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Captain Fire 197 – Sahnon Moon

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Wola!! The New Doo was Done.

Now hopefully Jono would like it.

As we made our way to the Noragon System and the departure of Tamaron, who I had begun to be rather attached to, the Star System around us began to be a bit “Rocky”, if you will.

“Captain, we’ve entered a Meteor Storm!!”

Rud and Nef Proclaimed to Captain Fire.

Captain Fire was not amused. “Stay on course, perhaps we will get through it before it gets any worse”.

Meanwhile down below the Planet Toro and it’s Moons were taking a hit.

I suppose I should feel bad at a time like this, as I still found myself wondering what Jono would think of my New Hairdo. When I saw Jenna in the Hallway “That’s very Nice Nisho…” But I was beginning to wonder if she ever said anything that wasn’t nice. So I continued down the Passageway towards where Tamaron was staying, and that’s when I ran into Jono…

“You’d best get back to your Cabin, and get fastened in Nisho… We’re in for a bumpy ride…” he continued down the hallway, then halted and turned back at me. “Did you do something to your hair?” “Gasp” was my reply. He then continued. I had absolutely no idea whether that was a compliment, or an insult. And truthfully, I didn’t really care. He looked my way. How pathetic I am.

“Captain this Storm is going to tear us apart…” Tyo interjected as Captain Fire dished out orders. “You’re right of course Tyo… Rud, Nef, bring us down on that furthest Moon… The Sahnon Moon… I believe there’s an Active Moon Base there, we should be able to find Refuge”.



PHOTO CREDITS – Space Pirate Captain Harlock, Werewolf Love Story (The Boys Pack)



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An Opus Of Light – TRON: Legacy In Review

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An Opus Of Light…


TRON: Legacy In Review;

As someone who actually saw the Original TRON in 1982, I can simply say this. Wow. And, Thank You. Talk about being Brought Back to where the first one left off. But for the sake of the people who never saw the Original TRON, let me give you a quick overview.

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges), Creator of Several Computer Games for a company called Encom, had his Ideas Stolen by a Man named Ed Dillinger (David Warner). At the Beginning of the Original TRON Flynn has created a Program called CLU (Also Played by Jeff Bridges), and he is trying to infiltrate Encom Computer System to find Proof that he was actually the Creator of these games. Also working for Encom (As a Side Note) is a Scientist that has Created a Device that can Change Matter into a Digital Form of itself. Though Dillinger is the one that Stole Credit for Flynn’s Game Designs, what’s truly in Charge of Encom is their Computer System itself. An Artificially Intelligent Master Control System, which is looking to Build up it’s Data Base in ways such as Penetrating the Pentagon’s Computers Etc., if I remember correctly. Basically Artificial Intelligence Gone Wrong. Even Dillinger is being Black Mailed into Submission by the Master Control. Our Final Element of the Story is a Programmer who works for Encom by the name of Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner). Alan has Created a Systems Security System called TRON, which is basically a Watch Dog Security System that is designed to keep an eye on the Master Control System. The Master Control determines that Flynn has infiltrated his System, and so cuts all Higher Access to Encom’s Computer System, including Flynn who has a Special Access, and Alan who has access so that he can finish his TRON Security Program, and Activate it. When Flynn finds out that his access is now denied, from Alan who out of frustration has contacted him, he flips. Fortunately for both men Alan is Dating Flynn’s Ex girlfriend, who has Access to Encom via her Position as Assistant to the Scientist who has Created the Matter to Digital Device. The three of them then enter Encom so Flynn can have direct access to The Master Control. In response The Master Control then, as a way to protect itself, turns the Matter to Digital Device on, directs it at Flynn, and wola, Flynn’s transported to the Digital World of Programs. In this world Programs take on the Physical Form of their Users (Program Writers), so when Flynn comes across TRON (Also Played by Bruce Boxleitner), Alan’s Security Program, it looks just like Alan.

In the end, Flynn and TRON are able to defeat the Master Control, and transport Flynn back to Human Form, where he then takes control of Encom. That is where the TRON First Film left off. Let’s Move On.



