The Halls of the Written Word

I am Woken by a warmth against the back of my leg, and the screeching sounds outside my door…

Without thought, I quickly look to my left where I am met by a Great and Glorious Light… I wince

Oh how Thee Morning Sky doth Wake at the Beckoning of this Bird’s Crow…

And so I Awake… Unwillingly, and yet Obedient to My Inner Voice… That which I Cherish so

As I take my first few steps, I stagger, and rub mine Eyes, and reach for the doorknob of my Chamber Door

Outside my Eyes pierce left then right, for who knows what Creatures lie forth

But on this Morn, I am Alone

As I make my way beyond the Darkness, and to Our Place of  Imagery, I take a sudden left

Awaiting me are Robust Trees, Follying as they Sway

Oh how the Black Birds Chirp, and Tap their Talons, in anticipation of the forthcoming

As I love them, I shall pay them no mind

As I sit, Before Me is the Deep Red, Bejeweled Box, of Winter, Lust and Wonder

Oh what Light We’ve seen these many Nights, although to some It Be Day… For me, Forever Night

My hands come out, Mine Eyes do Gleam, at what may come…

My Mind a Keen Descender…

It Opens Forth, a Wind Comes out

It’s Warmth does draw me in…

Light, Coulours, Song, and Scene…

I Find I cannot Breathe

What Candor, What Nerve

What unbeknownst Verve

Will Guide me thorough these Woods

I Drink Cool Water, I Eye the Storm

Begin the Written Word



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8 Responses to “The Halls of the Written Word”

  1. Wow, I really like that. It has a kind of Poe vibe to it in a good way.

  2. i love it!… stirring… i went back and read it again… thanks rm

  3. midaevalmaiden Says:

    Black birds, black crows, desending, Must he be forever dark? This path is not harmonius with the morning. Gleaming eyes grow dim in such surroundings. Excellent write.

    • Thanks, where is that from?


      • midaevalmaiden Says:

        Do you not recognize your own words?

        • Ah, well I thought they were, but I referred to them, and you had plucked different piece’s and put them together, so I wasn’t sure if you had read something very similar, or were remixing them, or were actually commenting on the piece. The darkness I come out of is actually my hallway that is outside my door, fyi, lol… So I wake to light, but have to pass through darkness to get to where I Write. And the Bejeweled Deep Red Box, is actually my Samsung Laptop, which is a metallic read, hee hee.


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