Captain Fire 197 – New to the Crew

Once we returned to the ship, the 197 nuked the Moon Base on the Sahnon Moon. It wasn’t something that was within Federal Regulations to do, but neither was anything Captain Fire and his Crusaders did, as I was finding out. It’s for the best… Hate to think of some other unsuspecting ship landing there.

As we closed in on the Noragon System, and Tamaron’s home, Jono asked Captain Fire for a meeting, and he obliged. “It’s Tamaron Sir… I think we should ask his father to let him join our team…” Jono spoke. “He seems kind of young… But you’re sure about this?” Captain fire responded. “I am Sir…”. “He’s a talent… And frankly, he saved Wardon’s life” Jono replied. “Right, I’ll contact his father before we arrive to the planet” spoke Captain Fire. As the team felt I was closest to Tamaron, they asked me to talk to him.

I found him fussing with his hair. Okay, am I the only one that finds this Storen Shape Shifter stuff strange. “Hello Tamaron…”. He transformed back.

“Hello Nisho…”. “I guess I’ll be home soon” he replied. “Well… That’s why I’m here…” I told him. He looked at me, eyes wide open… This was going to be an easy sell.

Later we had a Team Meeting, all were there, and Jono… Well… He looked fine.

I’m hopeless.

“Greetings team, we have received our payment in full for retrieving Tamaron, and so we will be eating well tonight, in celebration” Jono proclaimed. All seemed pleased to hear this. “There is one other thing, and that is Captain Fire has requested that Tamaron be allowed to join our Team, and Tamaron’s father has agreed. So put your hands together and welcome our new Team Mate, Tamaron”. With this Tamaron entered the room, and all clapped and cheered. Wardon, bandaged a bit, approached Tamaraon “I…” he teared up and couldn’t speak. “Don’t worry about it–” Tamaron started to say, and Wardon simply gave him a rib crushing hug.

“This place is starting to make me sick…” Mino said, and left the meeting room. “Lets eat!” Jono proclaimed, and then looked at me “Hi Nisho…”. Holy @#$%, he spoke to me. It was a good moment.



PHOTO CREDITS – Goth Pop Emo Girl, Pictures by Anime Angel



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3 Responses to “Captain Fire 197 – New to the Crew”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    hey Darkjade, I like your copius use of pictures in this one. Makes for pleasant reading. But the dialog between characters is not clearly defined, it is hard to tell whom is speaking to whom, so the story is hard to understand.

    and please forgive my honesty, but would they really arbitrarily blow up an entire moon base like that based on assumptions?

    Im sure you have more skill. Tap into it!

    • Thanks for the comment. I added some more lines to clear up who was talking to who, that part of is a bit tricky when there’s a lot of dialog going on. As it starts to feel like you’re saying “he said” “she said” “he said”, so some times I hope it’s clear without so much of that. But, like I say, I added some for clarity.

      To answer your question, yes they would. I added a line about that at the beginning. Captain Fire does not act within Federal Law as it were, and thusly, finding a Moon Base where some 50 plus inhabitants had been eaten by non-friendly beings, lead them to destroying the station. It was perhaps a bit rash, and emotion based in response, but so is Captain Fire, and Jono. The truth is, they could get in trouble for it. Captain Fire is a bit of a Ungoverned Rebel, if you will. He is not happy with the way things are ran in Government, thus he does not partake in their ruling. However, this has not been discussed in the story, as it is narrated from Nisho, who has only recently become a passenger of the ship.

      Thanks for the feedback though.


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