Here I sit…

Upon This ship

Waves Crashing against my Head

I Try to sleep

I Try to live

Images come instead

Why Won’t you go

You seem to stay

And yet I’m all alone

I Close My eyes

Like Ghosts you come

And yet you are not dead

If Gone you wish

Than why persist

I Beg… I Plea.. No End

You Wave your hair

Adjust your Stare

And Seek me there Again




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2 Responses to “Exiled”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    This is fantastic. I wish I knew what kind of back stories you use to come up with your prose. They are so sweeping in their scope. Lov’ em! Especialy how this one ends.

    • I believe the back stories would be the Emotions that “sweep” through me, to borrow your word.

      Thank you so much for the Compliment and Comment Mid


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