Dark Rider – Ambush At Fallen Wood

As the Dark Rider, Largoth and Corwick’s Daughter Dylia made there way into The Fallen Wood… All was cast with an uneasy quiet.

Even the White Owl flew Above the Wood itself. No good would be found here, and the sooner they got through it the better. Though The Dark Rider himself did not seem overly concerned, Largoth and Dylia seemed exceedingly alert.

“This place makes me uneasy…” spoke Largoth. Hearing this did not please Dylia. “Perhaps it’s time I armed myself” she spoke, stopped, and started to put on some Warrior Gear.

“How’s this…” Largoth looked at her and nodded. The Dark Rider was not as easily impressed. “Eh…” he replied. Dylia smiled “You don’t like a Woman that can defend herself, eh… Might put you out of the Hero Business”.  The Dark Rider did not dignify this with a reply.

As the Nighttime Fell Upon them, the Forest seemed to swallow them up. It was at this point that they came across the Elven Village of Nah. “We’d best move on, The Elves of Nah will not appreciate us being here” spoke Largoth. “Hmmph…” the Dark Rider replied. And so they kept moving. Near the midnight hour, they decided to stop and make camp, being they weren’t likely to make it out of Fallen Wood before morning, it was probably best that they traveled by day. Though it wasn’t much Lighter during the day. “I’ll take First Watch” Largoth spoke. “No, we’ll do only one watch, and then move on… I’ll take the watch, you get some sleep… Both of you”, and so Largoth and Dylia went to sleep as best they could.

It wasn’t until late into the Night that “whack!” a rock hit the Dark Rider on his shoulder from above and behind him. He was surprised to see an Elven Woman up in the trees.

Apparently she had tossed the stone at him to get his attention, as she motioned with her Bow off in the distance, indicating he should make his way over there… And quickly.

He did not hesitate. By now a solid Snow had Covered the ground.

As he made his way through the thicket of wood beyond, the Attack Came.

“TIME TO DIE LITTLE MAN!!” it was the Man Golem. The Dark Rider was quick to draw his swords. SWOOSHH!! the Golem Swung his Giant Axe. But the Dark Rider was much too Agile. “Back for another round, eh” the Dark Rider spat. “YOU WILL GIVE ME THE GIRL, THEN MAYBE OGO LET YOU LIVE!!” SWISHHH!! the Golem swung at him again. Suddenly several Arrows Struck the Golem, as the Elven Girl in the trees aided the Dark Rider. He looked up and nodded at her when– THUNKK!! the Golem shoulder first knocked him against a tree. “Ouch… Ok, that hurt” as he slumped to the ground. VOOMP VOOMP VOOMP!!! several more Arrows strike the Golem, and suddenly Lagroth and Dyria were there and stabing at him. “ARRGGHH!!” it howls as it attempts to gimp away, but the Dark Rider would have none of it, as he tossed both of his Blades into it’s back, and it fell dead. SCREECH!!! the Dark Rider looked back behind to the trees where the Elf had vanished, and the White Owl Toar away.




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5 Responses to “Dark Rider – Ambush At Fallen Wood”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    I like this post the best so far. The story line has depth to it. The character interactions draw me in with their dialog and reactions. The scenery makes it come alive. Dylia sounds like a shallow wench. It is good Dark Rider is not impressed, for I respect him more for it. You have fleshed this out more and it is looking all the better for it. I almost wish there were even more descriptors. For only then can a reader properly see the pictures. Descriptors are like a quiver full arrows. Though it only takes one well placed Thunk, to do the job, yet no one enters the fray with just one shaft.

    Hungry bird here…. lol…. more breadcrumbs please. 🙂

    • Thanks Mid. It’s true, Dylia is a bit of a spoiled Daughter to a Lord. Though she can wield a Sword, it takes more than that to impress the Dark Rider. I understand the concept of Descriptors, I haven’t heard the term before, but I know what you’re talking about. I’m glad you liked it, I am enjoying the Characters as well. Thanks again for your Input, compliments and comments, it’s appreciated.


      • midaevalmaiden Says:

        I hope I didnt sound as if I were telling you how to write. Apperantly, this post really struck home for me, as quite spontaneosly it inspired a post of my own. I also borrowed your use of sound effects. I never would have thought to write that way, otherwise. Thank Jade, for being you.

        • Nah, just take it as input and food for thought, you are a Reader so you are my Audience.

          Glad that it inspired you, we all need inspiration, your Dragon Painting is also inspiring

          I Probably use sound effects because of Writing Screenplays and Comic Script

          Thanks Mid


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