Dark Rider – Breached Alliance

“You shall regret the day you entered our Wood, human…” the Drow spat at Ukorian.

“Your people are nothing more than a Pack of Thieves… Drow” Ukorian replied, and so the fighting continued… “CLANG! CLANG!”


“Stop you fools, or you shall alone start a War that neither of you will live to see” a voice came from above the Drow and Ukorian, and a great wind… As if something had flown over them.

To Ukorian’s surprise, it was Elsya… She had returned. But she was not alone…

Sweeping down upon a Dragon, she landed near the two of them.

“The two of you are acting above your position, which is basically none existent…”

“For who are you to stir such a thing between two Humanoid Nations…”

The two of them looked at one another at a loss, as they thought of it more as a common Bar Brawl, then a National Crisis.

“I have seen enough…” the Drow spoke, then ran off.

“So you’re a Dragon Rider…” spoke Ukorian.

Elsya mounted once more “Only when I need to be…” she lifted again into the sky, and disappeared.

Meanwhile the guide had lead Iloh and the Dark Rider back to camp, where Elms snored away, and Largoth greeted him most warmly. “You’ve returned…” Largoth exclaimed.

“Aye… that we have” Dark Rider replied.

“Where are Ukorian and Elsya?”

“I am here…” Ukorian replied as he stepped into the firelight.

“I see…” Dark Rider replied. “And Elsya?”

“Here Dark Rider…” Elsya too stepped into the firelight.

“With this Iloh smiled deviasly…” The two of you have been up to no good… I can smell it”. Ukorian looked at Elsya, then Iloh. “Meh…” and geared his horse.

Suddenly a Nobly dressed Drow appeared.

“I bring word from the High Priestess Androna…” with this the Drow holds out a Scroll.

Largoth takes it, and reads it. “It’s the location of the Scarlet Bandit?” Largoth looks at Dark Rider, then Iloh.

Iloh stepped forward “But the High Mistress–“she is then interrupted.

“It appears as though one of our kind attacked one of your party…” with this the Drow looks at Ukorian, and Ukorian back at him with a grimace “Meh”.

“…and as an act of… “Continued Peace” lets call it…”

“I get it…” the Dark Rider interjected. “Thank Androna for us” with this he mounts, as do all the others.

“Lets move out… As he will not be in the same spot for very long…” and so they do.





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Part XVII – Dark Rider – The Northern Realms

3 Responses to “Dark Rider – Breached Alliance”

  1. This is stunning writing and in the mode of the great Tolkien who is my muse.

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