The Story; Our Story begins 7 years later, in 1989. Flynn is telling his young Son Sam about The Grid, basically the Digital World that he had entered. He tells him he’ll talk to him more next time, and is never seen again. He’s disappeared.

Our Story then moves 21 years later, 2010, where Sam is the major share holder of Encom, but other than that has nothing to do with the running of the company. Much to Alan’s dismay, as he is a member of the Board. Sam does however annually mess with the company, as a rebellious act towards Encom, potentially out of anger because of the loss of his Father.

Alan receives a Page (Yes he actually has a Pager, lol) from Flynn from his old Place of Residence, an upstairs room in an Arcade that he also owned. Alan tells Sam, and he checks it out. Sam is then hit with the Matter to Digital Beam, and is now in the Program World.

In this World, like the first film, Programs are either Reprogrammed for the Rulers Use, or thrown into “The Games”. The Games Consist of Disc Battles, and/or Light Cycle Combat. If you haven’t seen the First Film then let me just say, the Disc Battles, as well as Light Cycle Combat was cool and basically made the first TRON, and in this New Sequel is about 100 times cooler. Just see it.

I’ll take this moment to say the Program World is basically a World of Lights, Coupled by a Solid Musical Score Crafted by a Band called “Daft Punk”. When you watch this movie, turn down your Right Brain Senses of Logic Etc., and Heighten your Left Brain Senses of Art and Existential Beauty, and just Enjoy the ride.





Back to the Story. So after a Session of Games Sam is brought to the Now Leader of this Digital World. CLU. That’s right, CLU, the Program from the First Film that Flynn had Created to infiltrate Emcom.

Thusly, he looks just like Flynn, and at first, Sam thinks it is his Father. But he is far from.

CLU then does battle with Sam, but Sam is Freed from the Games by a girl named Quorra.

Played excellently by Olivia Wilde (Of House Fame). If you know anything about me, you know I like Strong Female Characters, and she does not disappoint. Quorra then leads Sam to his actual Father Flynn. That is as much of the Story as I’m going to say/tell, but if you love Visual Magnificence, and Dig Digital Trance Like Music, than this film is for you. Not to mention Exceptional Performances from Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hudland, Olivia Wilde, Bruce Boxleitner and Michael Sheen.


Kevin Flynn/CLU (Jeff Bridges) – As Both Kevin Flynn, and CLU. What can I say about Jeff Bridges, he is an Absolute Brilliant Actor. A Creature of his Craft. He is the Backbone of both the Original TRON, and this New One.

Sam Flynn (Garrett Hudland ) – Talk about a Tough Role, not only Playing The Son of Flynn the Lead Character in the first Film, but also having had Jeff Bridges play that Role, who is a Hard Act to Follow. Garrett does an Exceptional Job in a Role that basically could have Made or Broke this Film.

Quorra (Olivia Wilde); Like I said above, Quorra did an Excellent Job portraying a Creature of the Program World. Naive, yet Wise and Capable.

Zeus (Michael Sheen) –Michael Sheen is just an Extraordinary Actor, and his Portrayal as Zeus is Stunning. I knew of him from the “Underworld” Films, as Leader of the Lycans,

Lucian. If you haven’t seen “Underworld: Rise of the Lycans”, check it out. He’s reason enough. Though I do believe he’s in the Original “Underworld” as well.




Alan Bradley/TRON (Bruce Boxleightner) – Nothing like a Little Humility to an other wise World of Lights and Music. Bruce Brings a Humbleness to both the TRON Films in his Portrayal of Alan. And as TRON in the Original Film, he Shined.

Director; Joseph Konsinski had the unruly task of bringing forth a Sequel to a Film that was at it’s time Ahead of it’s Time. Perhaps that’s why the 28 Year Separation of the Two Films Worked. Steven Lisbergers  (Creator, Screenplay Writer, and Director of the Original TRON) Dream is Alive and well. Well done Joseph.

