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It’s interesting, though I started my The Written Word Blog some seven weeks ago, I had actually created a Blog on WordPress a bit back. I don’t remember how I happened upon WordPress, but I created a Yankee Blog, something about being a New York Yankee fan, living on the West Coast. I never visited the Forums or anything, or really gave it much focus other than Writing a few Articles that my One Fan liked, lol. Wouldn’t you guess he was also a West Coast Yankee fan.

But here I am many years later, as at this time in my life I’ve decided to try to get myself in the habit of Writing on a daily basis. Because, Writers Write, right? Or so I’ve heard.

But what’s interesting to me is this whole process of starting a Blog with a certain Premise in mind, and how what ends up coming out of you, as well as readers reactions, end up to a degree, potentially anyway, reshaping your Blog.

Originally I just wanted a place where I could Write Write Write, and that’s basically what I’ve been doing. However, I keep noticing how my Focus keeps shifting. As a result what I’ve heard most about my site seems to be the word “Variety”. I find this interesting, as my intention wasn’t to move from one thing to another, but it does seem to be going that way. But where will it go next? At this point I’ve skipped around from Personal Articles about myself, to Poems, a Couple Blog Series, which by the way are very fun to Write. And lately, I’ve been edging more towards Concentrated Writing, if you will. Short Stories, Medium Stories, and potentially Large Stories.

I now find myself curious as to the Evolution of other Bloggers Blogs? What was your Blog initially? Where have they taken you? Where are they now? And where might they go to next?

For instance, I haven’t been around long, but in the time I’ve been here it seems like the Blog Healing Mutti has gone from someone who suffered from Post Partum Depression, to someone who now wants to help others more than anything else. Which is inspiring. And over at Evolution of Insanity, Pete/Ard seems to be shifting a bit, without leaving his roots behind, from Sharing his interesting day to day life, to someone who is truly interested in Exploring Creative Writing.

And so I am left wondering, as I stated above, where have all of your Blogs come from initially, where have they taken you, where are they now, and where do you think they might go?

Interesting stuff in this Blogtopia of ours eh?





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2 Responses to “Blogtopia – From Here to Where”

  1. My blog started off as a journey of self-discovery as I’d just been diagnosed with high blood pressure (which apparently I don’t have now) and had made some changes to my life. Then, as often happens with blogs after a while, I began writing more and more for my readers than for myself. I still write for myself but now the emphasis is more on other people’s enjoyment of what I’m writing and I keep a private online blog and my paper diary for my own, more personal stuff.

    I’ve been blogging in Absurd Old Bird for two years now, but before that I blogged on other blog sites (including LiveJournal, blogger and Blogdrive) and actually I’ve been blogging since 2004, so I’ve a fair amount of experience at this!

    Most blogs do alter direction and their authors change too, which really if you come to think about it, is only natural – nothing is static, nothing remains the same.

    I’m amazed that you’ve achieved so much here in such a very short space of time. Well done! 🙂

    • lol, I suppose I’m making up for lost time, as I basically took 4 1/2 plus years off of Writing. Not by design, it just kind of happened that way. Your Blog is lovely, I can tell you’ve been at it for a while.

      And you’re right, I suppose it is the natural thing to happen. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying both Writing, and Blogging. The people here are quite cool, and extremely enthusiastic about their own Blog’s, which is nice to be around. I like the Community very much.

      Thank you for your thoughtful Reply Val


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