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Thor – In Review

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Thor in Review;

As Part of the Ramp Up for the Avengers Film Franchise Films, several of the Avenger Members are having Films of their own made, in order to Introduce, and supply a History, for the Future Avenger Audiences. That’s my take on it anyway, maybe it’s just a coincidence… Nahh. Well Thor went far beyond that. In the Spirit of True Fantasy Films, however unlike many of the 80’s Fantasy Films, the Budget allowed for this Film (Coupled with the Superb Screenplay, and the Enormous Material in which to draw upon) made Thor one of my 40 Favorite Films. 40th to be exact (See My Favorite Films List Here on my Movie Reviews – Favorite Films Page). But that list is not 100% accurate, and I have to tell you, I just had to add it immediately after I saw it, it may move its way up at some point. Thor is a Must See for all that Love Fantasy Films. The Scenes in Asgard alone, are tremendous.

Coupled with the Stellar Performances of Chris Hemsworth (Thor), Anthony Hopkins (Odin), Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and the Warriors Three Ray Stevenson (Volstagg) Josh Dallas (Fandral) and Tadannobu Asano (Hogun), it is frankly just a Solid Piece. Much Like the Thor Character Himself in the Comics, one who merely looks at a Picture of him might say, eh, A Norse Looking Dude with a Hammer, and a Winged Helmet. Big Deal, I like Superman.

There are no Pictures, nor Scenes from this Film that Can Do it Justice. You must Simply See it, you will not Regret it. What really shocked me was that they not only included The Warriors Three (I not only read some Thor, and a lot of Avengers, but I also read a Comic Trilogy specifically designated to The Warriors Three), but they were represented marvelously (No Pun Intended).

In these Three, along with Thor, a kind of Lord of The Rings Spirit of Brotherhood is captured, I was very impressed.

The Story; The Unruly Thor is Exiled to Earth, where his Father Odin (Played Excellently by Anthony Hopkins), hopes that he will perhaps learn a bit of Humility.

Stripped of all his God Like Powers, at first Thor does not exactly realize what’s happened to him. He learns quickly. Meanwhile in the background, the Mischievous Loki (Thor’s Brother Played Exceptionally well by Tom Hiddleston), is attempting to weave himself into Power in Asgard, Thor’s home.

Along the way Thor meets Jane Foster (Portrayed by Natalie Portman, not exactly a challenging Role, but she plays it well. Think Jodi Foster in Contact, the over enthusiastic/obsessive Scientist),

and Erik Selvig

(Played by Stellan Skarsgard, I love him he played Professor Gerald Lambeau in Good Will Hunting, as well as Cerdic in King Arthur). Probably didn’t know that was him, huh. He was awesome.

Time is running out quickly for Thor, as his Father falls ill in Asgard, and Loki aligns himself with King Laufey (King of the Frost Giants, portrayed very well by Colm Feore ).

I don’t want to give any more away, see it.

The Characters;

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) – I was familiar with this actor prior to Thor, as he played Kirks Father in the beginning of the Newest “Star Trek” Film. I noted him then, and thought he was an excellent choice for the role. He far exceeded my expectations, his representation of Thor is Solid, Right on the Mark (Being a Thor Fan prior to this film).

Odin (Anthony Hopkins) – Anthony Hopkins has been one of my Favorite Actors for years. Ever since “Silence of the Lamb”, he’s captivated me in such Solid Roles as Charles Morse in “The Edge”, and William Parish in “Meet Joe Black”. His Odin is Heart Felt, and very Solid, as was expected.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) – This Actor is nothing short of Marvelous (Once again, no Pun intended). I would watch this Film over and over again just to see him act.

Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) – As I mentioned above, not exactly a memorable role for Natalie, but often the “Girlfriends” of the Superhero’s aren’t. I’d have to say Margo Kitter as Lois Lane was probably the best. But I don’t think it was Natalie’s fault, didn’t seem like that interesting of a character, and she is so likable as an Actress, she held up her part of the Film perfectly.

Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) – Once again, not a very Challenging Role for an Actor that I simply love. His portrayal as Professor Gerald Lambeau in “Good Will Hunting”, coupled with his Role in “King Arthur” as Cerdic, were simply… I won’t use the M word again, let’s just say he’s quite good. And as with Natalie, he held up the Role fine.

Volstagg (Ray Stevenson) –  Just awesome.

Fandral (Josh Dallas) –  Loved him, opitimany of Swashbucking.

Hogun (Tadannobu Asano) – He was fine, not much of a role actually.

Sif (Jaimie Alexander) – Eh, she was ok. Kind of a Generic Woman Warrior, not a lot of Character. When I saw her I pictured the Casting Agent saying “Choose her, she looks cute with a sword”, so needless to say, I wasn’t impressed.

The Director; Kenneth Branagh. Come on, My Hat’s off to their choice for the Thor Director, why not grab the Director that knows Shakespeare Front and Back, with such Films as “Hamlet”, and “As You Like It”. After all, Thor is about as Shakespearian as Marvel gets.

The Writer (‘s); Ashley Miller (Screenplay, also Co-Wrote X-Men: First Class), Zach Stentz (Screenplay, he Co-Wrote the Screenplay for X-Men: First Class), Don Payne (Screenplay, Co-Wrote Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer), J. Michael Straczynski (Story, also Wrote the Screenplay for Ninja Assassin) and Mark Protsevich (Story, also Co-Wrote the Screenplay for I Am Legend). Wow, that’s a lot of Writers, and it shows in a good way.

Overall Rating; A. Gotta see this if you like Fantasy Story lines, not just Superheroes.


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Hearts Beating

Breath Catching

Lights Dim

Warm Breaths

Hair Dark… Soft… Light

Hands Crossed

Hands Clutching

Movement… Slow

Pull… In…

Fair Skinned

Eyes Light

Eyes Darken

To Know Love

To Be Loved

Planes Shifting

Planes Shifted

Hold Tightly

Breath In

Mornings Light






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DarkJade Presents – The Unusual Ones

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Weird By Any Other Name, Sounds Just As Sweet…

Shirley Manson – Garbage – You Look So Fine

I’m the first to say some of the “Oddest” Musicians, are some of the Sexiest and Coolest

David Bowie – Let’s Dance

No One Odder… No One Cooler

The Guy has such a great Voice, I always felt if he had someone else Write his Music, he’d be unbelievable… But this song is one of the Exceptions, just Close yours and Listen to it

Robert Smith – The Cure – Pictures of You

One of my all time Favorite Cure Songs. There Music was Exceptional, and There Singer, well lets just say if Eye Liner was Candy, this Guy would have some Rotten Teeth, lol

Freddy Mercury – Queen – We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions

Ok, maybe there’s one guy that’s Odder than Bowie… The King or Queen as it were of More Than Rock N Roll, Freddy Mercury… His Voice is simply My Favorite of all Time… God Bless yah man, you F#@#’n Rule!

Lets Go Ahead and End This on Someone Whose Not Known as a Musician, but Still Found His Weird/Great/Cool Place in Musical History

Tim Curry – Rocky Horror Picture Show – Sweet Transvestite

Tim Curry’s Defining Moment, the guy is Just Awesome

Thanks For Chillen for a bit, have a Great Weekend


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Captain Fire 197 – Growing Pains

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Our Flight to the Noragon System would take a good 4 or 5 days, so I thought it might be a good time to get to know more about Jono. But not from the source, of course. First I tried Rud and Nef. I guess in their off time, Botany was their thing, and they had quite an extensive collection. I cut right to the point. “Soooo… Tell me about Jono” Nef said nothing, caught in the scent of his Ardenian Bloom. But Rud was most helpful.

He was the head of a Political Security Team for a while… He’s heavily, heavily trained in Weaponry, as well as Several Forms of Martial Arts…” “Hmm… Why did he leave?” “It’s debatable… Some said he killed a man, and didn’t like it… Some say he followed Jenna on her Crazy Notion to join Captain Fire’s Crusaders”. “Ah… Which do you think it is?” Suddenly Nef turned to me “Why?”. This caught me off guard. “Umm… I” just then Jono appeared.

