Something Wicked This Way Comes – Halloween

By The Pricking of my Thumb, Something Wicked This Way Comes…

Sadly, that was the Best Picture of a Jack O Lantern I could find… I like mine much better. When I would do Jack O Lanterns for Halloween it would look a bit more… Shall we say, Soul Hungry, lol. You know the type, Evil Grin, lots of Sharp Teeth. Also, I would put one of those Mexican Restaurant Candles Surrounded by Red Glass, inside, so the Light would Glow Red. It’s been a few years since I carved one I think. I have to admit I thought of doing this Post on Halloween as a way to Waylay myself from doing one on Christmas, lol. My Favorite Holiday. But it’s a bit early for that. Besides, Halloween is a Kick A#$! Holiday.

When I was Young my Brother and I lived with my Mom in a lovely Canyon Nook/Valley, and she would drive us around 2 or 3 Miles an Hour, and we’d sit on the Hood of her Big Chevy Nova. Our friends would sit in the Trunk of the Car, which was left wide open. On occasion one of our friends would have to sit inside the car with my Mom, because his parents wouldn’t permit him on the Car. But Mom was very very careful, and drove very slow. I remember this one house we’d go to that created a Maze that you’d go in that lead to a Jacuzzi that they’d turned into a Giant Cauldron, with Floating Rubber Heads in it etc., and the Owner of the House was Dressed Like a Witch stirring it.

Very Cool. I think they gave out Carmel Apples, something that went away on Halloween sadly, due to Sick People putting Razor Blades in them. Fricken just about Ruined Halloween for us. Yes there was the occasional Egger out there, but I don’t think I ever got hit. The other cool thing we’d do with our friends was when we’d get home with our Pillow Case full of Candy, we’d play Poker for Candy, lol.

My Favorites were Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers and Three Musketeers. I don’t care for Three Musketeers anymore, but I love love love Baby Ruths, lol. Sadly as Parents began to fear for their Children, Trick or Treating slowly Evolved to people going to Track Homes, as opposed to Remote Canyon Areas. And Beyond that, people started to go to Malls to Trick or Treat. This was beyond my Time, but I was still saddened by it.

But Beyond Trick or Treating and Candy, Halloween Largely means one thing… Monsters

Dracula for one. That Fly By Night, Blood Sucking, Woman Seducing Gentleman of the Night. Not to be confused with the Glittering Vampires of now

Though I do admit, I did like the very first “Twilight”. I don’t remember the 2nd, and I’m not sure if I saw the Third. But Pdy Pretty Much Covered that here Simple Observations – Vampires.

And Werewolves.

I remember this one time I went with my Girlfriend at the times Nieces School Halloween thing. I decided to throw on my Long Black Navy Pea Coat, and this Bitchen Silver/Grey Werewolf Mask. I walked around, 6″ Tall, looking down on all the Kids, my hands in my Pockets not making a sound. And if ever I noticed a particular Kid Glaring at me for more than say 5 Seconds, I’d quickly look at them and Growl, lol. Scared the Sh$#! out of em. All in the Spirit of Halloween Fun, right. Once again, not to be confused with the Buff Shirtless Werewolves of now

Pdy Covered that as well with Simple Observations – Werewolves

Then there’s


The Witch. Probably the most Famously Associated with Halloween. It reminds me of one of my Sister’s Impression of Witch Hazel from Bugs Bunny

She used to talk about “Paul… My Pet Tarantula”, a line from one with her in it, though I wasn’t able to find that actual Episode.

As Time went on Freddy

was often associated with Halloween and

Jason sadly. And Michael

Though the Original Halloween was quite scary. Think I’ll go ahead and remove those last three images from my Hard Drive right now. Ok, gone. And later…

Jack, from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”. I didn’t actually like that film when I first saw it in the Theater. But now I think it’s great. Part of that may be that it has a bit of Christmas in it, hee hee.

These days, I don’t really go to Halloween Party’s, though I’ve been to Several, and no Kids show up for Candy, though I always have a Full Bowl wherever I am. But I still think Halloween is a Great Holiday. The Spirit of it that I adopted as a youth, has never left me, and some part of me always hopes that a Kid or Three will show up at my Door.

Oh, I almost forgot my Favorite, Sleepy Hallow

If I forget to say it at the time, Happy Halloween.




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8 Responses to “Something Wicked This Way Comes – Halloween”

  1. Halloween has always been my favorite holiday as well….from waaaay back when I was little till today when I’m supposed to be all grown up and over such childish frivolities.

    But c’mon!! Free candy…. monsters…. and the chance to still play “dress up” as an adult and be silly without anyone thinking you’ve completely lost it. Well… Ok, Ok… most people won’t think you’ve lost it…. Heheeheh!! πŸ™‚

  2. Halloween is definitely a Great Holiday. To me being an “Adult” basically means being Responsible for yourself, and your Actions, it certainly doesn’t mean anything about Not Having Fun.

    Peter Pan right here.

    Thanks for your Comment Nek


    • Hehehe… in my late 30’s, Halloween is really the only time I ever get to play “dress up” anymore…. πŸ˜‰

      It’s definitely all about fun for me…. I’m obsessed by the idea of unleashing my inner child and coming up each year with a brand new persona just for the festivities. ( Well… that and trying to tease my sweetheart and friends into joining me in the fun every year….)

      I’ll be starting my own month long celebration in a few days…. πŸ˜‰

  3. Fantastic post, and thanks for menttioning me and my blog. I appreciate it. You did a great job of getting me into the Halloween spirit. I actually grew my own pumpkin this year, but it’s not too big. I hope it lasts until Halloween. Your story of you as a kid was great, and brought back my own memories. I like three musketeers, but my favorite candy is almond joys. I love the coconut with the almond. Thanks again, and keep up the good work.

    • No Problem, I like your Posts. And you kinda captured the Skinny on the Old and New Vampire and Werewolf thing, as it were. My Brother and I had a great Childhood, largely to do with Our Mom who was just the best. We hated School, but had great times together when we weren’t in school. Glad you liked the Post, and “Write On”, as it were.


  4. midaevalmaiden Says:

    Halloween was the only time I was allowed to eat candy to my hearts content πŸ™‚ Those old black and white horror movies would really scare me. Once I wouldnt even walk down a certain dark sidewalk to get candy because there was a motorcyle with a cover on it beside the path. I was SO sure Nosferatu would jump out from behind it and get me. πŸ™‚ But I was only a wee thing. Perhaps 7 or so. πŸ™‚

    • Naughty Nosferatu, lol. 7 and 8 were probably my Favorite Age. I wasn’t actually big on Candy in general, but I loved it at Halloween.

      Thanks for the Comment Mid


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