Economy? – 6 Weeks Out

It’s interesting to look at our United States current “Economy” and wonder where exactly you fit in to the overall picture.

Excuse me, did I say interesting? I mean it sucks, lol.

Or maybe just for some… And when I say some, I mean “A Lot” of people.

That said, one’s Personal Economy still comes down to some Basic Things.

Primarily, Food, a Place to Sleep, and with any luck, a Job.

Some Four months ago I ended up coming to my Mom’s House, where I grew up, as my Personal Life had taken a significant turn, and it’s always been a good place to come, and Reflect, and Recoup, and… I like it here. This is where I grew up, and frankly, it’s beautiful here. Nestled away in a remote little canyon, where Ocean Breezes and sometimes Fogs, roll over the hills and keep us company.

But it doesn’t hurt that two of my Best Friends in the world are my Mom and her Boyfriend of 30+ years, who live here. In fact, I’ve worked for my Mom’s Boyfriend Part Time for much of the last 7 years. He is an Architect, and I do Admin/Marketing for his Private Practice.

Well, as you might imagine, it’s a difficult time to find work as an Architect, but that is only one Profession that is struggling right now, as we all know.

What’s really been difficult for me to swallow since I’ve been here is the fact that my Mom, who has owned this house the last 36 years, is now in a position where she may end up having to sell it. This isn’t something that she wants, or plans to do, but looking at their Financial Situation, and the Overhead of keeping this place, the Math just doesn’t add up.

Now granted, I’ve been busy as all get out working with my Mom’s Boyfriend Marketing his Private Practice, but things like that take time. Marketing is not his Strength, that’s where I come in. But he is an Amazing Architect, and has been for many years.

As we now head in to our first of 6 Critical Weeks, I thought I’d document what is liable to be an extremely difficult time. Granted, if he gets a Project, it should pay well enough to buy them more time, but if he does not…

And as far as my Mom goes, she is 70, as is he, but she has worked Blue Collar Jobs, though she did Manage Two Departments at her last job, that was over 5 years ago. Time, coupled with some minor Health Issues, have encumbered her, and now she sits staring at a difficult reality. One, trying to find a job at 70, and two, the possible loss of her long time home. One might say her Home is her Heart.


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