“What’s up guys…” I quickly made my way out of the Botany Room, waving slightly in acknowledgement to Jono. “Hello Nisho…” I was gone. “Bye Nisho?”

I passed by Mino in the Hall…

“What are you up to Kid… Snooping” Mino said prodding at me. I smiled slightly, but kept on walking. I’d have to go to Jenna, she seemed the only one who… Well… She liked me. I entered Jenna’s Room, for she had told me that I could anytime. She was Folding Clothing, and had a Book on her Mantle, and some sort of Hot Beverage.

“Hello Nisho…” Jenna looked slightly sad for some reason, but I did not ask. It must not have been easy being able to read other people’s minds sometimes. “It’s ok if you ask…” she suddenly spoke. I kind of smirked “Sorry… I didn’t mean to Read You, I’m just not myself at the moment” she explained. “It’s ok…” I quickly replied. She’s the last person that should ever apologize for anything. “It’s the Storen Boy, Tamaron. He’s so unhappy” she said. “I see…” I replied. “Perhaps I could speak to him” I told her. Suddenly Jenna lit up “That would be Wonderful Nisho!” as she suddenly edged me out the door. “Ok…” I managed. “Oh and Nisho…” I turned to face her. “Jono’s not really my Brother… He’s just called himself that ever since his Family Adopted Me”. This stunned me.

Stumbling in thought I ventured to the room Tamaron was being held in. He was not in his true form. He was Blue Again, but this time he was Male.

He appeared to be laid out on a Reflective part of the Floor. “Hello Nisho…” He didn’t seem to be upset at me, which was nice. God knows I felt I was to blame for his capture. “Hello Tamaron. Why so blue?” it just came out of me, pun not intended. He smiled and looked at me, then transformed back to his true

form. “Is that better…” I smiled “Oh… It really doesn’t matter… I didn’t mean—” “I know Nisho” he replied. I sat down next to him. “So… Is it really that bad?” I asked. He was quiet for a moment, lost in thought, and then replied. “He’s not my Mother… My Father that is” “I see…” I replied. “But that’s not his fault… She left a long time ago… I don’t know where to. Away from him I guess”. “He must be a lonely man…” I suddenly said, this caught him off guard. “Lonely…” “Yes, his wife is gone, and his Son can’t stand him” with this he looked at me blankly. “You seem different today Nisho, what is it… You can tell me” I was quiet for a moment myself. “The Boy I like… There’s this other Girl–” “Jenna… She is beautiful” he spat out. I glanced at him with disdain, but only for a moment. “She’s also telepathic… And they have a history… And–” “You are also Beautiful Nisho” this caught me off guard. After all, wasn’t he a bit young to notice girls. Maybe there is no Too Young with Boys. “Thank You Tamaron”. He smiled. “I guess it’s time to grow up…”with this I got up to leave. “Talk to you later Tamaron…” “Goodbye Nisho” and I left. Time for a new Haircut.



PHOTO CREDITS – Anime I Manga, Anime Boys



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Play This While Reading…


The Man Sits…

His Hands Open In Front of him

Disbelief his Only Friend

He Looks to More

“Why God… Why…”

He Pleas…

Visions of the Night Before…

Visions of his Life Before

But there is No Light

But that of the Blood Red Stain Glass

Of the Cathedral in his Head…

He Places his Hands in his Face

Tears Lace His Palms…

Tears of a Man Whose Heart

Has Done the Unkind

The Unthinkable…

When Six Images Suddenly Appear

All Wearing Dark Red Robes…

Hoods Drawn

They Come to him…

They Come For Him

When No One Else Will

“Leave Me!!” He Screams

“Leave Me” He whispers

“But We Can’t…” They Say

“And You Know Why…”

I Wake Up…

Cold Sweat

Bright Eyes

Conscious Clear

And Yet I Bleed


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Dark Rider – Corwick’s Wish

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The Morning couldn’t have come soon enough… Mira was there, that meant there was more competition for Work than Largoth had forseen.

