My Favorite Hitchcock Film – Rear Window in Review

Rear Window

Rear Window in Review;

My absolute Favorite Alfred Hitchcock Film, and one of my Top 10 Favorite Films ever (Listed as #6 on my Killer Flicks Favorite Films List), is Rear Window. Now keep in mind, I’m not a Giant Alfred Hitchcock Fan, though several of his Films are quite good, such as North by North West. But “Rear Window” is simply Marvelous.

The Story; Jimmy Stewart plays Professional Photographer L.B. “Jeff” Jeffries whose injured his leg, and so is stuck in his apartment, as opposed to his normal Adventurous Photography Galavanting as it were. Playing his Girlfriend Lisa Carol Freemont, a Complex girl, who loves Fashion, and Girl Magazines, is played by the stunning Grace Kelly.

In his boredom, and general angst in regards to dating a girl that he doesn’t feel good enough for, “Jeff” finds himself noticing things that go on in the day to day life out his apartment rear window. In fact, he even finds himself using his cameras long lens that would be normally in use outdoors whilst on one of his Photography Exhibitions, as a kind of binocular in which to spy with.

But during a particularly hot Summer Night, Jeff notices something is amiss across the way. Meanwhile Alfred Hitchcock does an absolutely splendid job at demonstrating/exposing several of the other Apartment-ies, if you will, day to day life and struggles. In this film you find yourself being drawn into not only Jeff and Lisa’s instense relationships struggles, but also the lives of several of his neighbors. I wont say anymore, as the film is a Mystery. But you absolutely have to see this. And plan on being scared, not in the Screaming Large knife way, but in the immense build up and “true” suspense this film, and the Actors deliver. By the way, this film is in color.


L.B. “Jeff” Jeffries (James Stewart) – Jimmy Stewart is one of my All Time Favorites, primarily because “It’s A Wonderful Life”, and also this film. He is shockingly effective in this film.

Lisa Carol Freemont (Grace Kelly) – Grace Kelly does an exceptionally, sensitive portrayal of a woman with passionate sensibilities, who has been very influenced in her day to day life by the current day’s opinion of a woman, and what she should be. She is beautiful, and a highly underrated actress. I loved her in this.

Detective Lieutenant Thomas J. Doyle (Wendall Corey) – This guy is great. Exceptional. He plays a Detective friend of Jeff.

Lars Thorwald (Raymond Burr) – For those that may not recognize him in this role, he is the same Actor that played Perry Mason. His White/Grey Hair makes him almost unrecognizable.

And later Ironside

His perfomance as Thorwald is mind boggling. Excellent.

Director; Alfrend Hitchcock. Like I say, not one of my Favorite Directors, but man can he set a Scene. A Master of Suspense, no doubt.

Writer (‘s); John Michael Hayes (Screenplay “To Catch A Thief”), Cornell Woolrich (Short Story “It Had To Be Murder).

Overall Rank; AAA+ another Triple A+, if you like Mystery, and Suspense, you have to see this film. Turn off the lights, and bring the popcorn. And if you have someone to hide behind in the tense moments, bring them too. No slash and gash in this though, strictly great film making and acting.



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2 Responses to “My Favorite Hitchcock Film – Rear Window in Review”

  1. Yay, someone else who loves Hitchcock. (:

    I agree, Rear Window is one of his best. I also enjoyed Rope, whereas I don’t hear it come up in conversation often, but liked what he was doing with regards to the cinematography.

    I’m enjoying your blog so far. (:

    • I can’t recall if I’ve seen Rope, I’ll have to check it out.

      Yes, I didn’t go into great detail with this review, as it is a Mystery/Suspense, and I didn’t want people to lose any of that by knowing too much.

      Thanks for the Comment Felicity


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