I.D.O. Chapter VI – Taking Flight

“I Died Once” – Writing Project

by DarkJade

CHAPTER VI – Taking Flight

“You Must Seek The Truth… It is Inherent in you”

“From This Truth… Will come Love…”

“From this Love… You will Fly Free”


The next morning I was awoken by the light oh so bright. An African Day awaited me. Outside I could hear the loud rumblings of some sort of engine.

To my surprise as I drew the curtains back in my room, I could see a decent sized four engine prop plane. Sam, err, my Father, was all garbed out in goggles and a pilots hat and jacket, and was headed towards my guest house.

I quickly threw my dark hair into a ponytail, though my hair is very wavy, and tossed on some khakis and a white blowsy shirt.

He came in. “Good Morning Mady…” he said. I waved back. “It’s time you saw a bit more of Africa, as well as my Diamond Mine”. “Alright?” I replied. “Come on” he waved me outside.

Before I knew it we had taken flight, and I was in the air…

My instinct was to close my eyes, and stick my arm out the window, but I would have to settle for closing my eyes.

“So you really are a Pilot…” I spoke. He looked at me “Yes…”.

This plane was very loud, and yet for some reason I did not mind it’s rumblings. I closed my eyes, and just listened to the engines hum as we hit the sky.

“Look” he touched my arm. I looked down upon the African plain, and saw a whole flock of Giraffes running… Behind them, a Male Lion. I gasped “Will he catch them…” my Father looked at me “All he wants is one…”.

It was beautiful to see… And yet… Somehow… Tragic. My eyes started to tear as we flew over. Wow, it seems as though everything makes me cry these days.

The Sky in front of us was vast to say the least. Filled with strips of invasive clouds, surrounded by soft misty blue skies.

I closed my eyes for most of the journey, as I didn’t need them to see… It was made quite clear to me why I was here. The pains inside would do their best to keep hold. But they would not be victorious… Not here… Not now.

Soon we reached the site of the Diamond Mine, a huge hole the side of a mountain.

“There it is” he said. “Ah…” I replied. He then swung the plane over and around it, and headed off into a completely new direction. “We’re not landing?” I inquired.

“Nah…” he replied. A man of few words. The next half an hour or so were filled with such sites from above, I can hardly put it to words. My insides filled with mysteries and questions that only the landscape could answer.

After a while I found myself dosing off, and noting this, he turned back and headed towards his estate.

Bleary eyed I rolled my head towards him, as I lay it against the seat.

“So… What do yah think?” he asked. “I tried to kill myself” was my reply. With this his eyes widened.

“Well…” he managed. Why did I say that, what was I thinking. “That is a thing” he continued. A thing, yeah, okay, I turned and looked out the window. Suddenly he put his hand on my shoulder, grasping it really, and so I returned my gaze to him, my blue eyes darkened.

He stared at me with his deep brown eyes and said “My god I’m glad you didn’t succeed” and with this, he was the one who teared up… All I could do is simply smile… Something I hadn’t done in a long… Long… Long time.

End of Chapter VI



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