I.D.O. Chapter Three – My Father From Africa?

“I Died Once” – Writing Project

by DarkJade


That ride was very odd indeed. The rest of the way I didn’t say a word. When I sent that note to my father’s supposed address in Africa, I never for the life of me expected a reply, and certainly not like this.

Perhaps showing you the note might illuminate a few things.

Dear Father,

Fred has killed mother, and wrapped her in your living room rug.

Best fetch me at once, for he just took three close range shots at my bed with his revolver, fortunately I was out at the pool breathing my last breath.

Your Daughter, Mady

No indeed I did not. And yet, here he was, sitting next to me, almost on top of me really as I was squished between the old man and he. He finally spoke as he rolled a cigarette. “So what’s this you say about Breathing Your Last Breath…” “Huh? Oh… The Note… It’s nothing”. He looked at me “Nothing eh… Doesn’t sound like nothing” I did not reply, and instead went on looking straight ahead. “Oh well, maybe later than”. “So you brought Fred a Rug?” I’m not exactly sure why I asked that, perhaps some part of me wanted to talk to him on a more intimate level, but instead found the trivial. “Oh, yeah… You said he wrapped yer mum up in that African Rug I had in the living room… So I thought I’d give him a new one…” with this he looked at me “You know… As kind of a “I know what you did” message to his subconscious…”. This surprised me. “Uh, isn’t that kind of dangerous, I mean, he’s a Killer…” with this he smiled. “Oh no, I’m the killer, you should see my Library Wall at home, every hunt worthy beast in Africa has found their head mounted there”. “No, old Fred, I suspect, as I’ve always suspected, is just a Money Hungry Greedy Bastard, heh… And a sloppy Murderer at that”. Well, with this I had to agree with Dad… Dad? Ew, don’t think I like that. I’ll just call him Sam.

To Be Continued in Chapter Three (Part Two)…




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