Sleeper – Even the Innocent

LONDON; November 14th

“I’m glad you’ve come Jaram, it will save me the time…” X stands up and faces Jaram who is perplexed.

“Who are you?” Jaram inquires, as he aims a gun at X.

“I’ll explain on the way…” with this X goes into his bedroom and puts on an extremely nice black suit, throws gel in his hair, and pulls a Silver Briefcase out from underneath his bed.

Jaram follows him slowly, not lowering his gun. “Where are we going?”

SIBERIA; November 15th

Jaram and X are in the back of a black limousine. Jaram looks out the window, still holding a gun, as X lights a cigarette.

“His name is The Crippler” X suddenly says to Jaram, who then looks at him.

“Why does that name sound familiar…” Jaram replies, as he puts away his gun.

“Because your Agency, and six other Agencies, are all looking for him“. X looks at him “More than that… They’re trying to stop him…”.

The car pulls in front of an apartment building.

“Go in there and tell Courtney Starfire to come with you” X says. Jaram is perplexed once more. “Well… What are you waiting for?!” X insists. So Jaram gets out of the car, and approaches the apartment building. At the Gate, there is a device with the numbers 1 to 30 on it, he looks back at the car.

“Sixteen…” X says as he has rolled down his window, and then rolls it back up.

Jaram pushes 16, and it rings the room. “Whose there?” a lovely voice answers. “Uh…I’m looking for Courtney Starfire…” there is a long pause. She then buzzes him up.

Jaram stands in an elevator looking about, and asking himself “What the hell am I doing here?”. The elevator arrives, the doors open and Courtney is aiming a gun at him. She enters the elevator, closes the door, and stops the elevator.

She then checks him for a weapon, he has three guns, and a switchblade.

She holds up the switchblade. “A switchblade??” he shrugs. “Who are you, and how did you know who I was…”. Suddenly the elevator starts to move. She is surprised, and is unable to stop it.

When the door opens Jaram heads to the car. She puts her gun away, and follows. The Limo door is open, and Jaram gets in. She bends over and sees X, who gestures for her to get in. “Come come, we’re going to be late…”.

She gets in.


A black man plays with his young boy on the lawn in front of his house. Courtney, Jaram and X sit in a white sedan across the street. “Johnathon Prior…”. X opens up his laptop and enters his name on the screen.


“Well… What are you waiting for, get him out of there before they come…” with this Courtney and Jaram look at one another, and get out of the car.

ENTER “Click”




Jaram and Courtney cross the street, all seems to slow down.

X closes his laptop.

Johnathon sees them, and sends his son inside.

“Johnathon Prior…” Jaram says.

Johnathon starts to go for his gun, as does Courtney and Jaram, all are in sync.

“Who are you?!” he speaks. Just then a black SUV tears around the corner, all three of them turn and aim their guns at the truck. From the truck windows four men with machine guns start to fire.

“BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA BUDDA!!!!!” all three of them tuck, roll, and come up shooting “FOOM FOOM FOOM FOOM FOOM!!!!”, taking out three of the four men.

The truck takes off.

Suddenly X rolls down his window “We really don’t have much time…” he taps his watch, and rolls up the window.

Johnathon looks at Jaram “Don’t ask” Jaram replies.


Part One – Sleeper

Part Two – Sleeper – Courtney Starfire




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