The Challenge – Writing Is…

Pdk over at Simple Observations issued me a Challenge today… This Challenge was Originally Created by Renee A.S. Jacobson at Lessons From Teachers and Twits.

First things first, I was asked to Link the Person that Challenged me – CHECK

Secondly to Link the Creator of the Challenge – CHECK

Now that that’s done, the Challenge is this. To complete the Sentence

Writing is Like…

And so without further ado…

Writing is like Freedom…

Without Constraints

Without Boundaries

The Door Simply Opens… And I step in

Where Else can I Explode with such Creative Variety as with Writing…

Where else can the Dark Rider seek Purpose

And Adventure

And Friendship

And Glory…

And who knows… Maybe even Love

Where else can the River that is my Heart and Soul, unleash it’s many Mysteries, or Hopes, or Pains, or Truths…

All placed delicately within what I call Scribblings

Unleashed is my Spirit… The many Colors of my Mind, Heart and Light

Writing is Freedom



Come Forth Nisho…

Take us to the Stars in your ragged, Crusader filled Starship…

Lead by none other than Captain Fire…

in Captain Fire 197

From the Dark Tellings of a lonely 15 year old girl, trying desperately to reconnect with somethingAnything

In “I Died Once

To what to throw in the DVD Player, on a Saturday Night Movie Reviews – My Favorite Films

Writing is Freedom…

Where else shall I release the Faire’s of the World DarkJade – Faerie Light







Or may the Beatles Live Again…

DarkJade – The Beatles… And Abbey Road

Writing has no Walls… It knows no Limitations

Writing is Freedom

As two of my Favorite Writers Anna and Pete have been issued the same challenge, I shall spare them…

I instead issue this Challenge to Felicity Eat, Sleep, Write, Repeat, for her Great Writing Spirit, Sayali at Finding 42 for her her Bright Soul, and Great Potential and Sarah over at Midaeval Maiden for her Robust Passion for Connection, and Creation. Gratz to all of you, and Good Luck


4 Responses to “The Challenge – Writing Is…”

  1. Well done, DarkJade! 🙂

  2. midaevalmaiden Says:

    you put this post together very well. Congratulations on your award.

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