Captain Fire 197 – Eltoy Kill

Six of us took a Space Pod down to the Sahnon Moon’s surface. In addition to the Meteor Storm up above us, there was a torrential rain battering down upon the Moon’s Surface. Going to the surface was me, Jono, Jenna, Tyo, Mino, and Jenna’s little brother Wardon.

“This is crazy landing on this moon without even being able to contact the Moon Station… For all we know Aliens have eaten all of the inhabitants, ha” Wardon did not put me at ease with this. I started to turn pale, and I think he took notice. “Don’t worry Nisho, I’ll protect you if the Evil Cannibal Aliens come” this only made me feel worse. “Wardon… Stop” Jenna was quick to interject.

The Sahnon Moon Surface was amazing. Never had I seen anything like it. Once we landed, we quickly entered the Moon Station, all of us behind Jono of course. “Stay behind me until we’ve done a full sweep of the place… Be ready for anything”.

Wow look at those eyes… Get yourself together Nisho. Once we completed a basic sweep of the place, it appeared to be emty. Tyo was going to do a Systems Analysis, and try to find out what happened to the inhabitants. Wardon was sure the Alien Cannibals had eaten them all. “Wardon check to see if this Station is still operational…” Jono told Wardon. “Aye Aye Cap’n”, Wardon saluted Jono and was off. “Be careful Wardon, there’s something wrong here, I can feel it…” Jenna spoke to her little Brother. “Will do sis” and he was gone. Meanwhile Jenna, Mino and I were going to check out the Science Lab, always fun stuff in Science Labs… Not.

Mino was quick to take this opportunity to harass me.

“Sooo, Nisho… How’s that Cooking Job treating you… Learn any new recipes?”. I didn’t reply. “Leave her alone Mino” Jenna said to Mino. “It’s alright…” I interjected. Suddenly Jenna stopped as we approached the Science Door. Mino was about to open the door “Wait…” Jenna spoke. “Ahh, come on Jenna, how bad can it be…” and she opened the door.

We all stood there paralyzed as the door opened. Whatever it was, it only seemed to know two words… “Eltoy Kill…”






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Part XVII – Captain Fire 197 – Escape

Part XVIII – Captain Fire 197 – Finding Nisho

2 Responses to “Captain Fire 197 – Eltoy Kill”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    Eltoy kinda looks like a turtle gone bad. 🙂 I can picture this story as an anime.

  2. lol, yeah he does

    I actually do picture it as an Anime Series as I Write it

    Thanks for the Comment Mid


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