priest smirked, and handed Largoth a bag of gold “That should suffice…” Largoth looked to the Dark Rider, then back to the Priest. “Indeed… But why so lofty a sum?” The Dark Rider smacked Largroth on the arm “Let the man pay what he like…”. The Priest smirked again “Because of him…” the Priest pointed behind the Dark Rider where a huge Man Golem stood.

“GIVE ME THE GIRL HUMAN!!” the Golem demanded. “Right… Largoth get my Horse… And Grab one for yourself” spoke the Dark Rider… “I’ll deal with this” Largoth grabbed the girl, and took her with him to the stables. The Great Man Golem’s Eyes followed after. “Thank You Dark Rider, and Farewell…” the Priest spoke as he ran and disappeared into a nearby alleyway. “Grrr” Grunted the Man Golem.

“I can see you’re not much of a conversationalist…” the Dark Rider spoke to his Opponent. The Man Golem moved at the Dark Rider, but he was much too swift. As he avoided the blow, he drew forth his two swords and hit there sides against the Golems back throwing him off balance. The Man Golem made one more attempt at him, but was out maneuvered once more. “OTO SMASH LITTLE MAN!!” “Hmm… Being Six Foot Three, I can safely say I’ve never been called a “Little Man”” Suddenly Largroth appeared riding a tan horse, the girl was on Tribune. “RARRRGG!!” The Man Golem spewed as he charged once more, but the Dark Rider tripped the Golem, and used it’s back to mount Tribune. “Yah!!” he yelled, and the two horses fled. Atop a near by building The White Owl watched all, and quickly followed.




Part One – Dark Rider

Part Two – Dark Rider – Return To Bas’adia

Part Three – Dark Rider – Dragon’s Claw Tavern

Part Five – Dark Rider – Ambush At Fallen Wood

Part Six – Dark Rider – Shores of Evalon

Part Seven – Dark Rider – Scarlet Bandit

Part Eight – Dark Rider – Enter the Drow (Dark Elves)

Part Nine – Dark Rider – Nowynhall

Part X – Dark Rider – Breached Alliance

Part XI – Dark Rider – Hunted

Part XII – Dark Rider – Certain Death

Part XIII – Dark Rider – Rumble at the Village of Mond

Part XIIII – Dark Rider – Moving On… Rodomor

Part XV – Dark Rider – Heroes Calling


Part XVI – Dark Rider – Winter Come


Part XVII – Dark Rider – The Northern Realms


5 Responses to “Dark Rider – Corwick’s Wish”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    Ha! Ive taken to reading your stories last thing before I go off to sleep. That way they can weave themselves into my dreams. So yeah, I read this one last night but didn’t comment.
    I can’t forsee how this one will pan out, yet as it stands I find it’s humor hilarious and so likely.
    The best of the females in real life are always accompanied by hulking ignorant man golems.
    I laughed and laughed. It is good the Dark Rider kept his wits about him, they are surely as limber as his limbs.
    I enjoyed this and look forward to what new twists this adventurous trail will take. Keep writing!

  2. lol, it’s true, the Contrast between the Blinky Eyed Girl in this case, and the Behemoth in pursuit of her, is pretty hilarious. Aside from being a Writer, I freely admit that I was a Dungeon Master for several years, at two different times in my life. Growing up, I had heard that people played D & D, but was so shy, that I knew no one that actually played. Thusly, I didn’t play whilst still in Public School. Later, however, in my 20’s seeing as that there was no one Running Games that I knew, I decided the only way I’d ever play what I felt at the time to be the most Amazing Game on the Planet, was to Run the game myself. Talk about a Great Writing Exercise/Study of Characters, I would spend all of these hours creating Custom NPC’s, Castles, Dungeons, Maps, Custom Creatures, and had all of Gary Gygax’s Books to back me up. Keep in mind however, I found most of the D & D Players I came across being just as happy spending 70-80% of the Sessions Battling over Rules in the Books. This was not me. In fact, I didn’t even learn AD & D initially, I started with just the Regular Dungeons and & Dragon’s Books. For us “None” Readers, lol. However, I very rapidly weaved in the AD & D Rules as I went, because they were awesome. Anyway, my point being, it’s hard to say where this Story will go, Chances are I’ll run out of Internet Media/Pictures Etc. to support it, long before I’d ever run out of Characters or Stories to fill the pages. Ha

    Thanks for you Comments Mid


  3. midaevalmaiden Says:

    Aw this is fantasic news! I can realate to So much of what you just said. It amazes me how far a thing can go if only players would throw themselves wholeheartedly into the role.
    When I play… I AM the thief. I AM the character. Completely emersed into the story and cause.
    I toy with the idea of joining one of those, and sometimes of hosting too. But have never ‘yet’ done either. Had you been a dungeon master here localy, Ide be all over that. Always ready to don my soft boots and plung in dagger first.

    • Yes, I DM’d for 3 or 4 years in my Early Twenties, I also did some Theater (Though I was immensely shy) in my Teens, mostly Shakespeare. And then none of either until I hit my Late Twenties, got a Role in Hamlet (Small Role), and Measure for Measure and in those groups, a new Dungeon’s & Dragon’s Group was formed, and I was at it again.

      Love it, all of it


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