I.D.O. Chapter Two – Mother No More

“I Died Once” – Writing Project

by DarkJade

CHAPTER TWO (Part One) – Mother No More

Slowly I brought my head out of the water, and peeked over the ridge of the pool. My dark blue eyes piercing through the darkness, into our living room inside.

Fred looked to be holding one of our ivory horse bookends. He sat it down, and grabbed my mother’s feet as she lay motionless on the floor.

The next things that happened became a bit of a blur, but I believe he wrapped her in her favorite African rug, a gift from my mysterious father.

He then made his way to my room, he looked to be holding a gun. I watched, frozen, in shock, and horror.

When he reached my room, he didn’t turn on my light. He simply fired three shots into my bed. We had no nearby neighbors, so no one was likely to hear the shots, or see the flashing of light through my window. No one but me.

After this, he went back to the living room, picked up my mother who was now wrapped in the African rug, and took her out the front door. I assume he put the body in the trunk of his car. He then drove off.

In a trance of a sort, I got out of the pool, grabbed my pajamas, and went inside the house. I hesitantly made my way into the living room, holding my pajamas in my arms. There was a small amount of blood on the floor, and I was dripping water.

I quickly made my way to my bedroom where my bedding and bed had been ripped up from the gun shots. I got some clothes on, sat down at my desk, wrote a short note and put it in an envelope. I then opened a wooden box, said to have been sent from my father from Africa. Inside of it I took out a scrap of paper with an address in Africa on it, I copied the address onto the envelope.

I then ran outside and put the note into the mail box.

After this, I went to Tommy’s home, he said I could stay with them well I waited.

And waited I did.

I simply told his parents that they were fumigating our estate, and I didn’t want to stay in a hotel with my mother and Fred, who was actually my step father.

What a shock it must have been for Fred, when the next morning he found that my body wasn’t there.

He favored himself a hunter, and so I would imagine the hunt was on.

Each day I would make my way to my mothers estate hiding in the bushes near the long half circle driveway. For the first few days, the Police would come, I avoided the days they would search for me.

How did he explain it, originally his plan might have been that my mother shot me, and then disappeared. But what now, my mother and I simply left town?

And what about my mother’s body. How can he place the body somewhere where they could find it and still hope for her inheritance, when I am still missing. If her money is what he’s after.

He must be very stressed right now, very stressed indeed. With this I smile slightly.

After a week or so of doing this, I had got into a bit of a routine. A simple breakfast with Tommy’s family, and when I say simple, I mean boxed cereal. Followed by a journey from their home to my mother’s estate, where I lay behind the bushes and watch Fred tear out of the driveway in his little silver convertible that my mother bought him last Valentines Day. Happy V-Day Fred. And then he’d return skidding into the long curved driveway, and rush inside the house.

Poor Betsy was let go at some point, I don’t think Fred wanted anyone else around.

And to be honest with you, Fred wasn’t all together that couth. At this point, I think he had become the main suspect, as detective’s came and went frequently.

To Be Continued in Chapter Two (Part Two)…




11 Responses to “I.D.O. Chapter Two – Mother No More”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:


    • Eh, blame my dad. He dropped by recently and was telling me that he thought I was at least as good of a Writer as some of these people that are selling books. I don’t see my Dad much. He left me two Mystery Detective kind of books. Not that this is necessarily a mystery, but it definitely sent my imagination in a different direction.

      I am Exploring

      Thanks for the Comment Mid


  2. This is so interesting DJ…am now hooked to this story lol I like the way you write and especially the way you use suspense,

    • Thank you Vee… I really like this Story, and The Character Mady very much… I hope you like the whole story, actually it heads into Africa, uh oh, I’m pretty vague in my Descriptions though so hopefully it’s alright.

      Thanks so much for the Feedback, and Compliments, I really do appreciate it


  3. The book is about a young guy who is screwed out of his inheritance. He goes to Africa broke and in specific to my home town Mombasa lol and he starts to build himself. Start his business and make money. His mission in life is to make a lot of money and he makes it in the most fascinating ways…fast. He is also on a mission to take back what belongs to him. He came from an extremely wealthy family but he is all alone. The story moves from and fro America, Africa, China…it’s a page turner…like seriously when you start reading you won’t stop.

    Out of Africa….that story too happened in Kenya. Somewhere near Nairobi…it’s a favorite tourist destination this is the camp area http://karenblixencamp.com/ and this is the original house http://www.karenblixencoffeegarden.com/index.html

    • Wow, that’s Awesome… Yeah, I Love The Director, the Music Composer, Robert Redford and Meryl Streep in that Film.

      Mind boggling Locations, and the Scene where he Takes her on a Flight in the Plane is my Favorite Scene… And the Music in that Scene is just Awesome.

      That book sounds quite interesting.


  4. Yeah, I remember that scene its really beautiful…it was so sad when he died and they buried him by the lions…that was painful to watch… Meryl Streep played her so well.

    I don’t want to talk much about the book. I might be tempted to narrate the whole story. If you can get the book. You need to read it. Like you usually say enuf said 🙂

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