Japan – Compassion

This is Dedicated to Japan, and the Japanese, and all who have suffered through their Great Crisis…

~Japan – Compassion~

We Can Not Feel Your Pain

We Can Not Know Your Suffering

As I sat on the floor, by our Television Set, some 6+ Months after The Tsunami in Japan, I had brought a pad of paper to Write a New Poem… But on the Screen, watched by someone in my Home, is Footage of that Day in Japan.

A Boy who lived One Kilometer from the Ocean when the Tsunami hit, explains how his Father was the first to see the Black Waters coming. That they had felt the Earth Quake, but hadn’t even considered the possibility of a Tsunami hitting and reaching that far inland. There were no Warnings, as the Earthquake prior had knocked out all power. And so this Boys Father yelled for him to get upstairs… And he did, but before he knew it the water was up to his knees on the Second Floor, and somehow he managed to get on the Roof and survive. His Family did not.

It was at this point that my Focus Shifted, and I instead considered doing a Poem in regards to Compassion Towards Japan, the Japanese, and all that have been Painfully Affected.

Your People Are So Beautiful

Your Sadness So Great

How can we, who are so Far Away from you, even remotely hope to convey our Compassion for you, and your People.

Know This Brave People

You Are Loved

You Are Felt

Inside Each of Us

We Hold You High

We Grant You Hope

We Have Seen Your Beauty

We Have Felt Your Strength

I only hope that your Wounds Will Heal quickly, but I know that will not be the case. The Poem I was about to Write when I caught wind of this 6+ month later televised show, was Called Dream. But my Dream has changed… My Dream is for you, and yours, and all that have Lost, Suffered and Pained in Japan.

I Leave My Dream With You

Most Sincerely,


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7 Responses to “Japan – Compassion”

  1. Very moving, and I agree with you.
    I blogged about Japan some months ago, myself.

  2. Thank you Val


  3. Having lived through the disaster and its aftermath (not in the area, just in the country) I can safely say that Japan will pull through and come out stronger for it. Keep on fighting japan.



  5. […] from Earlier that year… And I turned from Writing one Piece I was working on, to this one Japan – Compassion… I’m not as Prideful of The Actual Writing, as I am The Content/Subject Matter… […]

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