Writer (‘s); Edward Kitsis (Screenplay, Story), Adam Horowitz (Screenplay, Story), Brian Klugman (Story), Lee Sternthal (Story), Steven Lisberger (Characters, Creator of the Original TRON) and Bonnie Macbird (Characters, Co-Story of the Original TRON)

Overall Rating; A Solid A. Maybe you think I’m too Generous in My Ratings, but as a TRON Fan this Film hit the Mark. And as a Film Maker, it was a Visual Wonder. Enjoy/Check it out. P.S. The Bigger the Screen you see this on, the Better. But even a 9″ would be fine.



Something Wicked This Way Comes – Halloween

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By The Pricking of my Thumb, Something Wicked This Way Comes…

Sadly, that was the Best Picture of a Jack O Lantern I could find… I like mine much better. When I would do Jack O Lanterns for Halloween it would look a bit more… Shall we say, Soul Hungry, lol. You know the type, Evil Grin, lots of Sharp Teeth. Also, I would put one of those Mexican Restaurant Candles Surrounded by Red Glass, inside, so the Light would Glow Red. It’s been a few years since I carved one I think. I have to admit I thought of doing this Post on Halloween as a way to Waylay myself from doing one on Christmas, lol. My Favorite Holiday. But it’s a bit early for that. Besides, Halloween is a Kick A#$! Holiday.

When I was Young my Brother and I lived with my Mom in a lovely Canyon Nook/Valley, and she would drive us around 2 or 3 Miles an Hour, and we’d sit on the Hood of her Big Chevy Nova. Our friends would sit in the Trunk of the Car, which was left wide open. On occasion one of our friends would have to sit inside the car with my Mom, because his parents wouldn’t permit him on the Car. But Mom was very very careful, and drove very slow. I remember this one house we’d go to that created a Maze that you’d go in that lead to a Jacuzzi that they’d turned into a Giant Cauldron, with Floating Rubber Heads in it etc., and the Owner of the House was Dressed Like a Witch stirring it.

Very Cool. I think they gave out Carmel Apples, something that went away on Halloween sadly, due to Sick People putting Razor Blades in them. Fricken just about Ruined Halloween for us. Yes there was the occasional Egger out there, but I don’t think I ever got hit. The other cool thing we’d do with our friends was when we’d get home with our Pillow Case full of Candy, we’d play Poker for Candy, lol.

My Favorites were Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers and Three Musketeers. I don’t care for Three Musketeers anymore, but I love love love Baby Ruths, lol. Sadly as Parents began to fear for their Children, Trick or Treating slowly Evolved to people going to Track Homes, as opposed to Remote Canyon Areas. And Beyond that, people started to go to Malls to Trick or Treat. This was beyond my Time, but I was still saddened by it.

But Beyond Trick or Treating and Candy, Halloween Largely means one thing… Monsters

Dracula for one. That Fly By Night, Blood Sucking, Woman Seducing Gentleman of the Night. Not to be confused with the Glittering Vampires of now

Though I do admit, I did like the very first “Twilight”. I don’t remember the 2nd, and I’m not sure if I saw the Third. But Pdy Pretty Much Covered that here Simple Observations – Vampires.

And Werewolves.

I remember this one time I went with my Girlfriend at the times Nieces School Halloween thing. I decided to throw on my Long Black Navy Pea Coat, and this Bitchen Silver/Grey Werewolf Mask. I walked around, 6″ Tall, looking down on all the Kids, my hands in my Pockets not making a sound. And if ever I noticed a particular Kid Glaring at me for more than say 5 Seconds, I’d quickly look at them and Growl, lol. Scared the Sh$#! out of em. All in the Spirit of Halloween Fun, right. Once again, not to be confused with the Buff Shirtless Werewolves of now

Pdy Covered that as well with Simple Observations – Werewolves

Then there’s


The Witch. Probably the most Famously Associated with Halloween. It reminds me of one of my Sister’s Impression of Witch Hazel from Bugs Bunny

She used to talk about “Paul… My Pet Tarantula”, a line from one with her in it, though I wasn’t able to find that actual Episode.

