DarkJade – Faerie Light

If we shadows have offended, – (Shakespeare)

The man stepped out of the dark. But he was not alone. His dark hair, and long dark coat pulled over the contrasting white shirt below.

As he stepped towards the pool of light, which of course was the full moon cast upon the lakus, or lake, he seemed to be carefully concealing something in his right hand. As he neared the waters edge, he held this hand out, and open, starring at it’s contents with wonder through placid and brightly blue eyes.

The surrounding trees made for pleasant company in this otherwise lonely night. The sounds of the nearby crickets also did well to warm his spirit.

The little faerie statue he held in his open hand, was quite ornate… And longed to live. The air being brisk, he set his breath upon it…

Suddenly the statue flared into life… It’s colors a blend of white and greens as it sparkled.

Her wings, so fast, the human eye could not see, as she smiled at him. Into the cold night she tore, the tree branches seeming to pull towards her as she soared… And the moon rained a helpful confetti of light, all which brought the otherwise dark forest to life…

As he watched her join the stars, he knew that he had done a good thing… A noble thing.

But there were oh so many more to go… Oh so many.


7 Responses to “DarkJade – Faerie Light”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    I very much enjoyed the colors of this post. and also
    it’s silence.

  2. Thank You Mid


  3. Hello there,
    I like this charming tale very much. However, I find your frequent of capital letters for emphasis everwhere to be distracting. The frequency of the use of unexpected capitalization is so high I think the value of their use for emphasis is dimished by it. Would you consider reducing the frequency?

  4. I’m glad you liked it. Because I am a Visual Artist, as I originally pursued Film Making, I haven’t completely gotten used to words, and words alone projecting what I am Writing. Perhaps in time.


  5. I love the idea of a fairy statue coming to life, being set free. 🙂

  6. Yeah, so do I. It just came to me when the Piece came into mind.

    Thanks for the Comment Val


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