Listen to this while Reading…


The man stands, arms crossed

His Black Trench Coat Flapping in the Knowing Wind…

His Eyes on the Distant Horizon

Beyond the Blood Black Sea

His eyes Reflectant of the Blue Flares that Fall from the sky…

He raises his hands slowly, palms to the Sky

The Fragile Walls of all that is real

And established as True…

Tremor, you ask why

His Skin begins to Water, and Fade to Light

But he must Press On

The Stars start to Quake, and lose form

His Tears roll back, and inward

Shall his selfishness Prevale

He starts to scream

White Birds Rise

He turns Kneels and cries

The Wings upon his back do Take Shape

His Eyes open White

Is he too late

His Blood begins to Tremor

Silent is the night




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4 Responses to “Tremor”

  1. midaevalmaiden Says:

    These will always be your best written works. Poetry with added ambiance included. Always keeps me coming back to this blog. The imagry this one evokes, kinda reminds me of the cinematography in the movie Casshern.

    • Thank you Mid. I’ve never heard of, or seen Casshern, I just watched a couple scenes on YouTube. Pretty interesting. Part of my overall fascination Creatively is Definitely with the Japanese, as is Reflected in my one and only complete Screenplay, White Jade, which takes place in Future Japan. There Passion and Beauty is never ending for me. They are truly a beautiful people. Perhaps part of it is I am very Internal, as Japanese often seem to be, and also very Passionate, also as at least their Artists seem to be. But also Aesthetically, I think they are beautiful as well. I remember even as a child I wanted Black Hair, and have always loved the way their hair looks. Also, right next to Blue as my favorite color, is Black. Beyond that it’s just an innate attraction I’ve always had to their culture.

      Being that my True Passion is Film Making, perhaps that comes across in my Poems. I am a Visual Artist, with out the ability to paint. But with Film I am able to bring to life my visions with the aid of many, which I don’t mind anyway, as I love working with, and creating with other people. I’m glad that the Poems/Visions keep coming, as I wasn’t sure that they would, as the only time I’ve Written Songs, which is the closest thing to Poems that I’ve ever Written, has been Falling in Love, or Falling out of Love… As it stirs me deeply in both cases, with all I suppose, and the Words just seem to flow. But I’ve always had Visions, that have often become Film Concepts. With Poems, I’m capturing Visual Moments as opposed to full on Film Concepts, and doing my best to translate them into words, so that I can show them to people.

      I am glad that some of it appears to be coming through to Readers/Writers such as yourself.

      Thank you again for your Compliments, and Comments

      P.S. did you see your Comments Inspired the last Captain Fire 197, lol

      You got the Crew in Trouble, lol


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