As Time went on Freddy

was often associated with Halloween and

Jason sadly. And Michael

Though the Original Halloween was quite scary. Think I’ll go ahead and remove those last three images from my Hard Drive right now. Ok, gone. And later…

Jack, from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”. I didn’t actually like that film when I first saw it in the Theater. But now I think it’s great. Part of that may be that it has a bit of Christmas in it, hee hee.

These days, I don’t really go to Halloween Party’s, though I’ve been to Several, and no Kids show up for Candy, though I always have a Full Bowl wherever I am. But I still think Halloween is a Great Holiday. The Spirit of it that I adopted as a youth, has never left me, and some part of me always hopes that a Kid or Three will show up at my Door.

Oh, I almost forgot my Favorite, Sleepy Hallow

If I forget to say it at the time, Happy Halloween.




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Thor – In Review

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Thor in Review;

As Part of the Ramp Up for the Avengers Film Franchise Films, several of the Avenger Members are having Films of their own made, in order to Introduce, and supply a History, for the Future Avenger Audiences. That’s my take on it anyway, maybe it’s just a coincidence… Nahh. Well Thor went far beyond that. In the Spirit of True Fantasy Films, however unlike many of the 80’s Fantasy Films, the Budget allowed for this Film (Coupled with the Superb Screenplay, and the Enormous Material in which to draw upon) made Thor one of my 40 Favorite Films. 40th to be exact (See My Favorite Films List Here on my Movie Reviews – Favorite Films Page). But that list is not 100% accurate, and I have to tell you, I just had to add it immediately after I saw it, it may move its way up at some point. Thor is a Must See for all that Love Fantasy Films. The Scenes in Asgard alone, are tremendous.

Coupled with the Stellar Performances of Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Anthony Hopkins (Odin), Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and the Warriors Three Ray Stevenson (Volstagg) Josh Dallas (Fandral) and Tadannobu Asano (Hogun), it is frankly just a Solid Piece. Much Like the Thor Character Himself in the Comics, one who merely looks at a Picture of him might say, eh, A Norse Looking Dude with a Hammer, and a Winged Helmet. Big Deal, I like Superman.

There are no Pictures, nor Scenes from this Film that Can Do it Justice. You must Simply See it, you will not Regret it. What really shocked me was that they not only included The Warriors Three (I not only read some Thor, and a lot of Avengers, but I also read a Comic Trilogy specifically designated to The Warriors Three), but they were represented marvelously (No Pun Intended).

In these Three, along with Thor, a kind of Lord of The Rings Spirit of Brotherhood is captured, I was very impressed.

The Story; The Unruly Thor is Exiled to Earth, where his Father Odin (Played Excellently by Anthony Hopkins), hopes that he will perhaps learn a bit of Humility.

Stripped of all his God Like Powers, at first Thor does not exactly realize what’s happened to him. He learns quickly. Meanwhile in the background, the Mischievous Loki (Thor’s Brother Played Exceptionally well by Tom Hiddleston), is attempting to weave himself into Power in Asgard, Thor’s home.

Along the way Thor meets Jane Foster (Portrayed by Natalie Portman, not exactly a challenging Role, but she plays it well. Think Jodi Foster in Contact, the over enthusiastic/obsessive Scientist),

and Erik Selvig

(Played by Stellan Skarsgard, I love him he played Professor Gerald Lambeau in Good Will Hunting, as well as Cerdic in King Arthur). Probably didn’t know that was him, huh. He was awesome.

Time is running out quickly for Thor, as his Father falls ill in Asgard, and Loki aligns himself with King Laufey (King of the Frost Giants, portrayed very well by Colm Feore ).

I don’t want to give any more away, see it.

The Characters;

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) – I was familiar with this actor prior to Thor, as he played Kirks Father in the beginning of the Newest “Star Trek” Film. I noted him then, and thought he was an excellent choice for the role. He far exceeded my expectations, his representation of Thor is Solid, Right on the Mark (Being a Thor Fan prior to this film).

