Dark Rider – Rumble at the Village of Mond

Suddenly three Orcs appear at the end of the Village.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to have a fight, and weren’t going to invite your friendly neighborhood orcs…” spoke the leader.

“This is none of your concern Orc…” replied the Scarlet Bandit.

“If the price is right… Than it is… Our business”.

“Enough!!” the Drow Assasin suddenly called out, and hurls two daggers at the Orc Leader’s throat “Glarggg!!” striking him dead.

“And so it begins…” speaks Ukorian. The Drow Assasin then comes at Ems and Ukorian, who parry him as best they can, as he is quick.

Meanwhile Iloh attacks the Drow Ranger, and the Dark Rider and Largoth take on the other Drow. The two remaining Orc’s also move at the Drow with Largoth and Dark Rider.

“Come for us… We are ready for you” spat the Drow.

Suddenly the Drow Ranger, realizing that they are out numbered, moves to escape. But before she does, she turns and takes a shot with her bow at Iloh.

“Fuuumm!!” “PHACK!!” striking Iloh in the side.

“Ahh!” she falls to the ground.

The Dark Rider, having slain two of the three other Drow, leaves the last one to the Orc’s and Largoth, as he heads to Iloh’s side… “How bad is it?” he inquires.

Iloh maintains a straight face “I’m fine… Finish them” but is in terrible pain.

“Right… I don’t think so” the Dark Rider moves her towards the Tavern.

Meanwhile, Ems and Ukorian are struggling with the Drow Assassin.

“Aye… This one isn’t that easy, eh” Ems says to Ukorian, who is barely holding his own.

When Elsya suddenly jumps between them and casts some sort of Elven Magic.

“Antoowa Zo” she speaks, as a flash of light blinds the Assassin.

“Ahhh!” the Drow yells as he grabs, and rubs his eyes.

With this Ukorian and Ems move in and finish him.

The Scarlet Bandit seeing that they are defeated, sneaks away…

“Another day, Dark Rider…” and is gone.

The Dark Rider tries to look at Iloh’s wound “Leave me Dark Rider, I’ll be alright” she spoke to him.

Meanwhiles the Orc’s finish the remaining Drow.

Ems, Elsya, Ukorian and Largoth join the Dark Rider at Iloh’s side.

“Stand back” speaks Elsya, and so they do.

As Elsya sees to Iloh’s wound, the giant orc Ornast appears once more and approaches Largoth and Ems.

“Ornast want payment…”

Largoth reaches for his purse, when Ukorian steps forward and stops him.

“We’re not paying you anything… Orc”.

With this Ornast grabs Ukorian by the throat, and lifts him off the ground “You pay Ornast now…”.

“Release him…” speaks Dark Rider, both his blades against Ornast’s back.

“Haa Haa Haa…” he sits Ukorian down. “Ornast like you Dark Rider… You have guts”.

“So I let you live…”.

“Pay them Ukorian!” Iloh yells, and tosses her pouch to him.

“Err” Ukorian grumbles, but pays Ornast, who then leaves.

Elsya approaches Dark Rider, Ems, Largoth and Ukorian. “She’s going to be fine, but she needs rest…” she speaks.

“I’ll stay here with Iloh well she heals…” speaks Ukorian.

“I will stay with you, I do not trust orc’s” Ems interjects.

“As will I” Elsya adds.

“Very well, Largoth and I will return to the Shores of Evalon, and tell the Mayor of Trone that we have failed…” spoke Dark Rider.

“But–” Largoth tries to speak.

“No… I shall not spend all my days following this thief…”. With this Dark Rider and Largoth mount their horses.

“Besides, we needs head to Rodomor… Largoth’s Family will be missing him… It’s time for a visit…”. With this Largoth smiles.

“Meet us in Rodomor after she has healed Ukorian…” with this, Dark Rider and Largoth road off.





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