Captain Fire 197 – Operation Detonation

As Quickly as Mino had opened the Science Lab Door, she in turn closed it. “Lets get out of here”. With this we all ran back to Central Chamber of the Moon Base where Tyo was checking out the Computer System, and Jono was inspecting the Specs of the place. Me Jenna and Mino came running into the room. “Lets get out of here Jono, there is an unfriendly specimen locked in the Science Lab, and I suspect that door won’t hold it long!” Mino spoke. Before Jono could respond a message came on the Communicator from Captain Fire himself. “The Meteor Storm has passed, all crew report back to the 197 immediately”. Jono looked at Mino, me and finally Jenna who was slightly nodding in agreement. “Roger that, we are on the way out of the Moon Station… Jono out”. “Lets get back to the 197 and Blow This Place Up…” With this all ran to the Shuttle Bay when Jenna suddenly came to an abrupt halt, “Wardon!!”.

Deep in the underbelly of the Moon Base, was Jenna’s little brother, Wardon. He was crawling around inspecting the Mechanics when he heard a strange sound… “Blrupfsh”.

With this he jumped up, a small flashlight in his mouth, and his eyes wide open.

“Hello??” What he saw next caused the light to fall out of his mouth “Oh jeeze”.

“WARDON!!!” Jenna yelled in the Communicator as Jono and her toar down the hallway of the Moon Base. Meanwhile Mino and Tyo got the Shuttle ready for take off, as I sat there useless as ever. Mino then looked over at me “Don’t worry Nisho, Jono will find him…”. But I suspect she was more worried than I, as Tyo put his hand on her shoulder, and she jumped. That’s when I noticed a storage door in the back of the Shuttle’s Bridge was sitting open, like something had stowed away with us on the way down to the surface.

Meanwhile Jenna and Jono went down several stairwells which lead them to some underground tunnels, where there was minimal light. “You stay here…” Jono said to Jenna as she stood there trembling. “I can’t think… My emotions are clouding me, I can’t pick up on Wardon!”. Jono continued to creep forward, Gun Drawn. “Just… Wait here…” He disappeared into the dark…

“RARGGHHHHH!!” a sudden terrible sound came from the darkness, and Jenna ran forward “Jono!! Wardon!!”

What she found, shocked her.

A young read headed girl, and when I say red headed, I mean Red Headed was standing over the body of the dead Alien from the Science Lab. Meanwhile, Wardon was wounded, and passed out on the ground. “That thing was going to kill him… So I stopped it…” the young girl spoke to Jenna who stared in amazement. Meanwhile Jono tended to Wardon “He’s alright, unconscious, cut and bruised, but fine… Lets get him to the ship”.

Then suddenly the girl transformed.

It was Tamaron.



PHOTO CREDITS – Anime, Red Hair Girls, Anime Boys



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  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    Ha! I knew he had something up his sleeve. 🙂

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