Odin (Anthony Hopkins) – Anthony Hopkins has been one of my Favorite Actors for years. Ever since “Silence of the Lamb”, he’s captivated me in such Solid Roles as Charles Morse in “The Edge”, and William Parish in “Meet Joe Black”. His Odin is Heart Felt, and very Solid, as was expected.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) – This Actor is nothing short of Marvelous (Once again, no Pun intended). I would watch this Film over and over again just to see him act.

Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) – As I mentioned above, not exactly a memorable role for Natalie, but often the “Girlfriends” of the Superhero’s aren’t. I’d have to say Margo Kitter as Lois Lane was probably the best. But I don’t think it was Natalie’s fault, didn’t seem like that interesting of a character, and she is so likable as an Actress, she held up her part of the Film perfectly.

Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) – Once again, not a very Challenging Role for an Actor that I simply love. His portrayal as Professor Gerald Lambeau in “Good Will Hunting”, coupled with his Role in “King Arthur” as Cerdic, were simply… I won’t use the M word again, let’s just say he’s quite good. And as with Natalie, he held up the Role fine.

Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) –  Just awesome.

Fandral (Josh Dallas) –  Loved him, opitimany of Swashbucking.

Hogun (Tadannobu Asano) – He was fine, not much of a role actually.

Sif (Jaimie Alexander) – Eh, she was ok. Kind of a Generic Woman Warrior, not a lot of Character. When I saw her I pictured the Casting Agent saying “Choose her, she looks cute with a sword”, so needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.

The Director; Kenneth Branagh. Come on, My Hat’s off to their choice for the Thor Director, why not grab the Director that knows Shakespeare Front and Back, with such Films as “Hamlet”, and “As You Like It”. After all, Thor is about as Shakespearian as Marvel gets.

The Writer (‘s); Ashley Miller (Screenplay, also Co-Wrote X-Men: First Class), Zach Stentz (Screenplay, he Co-Wrote the Screenplay for X-Men: First Class), Don Payne (Screenplay, Co-Wrote Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer), J. Michael Straczynski (Story, also Wrote the Screenplay for Ninja Assassin) and Mark Protsevich (Story, also Co-Wrote the Screenplay for I Am Legend). Wow, that’s a lot of Writers, and it shows in a good way.

Overall Rating; A. Gotta see this if you like Fantasy Story lines, not just Superheroes.


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Hearts Beating

Breath Catching

Lights Dim

Warm Breaths

Hair Dark… Soft… Light

Hands Crossed

Hands Clutching

Movement… Slow

Pull… In…

Fair Skinned

Eyes Light

Eyes Darken

To Know Love

To Be Loved

Planes Shifting

Planes Shifted

Hold Tightly

Breath In

Mornings Light






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DarkJade Presents – The Unusual Ones

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Weird By Any Other Name, Sounds Just As Sweet…

Shirley Manson – Garbage – You Look So Fine

I’m the first to say some of the “Oddest” Musicians, are some of the Sexiest and Coolest

David Bowie – Let’s Dance

No One Odder… No One Cooler

The Guy has such a great Voice, I always felt if he had someone else Write his Music, he’d be unbelievable… But this song is one of the Exceptions, just Close yours and Listen to it

Robert Smith – The Cure – Pictures of You

One of my all time Favorite Cure Songs. There Music was Exceptional, and There Singer, well lets just say if Eye Liner was Candy, this Guy would have some Rotten Teeth, lol

Freddy Mercury – Queen – We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions

Ok, maybe there’s one guy that’s Odder than Bowie… The King or Queen as it were of More Than Rock N Roll, Freddy Mercury… His Voice is simply My Favorite of all Time… God Bless yah man, you F#@#’n Rule!

