Captain Fire 197 – Growing Pains

Our Flight to the Noragon System would take a good 4 or 5 days, so I thought it might be a good time to get to know more about Jono. But not from the source, of course. First I tried Rud and Nef. I guess in their off time, Botany was their thing, and they had quite an extensive collection. I cut right to the point. “Soooo… Tell me about Jono” Nef said nothing, caught in the scent of his Ardenian Bloom. But Rud was most helpful.

He was the head of a Political Security Team for a while… He’s heavily, heavily trained in Weaponry, as well as Several Forms of Martial Arts…” “Hmm… Why did he leave?” “It’s debatable… Some said he killed a man, and didn’t like it… Some say he followed Jenna on her Crazy Notion to join Captain Fire’s Crusaders”. “Ah… Which do you think it is?” Suddenly Nef turned to me “Why?”. This caught me off guard. “Umm… I” just then Jono appeared.

“What’s up guys…” I quickly made my way out of the Botany Room, waving slightly in acknowledgement to Jono. “Hello Nisho…” I was gone. “Bye Nisho?”

I passed by Mino in the Hall…

“What are you up to Kid… Snooping” Mino said prodding at me. I smiled slightly, but kept on walking. I’d have to go to Jenna, she seemed the only one who… Well… She liked me. I entered Jenna’s Room, for she had told me that I could anytime. She was Folding Clothing, and had a Book on her Mantle, and some sort of Hot Beverage.

“Hello Nisho…” Jenna looked slightly sad for some reason, but I did not ask. It must not have been easy being able to read other people’s minds sometimes. “It’s ok if you ask…” she suddenly spoke. I kind of smirked “Sorry… I didn’t mean to Read You, I’m just not myself at the moment” she explained. “It’s ok…” I quickly replied. She’s the last person that should ever apologize for anything. “It’s the Storen Boy, Tamaron. He’s so unhappy” she said. “I see…” I replied. “Perhaps I could speak to him” I told her. Suddenly Jenna lit up “That would be Wonderful Nisho!” as she suddenly edged me out the door. “Ok…” I managed. “Oh and Nisho…” I turned to face her. “Jono’s not really my Brother… He’s just called himself that ever since his Family Adopted Me”. This stunned me.

Stumbling in thought I ventured to the room Tamaron was being held in. He was not in his true form. He was Blue Again, but this time he was Male.

He appeared to be laid out on a Reflective part of the Floor. “Hello Nisho…” He didn’t seem to be upset at me, which was nice. God knows I felt I was to blame for his capture. “Hello Tamaron. Why so blue?” it just came out of me, pun not intended. He smiled and looked at me, then transformed back to his true

form. “Is that better…” I smiled “Oh… It really doesn’t matter… I didn’t mean—” “I know Nisho” he replied. I sat down next to him. “So… Is it really that bad?” I asked. He was quiet for a moment, lost in thought, and then replied. “He’s not my Mother… My Father that is” “I see…” I replied. “But that’s not his fault… She left a long time ago… I don’t know where to. Away from him I guess”. “He must be a lonely man…” I suddenly said, this caught him off guard. “Lonely…” “Yes, his wife is gone, and his Son can’t stand him” with this he looked at me blankly. “You seem different today Nisho, what is it… You can tell me” I was quiet for a moment myself. “The Boy I like… There’s this other Girl–” “Jenna… She is beautiful” he spat out. I glanced at him with disdain, but only for a moment. “She’s also telepathic… And they have a history… And–” “You are also Beautiful Nisho” this caught me off guard. After all, wasn’t he a bit young to notice girls. Maybe there is no Too Young with Boys. “Thank You Tamaron”. He smiled. “I guess it’s time to grow up…”with this I got up to leave. “Talk to you later Tamaron…” “Goodbye Nisho” and I left. Time for a new Haircut.



PHOTO CREDITS – Anime I Manga, Anime Boys



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2 Responses to “Captain Fire 197 – Growing Pains”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    I like how so many things are in a state of flux. colors, gender, relations. Nishos hair gives us a tiny glimps of things to come and gathers up the things of past. nicely woven. I too felt my hopes dash as Nishos did when she heard the news. The mercenary assassins of the universe are always forever just out of reach it seems, yet so tantalizinlgy close. I am guessing NIsho and Tamaron will have some common ground?

    You are keeping me guessing. Like!

  2. lol, It’s true about those Mercenary Assassins. Sadly, Tamaron will be dropped off at the next Port… Or will he. Muhaha. After all, who says they won’t hit a dastardly Meteor Storm or some other sort of Space Anomaly along the way, and be forced to land in some Unknown/Unregistered Science Station sat in the middle of some God Forsaken “Seems To Be” deserted moon.

    After All, 4 to 5 days in space, can be an Eternity.

    Thanks for the Comments Mid


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