Dark Rider – Scarlet Bandit

The next morning the Dark Rider and Largoth were approached by Iloh, her disgruntled Warrior friend and a Dwarven Warrior. “Dark Rider…” she spoke, as the Dark Rider and Largoth prepared their horses. “We  have a proposition for you…”. Largoth replied “What is it?” the Dark Rider continued to ready their horses. “We’ve been hired by the Mayor of Trone to capture a man known as The Scarlet Bandit… Perhaps you’ve heard of him…”. Largoth looks at Dark Rider, then back at Iloh. “The Scarlet Bandit has many Allies… And he is not an easy man to locate”. “No… He is not… Which is why we’d like you and the Dark Rider to join us, we are but three, and I fear it will not be enough”. “So that would make five of us, I still don’t–” Largoth was suddenly interrupted by an approaching Elven Girl. “Six… I will accompany you as well…” Dark Rider turned and was stunned by the Elven Girl’s beauty. “You? You were the one in the Fallen Wood… The one that warned us of the Man Golem…” “I am Elsya, of the Rendolyn Elves. I’ve been sent to aid you, should you require… Aid”. “Great… Another Elf…” spoke the

Dwarven Warrior. “My day couldn’t get much worse… Lets be on our way before the “Faerie’s” decide to join us…” With this he mounted his steed.

Largoth shrugged, and mounted his horse. Iloh did not appear pleased, but mounted her horse “Yah!!” she road off.

Within the day the six travelers reached Ordaon Valley, and were making good time.

Iloh and her Human Warrior friend, Ukorian as he was called, road in front. Largoth and Dark Rider in the middle, the Dwarven Warrior Ems brought up the rear. Elsya road off to the right of the party, seemingly on her own.

“I did not ask about the reward for this task, but then again, it must be unimaginable…” spoke Largoth. The Dark Rider looked over at Elsya, who met his gaze. “Tell me about this… Scarlet Bandit” he spoke to Largoth.




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