Lets Go Ahead and End This on Someone Whose Not Known as a Musician, but Still Found His Weird/Great/Cool Place in Musical History

Tim Curry – Rocky Horror Picture Show – Sweet Transvestite

Tim Curry’s Defining Moment, the guy is Just Awesome

Thanks For Chillen for a bit, have a Great Weekend


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Captain Fire 197 – Growing Pains

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Our Flight to the Noragon System would take a good 4 or 5 days, so I thought it might be a good time to get to know more about Jono. But not from the source, of course. First I tried Rud and Nef. I guess in their off time, Botany was their thing, and they had quite an extensive collection. I cut right to the point. “Soooo… Tell me about Jono” Nef said nothing, caught in the scent of his Ardenian Bloom. But Rud was most helpful.

He was the head of a Political Security Team for a while… He’s heavily, heavily trained in Weaponry, as well as Several Forms of Martial Arts…” “Hmm… Why did he leave?” “It’s debatable… Some said he killed a man, and didn’t like it… Some say he followed Jenna on her Crazy Notion to join Captain Fire’s Crusaders”. “Ah… Which do you think it is?” Suddenly Nef turned to me “Why?”. This caught me off guard. “Umm… I” just then Jono appeared.

“What’s up guys…” I quickly made my way out of the Botany Room, waving slightly in acknowledgement to Jono. “Hello Nisho…” I was gone. “Bye Nisho?”

I passed by Mino in the Hall…

“What are you up to Kid… Snooping” Mino said prodding at me. I smiled slightly, but kept on walking. I’d have to go to Jenna, she seemed the only one who… Well… She liked me. I entered Jenna’s Room, for she had told me that I could anytime. She was Folding Clothing, and had a Book on her Mantle, and some sort of Hot Beverage.

“Hello Nisho…” Jenna looked slightly sad for some reason, but I did not ask. It must not have been easy being able to read other people’s minds sometimes. “It’s ok if you ask…” she suddenly spoke. I kind of smirked “Sorry… I didn’t mean to Read You, I’m just not myself at the moment” she explained. “It’s ok…” I quickly replied. She’s the last person that should ever apologize for anything. “It’s the Storen Boy, Tamaron. He’s so unhappy” she said. “I see…” I replied. “Perhaps I could speak to him” I told her. Suddenly Jenna lit up “That would be Wonderful Nisho!” as she suddenly edged me out the door. “Ok…” I managed. “Oh and Nisho…” I turned to face her. “Jono’s not really my Brother… He’s just called himself that ever since his Family Adopted Me”. This stunned me.

Stumbling in thought I ventured to the room Tamaron was being held in. He was not in his true form. He was Blue Again, but this time he was Male.

He appeared to be laid out on a Reflective part of the Floor. “Hello Nisho…” He didn’t seem to be upset at me, which was nice. God knows I felt I was to blame for his capture. “Hello Tamaron. Why so blue?” it just came out of me, pun not intended. He smiled and looked at me, then transformed back to his true

form. “Is that better…” I smiled “Oh… It really doesn’t matter… I didn’t mean—” “I know Nisho” he replied. I sat down next to him. “So… Is it really that bad?” I asked. He was quiet for a moment, lost in thought, and then replied. “He’s not my Mother… My Father that is” “I see…” I replied. “But that’s not his fault… She left a long time ago… I don’t know where to. Away from him I guess”. “He must be a lonely man…” I suddenly said, this caught him off guard. “Lonely…” “Yes, his wife is gone, and his Son can’t stand him” with this he looked at me blankly. “You seem different today Nisho, what is it… You can tell me” I was quiet for a moment myself. “The Boy I like… There’s this other Girl–” “Jenna… She is beautiful” he spat out. I glanced at him with disdain, but only for a moment. “She’s also telepathic… And they have a history… And–” “You are also Beautiful Nisho” this caught me off guard. After all, wasn’t he a bit young to notice girls. Maybe there is no Too Young with Boys. “Thank You Tamaron”. He smiled. “I guess it’s time to grow up…”with this I got up to leave. “Talk to you later Tamaron…” “Goodbye Nisho” and I left. Time for a new Haircut.



PHOTO CREDITS – Anime I Manga, Anime Boys



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