“I have lead you wrongly Dark Rider… The Work appears to be little, and the Mercenaries Plentiful…” The Dark Rider put his hand on Largoth’s shoulder “You Worry too much old friend”. Just then an Elven

Priest appeared. “You are the one they call Dark Rider?” Dark Rider looked first at Largoth, and then the Priest. “Yes?”

“I have need of your services… And your friend if you wish” “I wish…” Dark Rider replied. “You see this woman…”

“Uh… Yeah… I see her” the girl smiled at Dark Rider and Largoth. “She needs reach the Shores of Evalon as the third morning passes… It is Corwick’s Wish”.

“Corwick eh…” “The Girl’s Father” the Priest replied. “Alright… That wont be a problem” Dark Rider replied. “How much?” Largoth stepped forward. The Priest smirked, and handed Largoth a bag of gold “That should suffice…” Largoth looked to the Dark Rider, then back to the Priest. “Indeed… But why so lofty a sum?” The Dark Rider smacked Largroth on the arm “Let the man pay what he like…”. The Priest smirked again “Because of him…” the Priest pointed behind the Dark Rider where a huge Man Golem stood.

“GIVE ME THE GIRL HUMAN!!” the Golem demanded. “Right… Largoth get my Horse… And Grab one for yourself” spoke the Dark Rider… “I’ll deal with this” Largoth grabbed the girl, and took her with him to the stables. The Great Man Golem’s Eyes followed after. “Thank You Dark Rider, and Farewell…” the Priest spoke as he ran and disappeared into a nearby alleyway. “Grrr” Grunted the Man Golem.

“I can see you’re not much of a conversationalist…” the Dark Rider spoke to his Opponent. The Man Golem moved at the Dark Rider, but he was much too swift. As he avoided the blow, he drew forth his two swords and hit there sides against the Golems back throwing him off balance. The Man Golem made one more attempt at him, but was out maneuvered once more. “OTO SMASH LITTLE MAN!!” “Hmm… Being Six Foot Three, I can safely say I’ve never been called a “Little Man”” Suddenly Largroth appeared riding a tan horse, the girl was on Tribune. “RARRRGG!!” The Man Golem spewed as he charged once more, but the Dark Rider tripped the Golem, and used it’s back to mount Tribune. “Yah!!” he yelled, and the two horses fled. Atop a near by building The White Owl watched all, and quickly followed.




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Dark Rider – Dragon’s Claw Tavern

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It wasn’t too long before Largoth and the Dark Rider reached the Outskirts of Bas’adia, and the Acclaimed Dragon’s Claw Tavern…

In All it’s Warm Fire, Hot Food and Large Ale Glory. “I shall venture inside, get us a room, and check out the Local Clientele as it were…” spoke Largoth. “Aye…” the Dark Rider replied. “And I shall board Tribune and find the Blacksmith”. The two parted.

All seemed as it should be… The Dragon Claw was packed with the typical Weary Road Wanders. Largoth smiled slightly. They would fit right in. After a bit, the Dark Rider would arrive, Cloaked, and Newly Armed.

“How’s it looking…” he spoke to Largoth who had begun to look a bit tired, potentially Ale Induced. “All is well… We will find work… If not tonight, then in the morrow…”

Just then an Elven Mercenary Started to bellow at a drunken fool at the bar. “KEEP YOUR HANDS NOT ABOUT ME HUMAN, OR YOU WILL FIND YOUR PITIFUL LIFE AT A QUICK END BY THE HANDS OF MIRA!!  “Uh oh…” The Largoth spoke under his breath. And quickly the soothing comfort of the Inn became a Glass Shattering, Sword Handle Thumping, Blood Brew Tainted Roaring Brawl…

Twas to be expected…




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This is Dedicated to Ard, Anna and The Man Who thought he Knew Too Much…


From out of the Wreckage of a World Gone Wrong….

