Sleeper – Courtney Starfire


A lovely medium length haired blond girl, perhaps 26, sits in a lavish restaurant which is primarily lit by candles, or low lit lights. In her hand is a long cigarette, waiting to be lit. On her body, is a black, low cut dress.

From behind her a man extends his lighter to her, and lights.

“Sorry about that darling, I’ve turned off my phone, no more calls I promise…” the man sits. The man is Pierre Acton, a French Ambassador. He stands six foot one, and is very handsome, sporting a distinguished thin mustache. He is perhaps fifty five years in age.

“You are forgiven…” the woman replies “…as long as the food is good here” with this her eyes glimmer a reputable green. “Ha ha, you are some lady…” with this Pierre kisses her hand.


The woman sits on a cream colored couch, in the middle of Pierre’s very comfortable living room, as Pierre is off making drinks. “What would you like darling…” he asks from the other room.

“A sherry is fine…” the girl replies as she scopes out the room, but stops just as Pierre enters.

“Here you are darling…” he sits beside her, and hands her a drink.

“Merci…” she replies. “Very funny, no more french today, please… German is fine” he replies. “I still find it so unusual to be in France, where so many speak German…” she tells him. “Ah… Well… Welcome to Strosbourg”. “RING” Pierre’s cell rings just as he’s about to take his first drink. She smiles “You turned it back on”. He smiles back “I’ll be right back, I promise” with this he steps out of the room. She then quickly puts some white powder in his drink, and approaches a roll up desk, which she determines is locked. She returns to the couch, and momentarily he returns.

“Ahh, where were we…” he sits, and then tosses his cell phone into another seat. “Off for the night” with this she holds up her drink as if to toast “Here’s to a silent night” she speaks and they both drink.


Pierre is passed out on the couch, and the girl, gloved,  is picking the lock on the roller desk. She finally gets it open. Inside is a very small black laptop which she then opens and turns on. Before you know it, she has turned it on, accessed information that she was looking for, and copies it onto a mini drive.

Just as she’s about to leave, the front door opens, and two large men in suits and dark sun glasses enter the room. She darts for the living room window, grabbing a throw blanket from the couch. The men see her “HEY!!” they both draw guns as she hurls her self, covered in the blanket, through the window. “BANG BANG BANG” they do not hit her, as she drops down to the canopy below, bounces and rolls onto the street. She quickly jumps on a motor bike that had been waiting there for her, starts it “VROOMM”, and rides off. The men look out the window in awe.

MISSION: Complete


The name COURTNEY STARFIRE is on X’s laptop screen. He sits on his couch in comfortable clothing. He hits ENTER.




“Oh she is good…” he says out loud, as he takes a sip of tea. “But she will be harder to get” with this he shuts his laptop.

“What do you want with me” a mans voice speaks from behind X. “Hello Jaram” X replies without looking back.


Part One – Sleeper

Part Three – Sleeper – Even the Innocent




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