The Voice of Technology – Steve Jobs

I find myself in an odd position with Writing this piece. It was only 5 or 6 weeks  ago that I started my Blog The Written Word, prior to that I had sat down Writing for 4 plus years. It wasn’t intentional, life just took me down a certain direction where I ended up pulling away from it. But I’ve been a Writer ever since I was a kid, whether I was pursuing it or not.

That said, we lost a great man today. A Visionary, a Dreamer, a Technological Imaginative wonder. And a good man.

I think we all saw it coming, he’s been looking quite, well, lets just say he hasn’t looked too good lately. But by god he never stopped. It was only a hand full of weeks ago that I was watching a video of him pitching for approval for his new Apple Building, in which he was in the end approved. And I’m glad. But I’m also sad.

As someone whose loved Computers for quite sometime, I am also someone who has worked very hard for any money I made, and generally didn’t spend that extra dollar to get an Apple Product over a less expensive PC. Keep in mind, I’ve been a fan of Apple for some twenty plus years, and the Architect that I do some Administrative Work for, as well as Marketing, is now on his Second Apple. He loves it.

His Products are marvelous, we all know that. Well, there may a few out there that never subscribed to Apple, but I’m also sure there’s several Non-Apple people out there who are a little sad that they never joined in on the fun.

Products aside I have to say this, Steve Jobs is one of the most Enthusiastic, Passionate People I’ve ever been exposed to, even if there was a T.V. between us. As someone who is Passionate about Film, and spent a couple years pursuing Film Making, he very much reminds me of the Steven Spielberg of Technology. Spielberg, though more prominent in Film in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, like Jobs, changed his Field of Work, and all in the same Field, forever.

I am not saddened by the Future Products that he may have Conceived, as I am sure Apple will be just fine for quite some time. I am sad that we as a Species, have lost one of the Brightest Stars, Dreamers, and Passionate Spirits to walk this earth in a long time. I am not a Religious Man by any means, but God Bless you Steve Jobs, and all that you shared with us End Users, and fellow Caretakers of this world. Peace be with you, where ever your Travels Take you. You will not, and can not be Forgotten.


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