DarkJade Back Thought – Chillen in the Sub-Mind

“Back Thought – Chillen in the Sub-Mind”

A Musical Self-Exploration

Brought To You By DarkJade

Music Takes you somewhere Else… Sometimes reaching a place you might call “The Sub-Mind”… Home and Breeding Ground for the Back Thoughts… Or splintered Makings of the Mind

Come with me as I take you to the Realm of the Back Thoughts… The Sub-Mind of your Consciousness

Some Tunes and Videos that might Help You get there


Interesting as I’ve often wondered how the four of them (The Black Eyed Peas) came together, as each of them is so different… I hadn’t seen that Video, but I feel it is an accurate expression of four completely different entities coming together to form a singular thing

Inside (Kick Back and take this one in, it’s a good 10minutes long)

Enigma has always been awesome… And, I believe, they “get it”, spiritually speaking

Stay a While

I’ve used this Song in another Piece… But I just love it… Amy and Ben are also a case of Souls coming together, making something Beautiful, and in their case continuing in separate directions.

I sense it’s time to return you back to the Surface, and so take the sleeve of my shirt, and we shall Ascend

Rise to Light (Just Close your Eyes and Listen to this one, it shall return you to the Light, and the Briskness of the Skies Cool Voice)

Thanks for Listening




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2 Responses to “DarkJade Back Thought – Chillen in the Sub-Mind”

  1. Music and book always take me somewhere else. I love listening and reading at the same time.

    Thanks for the youtube link, I enjoy the chilli as always

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