The Man Stumbled Forth

His Eyes Closed Tightly…

He Felt the Heat of the Torn and Worn Sky

Pressed Heavily Against His Once Thoughtful Brow

The Protective Blue Light of his Endless Soul…

Baring The Brunt of this Dystopia

As he Approached the Dark Rickety House on the Hill…

…He Knew He’d Never Return

And His Deep Black Boots Stomped all the Harder In The Knowing

AWAKEN!! The Voice Spoke, as His Eye’s Opened…

...Their Bright White Lights Gleamed Forth

And The Door Did Open Before Him

As He Entered The Empty Shell of a Home…

…His Now Future

He Thought He Heard The Last Robin Sing…

But Hope Was Not Enough… Not Now

The Door Quickly Shut Behind Him

As He Both Bowed and Kneeled

Suddenly the Greatest Thoughts And Pains of all

Shot Briskly Through His Minds Eye…

…And Enveloped Him

The House… Oh Indeed It Shook

And The World Too Around Him

He Stood Suddenly And Spoke The Words…

His Eyes Oh So Clear Blue Now

No More War… No More Pain

No Cruelty… No Distain…

His Words Like Smoke Seethed Outward

Until They Came, and Rose All Too Quickly

Filling The Home.. Conjuring The Light

And when he Finally Halted…

…The Walls Around Him Were No More

And All That Remained…

Were Green Fields… And Skies… And Waters… And Love… And Life


“I Only Wish I Could Have Stayed for a While…”

Were His Last Words…

And He Was Gone…

And All Was Good

Inspired By Ard’s #1 Song On His  Top 10 Songs Ludovico Einaudi – “Divenire”

Anna’s Something Wrong with Heart

And The Ramblings of a Man That Thought He Knew Too Much

Crafted by – DarkJade~

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Dark Rider – Return To Bas’adia

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…after a Long Walk Down the side of the Mountain, the White Owl following close behind,

The Dark Rider would not return to his his Village… And he would not retrieve his Ebon Blade.

The Rendolyn Elf had given him back his life, and so the life he knew before was no more. He would seek out a Purpose, A Cause, a Meaning to his existence. In other words, he had absolutely no idea what he was going to do, nor where his Life Path would Lead him.

“You look tired… Old friend” A familiar voice came to him. It was Largoth, the Elven Thalon Mercenary he had befriended in Rodomor. “You are a site for soar eyes my friend…” The Dark Rider was quick to greet him warmly Arm and Arm. Largoth looked about, “But where is your Steed Tribune… Tell me you did not lose him in some foul bet at Cards…” “Ha, no my friend… I sent him on his way, I suspect he shall never return”. Just then a Naying could be heard from behind Largoth.

“I think perhaps you are wrong my friend…”

Tribune had returned. “I am heading to Bas’adia if you’re interested… See what kind of Work I can drum up for the Winter…” Largoth spoke. The Dark Rider scratched his chin and “Sounds like a Plan… Is there a good Weapon smith there, I’m in need of a New Weapon”. “Indeed there is…” he replied. The two of them head East, and Largoth quickly takes note of the White Owl that appears to be following them. “A friend of yours?” he asked the Dark Rider. “Ha, lets just say, they’ve helped me into this New Life, and for that, I shall not abandon them”.




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A Morning With Tchaikovsky

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Awaken Light Spirit… I Becon Thee

Whilst preparing to Write my 31st Blog Post, Fear of Writing Success, which I will Write here in a bit, I tossed on my Pandora Station, Wolfgang Amadeus as I named it, which is basically my Classical Music Station. As I noted in my In Moments of Darkness – Puccini Post, my Three Favorite Composers are Mozart, Puccini and Tchaikovsky. Anyway, like I say, as I was preparing to Write my Next Blog Post, this Song came on and Whammed me. Tchaikovky’s Violin Concerto in D Major, OP 35. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard it, though part of it almost sounds Familiar, like someone had based a part of a Film Musical Score on it either Consciously, or Unconsciously. Well, here’s the Piece, make sure you listen until at least the 6th Minute 11th-12th Second of this Video. It is Heroic, and Magnificent. Enjoy

The Version I heard on Pandora was from the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. The Version Above is Kyung-Wha Chung the 1st Movement, Part 1 of 2.

May 7th 1840-November 6th 1893

Alright, back to Work/Writing, Thanks for Sharing the Moment