Why can’t more things be Constant like the Moon… The Ocean and the Sun Never seem to Complain… And yet… Homes Change… Love Changes… We Change

Why Can’t Life Stay the same… I know there’s no fun in that… But sometimes…With certain things…

It would be nice

I sit here, the Fear has filled me… And left me with no apparent Escape… And so I am left to have pleasant conversation with something, I never wanted to meet in the first place

Why is there such a thing as pain… And yet, what would joy be without first knowing it…

They say “All is Fair in Love and War…” But Love is often War… And War… Perhaps those that start Wars, simply need more Love… Or needed more than their Random Youth provided

It’s funny how peaceful Life can be when Reality hasn’t caught up to you, and shaken you about… Oh how we take the simplest things for granted… These small morcels of Light… By god Treasure every moment you have of Peace, and Leisure… For around every corner, there lies the possiblilty of a Whirlwhind of change…

Sometimes good… Sometimes… Not

Why do the Elders favor themselves Wise? For even the Wisest know it takes more than the Passing of Time to make one Wise… I’ve met five year olds wiser than half the Grey haired Wanderers…

Why can’t more things be constant like the Moon…



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11 Responses to “Moon”

  1. Interesting, but I can’t agree with you that love is war or that all is fair in love. I realize it’s a popular phrasing and all that, but love is supposed to be a relationship, not a battle field.

    • What I say is opposing the statement “All is Fair in Love and War”, not agreeing with it. Also, I am not saying, nor feel that Love is “Always” War… But it can be. If you have not experienced that, than you are a fortunate one. Also, a “Healthy” relationship can be good, but an “Unhealthy” relationship, “is” often a Battlefield… Sadly people don’t just fall in love with people that are good for them, they also fall in love with people that aren’t. And whether Love is “Supposed” to be something good or not, it isn’t always good. I’ve been in good relationships, and I’ve been in not so good one’s, but in all I loved the person… And in some cases though we didn’t do well, we stayed together longer than we should… Because we loved one another. Which is fine, but there was indeed “More” fighting because we stayed. Beware of Expectations, they are often the Death of anything that is Real.

      Also, this is a Poem, Written at a time in which I was distraught, and reflecting on the fact “Things are Always Changing”… Now I am actually one that Loves Change, however in this Poem I was reflecting, and feeling pain, about the fact that some things that you wish would, or had, stayed the same, in fact did not. Like Love. I can close my Eyes and see like it was yesterday a most Beautiful Moment shared with each of the Four People I’ve ever been in love with, and yet, primarily because of incompatibility, each of these relationships ended. Some quickly, some not so quickly. And what this Poem Reflects upon is, “Oh How I wish Some Things would not Change”, such as Love. But sometimes, it does.

      I appreciate your Comment


  2. I love this post. The love/war paragraph is wonderful, and I also really enjoyed the part about the ‘elders’ and becoming wise. A very poetic piece, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. very nice thoughts about poetic..btw, you drew those comics at whitejade? they’re nice!! 😀

    • I wish I had, but did not. I hired an Amateur Artist to do them, she was in school studying to be a Comic Book Artist at the time. I believe she is done with school, and trying to make a living at being a Freelance Artist now. Her name is Del Borovic, here’s her Link Her Link is also at the top of my Comic Book Page. You might also want to check out my White Jade Page, it gives a bit more of a description about how the Comic Book Pages came to be.

      I’m glad you like them, I love them as well, she is awesome.

      I’m also glad you like the Poem/Scribbling

      Thanks for the Compliments and Comment Mark


  4. The sun, the moon, and all the stars like the one we live on are contunually changing. In fact, change is the only constant in the Universe. One day this sun we call Earth will go super-nova and it will be no more. All things change — nothing remains the same from day to day. If you are interested in pursuing this train of thought then read the post in my personal blog titled Constantly becoming me >

  5. while reading this poem i experienced myself taking a brief trip back to past relationships and into the present one… a nice, soft opportunity for me to reflect… the poetic gathering of thoughts near the end brought me gracefully back into the present. i like it. thank you………….. rm

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