Captain Fire 197 – Alone on Kalnos 9

As a way to reduce the chances of the Federation capturing the whole 197 Crew at once, Captain Fire shot each of us of us off in Star Pods, in sets of twos, on different Planet Moons in the Tri-bod System.

Wouldn’t you know I was shot off with Jono… But don’t worry, it’s not like we were sent to Kalnos 9, the Pleasure Moon in the Aldos Quadrant…

Well, in fact, that’s exactly where we were sent off to… We were to pretend that we were a recently married couple, and checked into one of their “Pleasure” Sweets…. Yeah… Talk about uncomfortable.

“I know this is awkward Nisho, but don’t worry, I’m not going to try anything…” Jono assured me in his black shirt wide open, work out/pajama type clothes.

“Huh?? Oh… Of course… I would never worry”  I finally replied after moments of just staring. Unfortunately that was true. He was too… Honorable, grr.

I had just gotten out of the shower myself, and wasn’t feeling promiscuous at all… Nah… Not me.

“I’ll take the couch in the living room, you can have the bedroom…” he suggested. “But it’s early yet, and there’s a nice fire, what are you hungry for?” he asked me. Food, who could think of food at a time like this.

Later we sat in front of the fire, laughing and eating some Blue Colored Ignot Noodle, as we drank, non alcoholic of course, drinks and told stories of our past.

“I got tired of killing people… That’s why I stepped away from the Freedom Fighter’s of Nagus 6” he explained. “At first we were fighting for something, but after a while, we were killing, and asking questions later… It wasn’t cool”.

“I understand” I replied politely, but of course, I had absolutely no idea what it was like to kill people. I had only just stepped outside of teenage hood when my planet was destroyed.

“Are you alright Nisho?” he asked me as I had gotten lost in thought about my home planet Ona’s. Or at least the only home planet I had ever known.

“Oh yes, I was just thinking about Ona’s, Do you happen to know what’s happening about the Turen’s, if the Federation has any kind of hold on their attacks yet?” I inquired.

“The Turen’s… The Race that destroyed your home planet… Not much of a hold at all I fear… Their technologies of destruction are quite…” with this he looked at me “…successful”. It was this moment that I started to feel the tension in the room increase… I guess you might call it… Chemistry. That’s when I whipped out the Tickets.

“I thought we’d catch the Sandos Octo show, eh… I got us some tickets” I smiled, hoping that was enough to lighten the mood.

But I could tell by the look in his eyes, I was too late…

“Well… That’s not until tomorrow though… Right?” he replied, and with this, it happened.






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2 Responses to “Captain Fire 197 – Alone on Kalnos 9”

  1. Another awesome chapter, I really admire the way you craft dialouge 🙂

    • Thank you Anna… Dialog is my Favorite thing to Write. Probably why I started Screenplay Writing before any of the stuff I’m now Writing on my Blog’s. So much of Screenplay’s is Dialog, and the rest just sets the Scene primarily. But, I long to Write more Stories, so I’ll just keep at it and hope they come to me.

      Thanks for the Compliment and Comment Anna

      DarkJade- p.s. it’s cool you read Captain Fire, I didn’t know you did

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