Moonlight sit beside me

Tell me how I feel

My Heart’s been alone for months now

The Blood in me is Real

I Write this Letter in hope

To tell you how I’ve healed

And yet I sit here waiting

Passion… Love.. And Zeal

Sometimes I think I see her…

I reach out for her hand…

I lay in bed thinking of her

Our Love the Promised Land

Loneliness at my Bedside…

Cool Breeze across my face

Blankets Layed out for Her

I Long to hold her Waist…

My Arms hold her closely

Her Breath… My Air

And when she turns to Kiss me

She simply Disappears




More Scribblings by DarkJade

2 Responses to “Moonlight”

  1. Claire Cappetta Says:

    Beautul poem with such feeling and love the picture 🙂

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