Dark Rider – Certain Death

The next day Dark Rider and his party woke up to the strangest thing…

“Ornast come for payment… Ornast want it now” or rather the largest Orc, any of them had ever seen.

“Uhh…” Ems drew forth his axe, and nudged Ukorian, apparently both of them had fallen asleep on guard. Ukorian jumped up and drew his sword.

“What the??!” spoke Ukorian. There Ornast, a giant Orc, sat on a rock in front of them like he’d been waiting for a while for one of the party to awake. By now Iloh, Dark Rider, Largoth and Elsya had woken as well.

Dark Rider stepped forward “How may we be of service Orc…” with this Ornast stretched, and rose. “We capture Drow that follow you… Ornast come for payment”

With this Largoth stepped forward “We were being followed by a Drow?”

Ornast scratched his head “Ornast thought he already say that… You make Ornast’s head hurt, want gold now, or will let her go”. With this Iloh stepped forward and handed the Orc a small bag of silver. “There you go…”.

Ornast looked inside “Thank you woman… We hold Drow for three days, then let her go…”. Ornast started to walk away, and then turned back “Or we eat her…” with this he smiled, bearing his large, sharp yellow teeth. And then he was gone.

“The Drow of Nowynhall are tracking us…” spoke Ukorian. “So it would seem…” replied Dark Rider. “Lets move out…” spoke the Dark Rider, and so they all mounted and headed on.

Soon they reached the Shenn Village of Mond… It seemed quiet enough… Perhaps too quiet… “Ems, Ukorian… Check the perimeter of the Village…” ordered Dark Rider, and so they did. “Iloh, Largoth, watch the streets, Elsya and I will head into the Tavern…” Iloh and Largoth nodded and looked for spots to watch the streets. As Elsya and the Dark Rider headed into the Tavern, the Villagers scuttled along, and looked very nervous. But before Dark Rider and Elsya could enter the Tavern a voice came from behind them.

“You really wont be needing to go in there…” it was him. The Scarlet Bandit.

“So you are the famous Dark Rider I’ve been hearing about… Interesting…” spoke the Bandit. Dark Rider moved into an attacking position and drew his swords, as did Iloh who had now approached.

“And you are the ever illusive Scarlet Bandit…” Iloh spoke antagonistically towards the Scarlet Bandit.

“Well, well, the Ranger Iloh too… Oh I am honored… Who would have thought little ol me would draw so many Noble Opponents”.

Ems, Ukorian and Largoth now approached, as the Village Streets started to clear.

“Lets finish this…” Ukorian spoke, his hood drawn, and sword ready.

“Not so quickly…” suddenly a voice came from behind Dark Rider.

“A Drow Ranger…” Elsya said in a surprised tone.

With this Iloh turned and faced the Drow Ranger.

“But, the Priestess Androna–” spoke Iloh, but she was interrupted by Largoth “Wanted us killed far away from Nowynhall…” spoke Largoth.

Just then another Drow appeared behind Ukorian and Ems.

“An Assassin” Dark Rider spoke when he saw the second Drow approach. Ukorian and Ems turned to face him.

“You see” spoke the Scarlet Bandit “There’s no point in you going in the Tavern… When a most certain death awaits you out here…”.

Three more Drow appeared.




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  1. I need to read Dark Rider from the beginning 🙂

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