I.D.O. Chapter 2.5 – And Then He Came

“I Died Once” – Writing Project

by DarkJade


And then he came…

On the eleventh day after my mothers death, an old pickup truck arrived in the driveway of my mothers estate. An old man drove it, and a man in an old brown leather jacket and a hat pulled down over his face got out of the passengers side. The man in the hats pants and boots were also very beaten down.

Now Fred ran out to the driveway arms flailing, assuming they had taken a wrong turn or something.

I took a bite out of my apple, this was getting good. The man in the hat merely pointed at the back of the pickup truck, and the old man took out what appeared to be a wrapped rug, threw it over his shoulder and headed towards the house.

At first Fred tried to stop him, then followed him in. This is when the man in the hat looked over my way and motioned for me to come quickly. Some how he knew I was behind the bush.

What would I do? What could I do. Before I knew it I was sprinting at him and he quickly opened his door and shuffled me to the passenger side floor, then shut the door.

“Well, certainly appreciate the rug” suddenly I heard Fred’s voice. It was the first time I had heard it since the night he killed my mother. Terror filled me, my heart started to beat rapidly, and I began to sweat.

“Who did you say sent it”

“A man called Sam Monroe, from Africa…” “Oh, okay, well thank you…”

“Can I get you two gentleman a drink?” please say no… I thought to myself. “Nope, we’ll be on our way…” spoke the man in the hat. He had a notably soothing voice, which seemed to calm me a bit. And a huge knife on his belt, that didn’t hurt either.

“Very well, thanks again…” and we left.

The old man never looked down at me curled on the floor, as if the man in the hat had told him to expect a visitor.

After a while, the man in the hat looked down at me “You can come up now…” and so I did hesitently.

“How did you know I was in the bushes?” I managed.

“In Africa, you must always be watchful of things in the brush…”


“Yup, and that’s where we’re headed”.

He then did the oddest thing, he stuck his hand out “My names Sam by the way… Sam Monroe”.

End Of Chapter Two




5 Responses to “I.D.O. Chapter 2.5 – And Then He Came”

  1. This is really good! Also, I love the new theme 😀

  2. midaevalmaiden Says:

    This is very interesting. Her snealing around in the bushes, all those days, then escaping with strangers. This should be a movie.

    Your new theme is more profesional looking. I kinda miss all the deep colors of the old theme. But the black will make your graphics stand out even more. 🙂

    • It’s true, I probably picture most of my Writing as a Film, as I originally pursued Film Making, and Film has been my Greatest Passion.

      Yeah, I was torn about losing the Blue and Black Background, as those are my two favorite colors.

      I really did like it, but I also like refining the site a bit, as hopefully my Writing is refining a bit. I do agree with you though, it does make the Media stand out more, which I like.

      Thanks for the Comments Mid


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